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The ability to filter out unwanted or dangerous communications is crucial in today's digital world. The top anti-spam programs currently available are discussed in this article.

Ever since companies and people began using email, spam has been a problem.


If critical business email addresses get drowned by spam items in the unread messages list, employees may waste unnecessary time trying to sift through them.

Nowadays, anti-spam software is one of the most effective defences against harmful email. One careless click without an anti-spam filter might compromise your whole system.

A prevalent way that malware gets into corporate networks is via phishing emails. To help against this, we’ve compiled a list of the top anti-spam tools available today.

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The UKโ€™s 12 Anti Spam Software Tools Compared โ˜๏ธ โ€” Our 2024 Selection ๐Ÿ“ง

There has been a huge uptick in attacks on internet infrastructure providers by hackers expected to continue into 2024. To thwart one component of this, we researched the anti-spam software out there that have been compared based on the following criteria:

  • โœ”๏ธ Email provider-integrated anti-spam software.
  • โœ”๏ธ Instantaneous spam filtering.
  • โœ”๏ธ Filtering criteria that may be adjusted.
  • โœ”๏ธ Keeping balware at bay.
  • โœ”๏ธ A systematic recounting of events.
  • โœ”๏ธ A risk-free trial run or monetary guarantee.
  • โœ”๏ธ Reasonably priced and well-equipped with all the essentials.

Let’s begin

Service ProviderRating
1. Mailwasherโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
2. Trustifi Inbound Shieldโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
3. Hornetsecurityโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
4. SpamTitanโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
5. SpamSieveโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
6. Comodo Dome Antispamโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
7. MX Guarddogโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
8. SPAMfighterโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
9. ORF Fusionโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
10. Zerospamโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
11. SOTI MobiControlโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here
12. Bitdefenderโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…Visit here

1. Mailwasher -* ๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ ๐Ÿ“ง *- Review: Best Anti Spam Software Tools (w Free Version)

Mailwasher is a proxy service that filters out malicious and unwanted emails while letting legitimate ones through.

More email providers, including Webmail systems, are compatible with this service than with any of the others on this list.

Why we like it…

You’re able to check out an email's contents and remove it before it is ever downloaded, protecting your machine against malicious software. Emails like this may be blocked so that you can read their contents without opening them and potentially exposing your machine to malware.

Its regulatory-compliant filtering feature is another method through which it checks incoming messages for malicious activity. The filter may detect spam and objectionable language to block the sender from further communication. Adding coworkers and customers to your “friends” list may reduce the frequency of false alarms.

When should it be used?

Any company would benefit from using Mailwasher. Mailwasher Free is available for small enterprises, however it only covers one email account, while several accounts may be created.

It is compatible with all of the most popular email clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, giving users the freedom to choose between their preferred client and their preferred email provider. You can check incoming emails for malware and remove any with it. Email addresses for minors need to be protected, and this filtering feature is a wonderful way to do so and this feature is included at no extra cost in the premium edition.

On the other hand, its old, clunky interface makes handling a plethora of events a chore. Mailwash isn’t ideally suited for use in corporate settings or by corporations. Compared to other comparable instruments, it is somewhat pricey.

All in all, Mailwasher is suitable for all levels of use; it comes in two different flavours: the free version and the paid Mailwasher Pro. The single email account supported by Mailwasher Free is free to use. With MailWasher Pro, you can manage several email accounts and get help whenever you need it for only $49.95 (£37.71).

2. Trustifi Inbound Shield โ€” Runner-Up Top Anti Spam Software Tools

Trustifi Inbound Shield is an API-accessible email security service hosted in the cloud. 

When this plugin is installed, each incoming email triggers a call remotely. Plug-in versions of the service are offered for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to privately protect your email.

Top features include the fact that it is cloud-based, no alterations to the email structure are needed, and it minimises inconvenience to end users by allowing admins to assess things quarantined.

Why we like it…

Trustifi is an excellent anti-spam tool. However, many of the items on this list fit the bill. This product has a leg up on the competition because of how simple it is to use. Delivered via a browser extension, the service is compatible with all of the most popular email clients, including web-based services like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.


Graymail, phishing emails, and spam may all be detected by the Trustifi system. The system employs a mixture of artificial intelligence for threat identification and email and IP address blacklists for further security. To prevent impersonation attempts, it compares the sender's email address to a database of recognized personnel. Links to fake or corrupted websites may also be identified.

Trustifi Inbound Shield integrates with Google Workspaces and Microsoft 365 to provide comprehensive email security beyond spam screening. This security solution use AI to spot phishing attempts and checks for domain and IP address discrepancies to spot masquerades. Emails and attachments will also be scanned for malware by this system.

When should it be used?

Trustifi is best suited for use by larger firms (of any size). You do not require remarkable technical abilities to set up and administer this service, since the system can be set up by any administrator who can run a mail server. You’ll get an add-on for email hosting services, Google Workplace and Microsoft Office 365 compatibility, and pre-filtering using AES 128.

All in all, Trustifi Inbound Shield inspects attachments in addition to the email's header and text. It is up to you to decide how the system deals with questionable emails. You may tailor the system's settings to fit in with your existing security infrastructure. Quarantining emails for human review is an option when email security alerts are triggered. When malicious emails are found, the system will alert the administrator and produce reports detailing the detection rates and consequences.

Requesting a quotation is the only way to learn the cost of Trustifi Inbound Shield. A trial version is available.

3. Hornetsecurity โ€” Popular Anti Spam Software Tool

With Hornetsecurity, your email server and the outside world are both protected by Email Spam Filter and Malware Protection Service, a cloud-based technology.

Among its most notable characteristics include protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults, phishing, spam, harmful links, and malware. Outgoing email is also inspected by the service. 

The application further employs TLS encryption to safeguard your communications from eavesdropping. The program employs automated mail queuing to get you back up and running as soon as possible in the case of a client-server outage.

Why we like it…

You’ll get Internet access on the periphery, anti-ransomware measures, and anti-phishing measures. There is no plugin installation required to use the Hornetsecurity Email Spam Filter and Malware Protection Service with your existing email client. It functions as a proxy instead, screening incoming messages before sending only those that pass muster to your actual mail server.

When it comes to spam prevention, Hornetsecurity is 99.9 percent effective and has the same uptime level. You will be unable to access any infomails, but they will be stored in quarantine until you choose to download them. It achieves a middle ground between restricting communications from legitimate email users and filtering potentially hazardous messages.

This anti-spam technology is also designed with businesses in mind to ensure that it does not disrupt normal procedures.

When should it be used?

Hornetsecurity provides data loss prevention as part of its email filtering service by monitoring outbound messages. Because of this, the tool is ideal for companies that must adhere to stringent regulations on the security of personally identifiable information.

It works in the cloud, eliminating the need for initial setup and maintenance. And allows for sophisticated redirection to accommodate several email domains. Anti-spam software with a low false-positive rate is preferable since it helps legitimate business emails get through.

However, it needs improved tools for handling numerous inboxes. All in all, multiple email servers and domains per client are no problem for the Hornetsecurity service. If your personal email server goes down, the service will hold onto your messages until it can deliver them. This ensures that you may always use the service when you need it, regardless of any problems that may arise.

4. SpamTitan โ€” Top-Rated Anti Spam Tool UK for Browsers

Noticed a spike in spam during the recession? SpamTitan is a browser spam filter designed for use with Microsoft Office 365, to cut this.

Phishing, zero-day, and spear-phishing assaults may all be uncovered by using this tool.

Using a combination of Bayesian analysis and machine learning, SpamTitan is able to detect and prevent the newest assaults. Effective protection against zero-day attacks in email is great for keeping your inbox safe from new dangers.

Why we like it…

SpamTitan uses AI-based detection to examine each email for irregularities like address spoofs. The software may create a blacklist for a single client, but unlike N-able Mail Assure, it does not install a worldwide blacklist.

Whether an email is sent to your mailbox or deleted without further dialogue may be managed by whitelisting and blacklisting of IP addresses. Spam Confidence Levels may be assigned to individuals, groups, or whole domains to increase overall security. You may better monitor possible access points by dividing your email environment into several zones.

When should it be used?

Since SpamTitan operates in the cloud, setting it up requires no special knowledge or equipment. The technology integrates with Microsoft 365 to keep tabs on everyone's Outlook inboxes. However, the SpamTitan technology is only compatible with the Outlook email client.

However, this service is not ideal for startups since it requires a minimum of 25 email accounts to be covered. Also, the interface is archaic and sometimes confusing. Depending on the plugin, opening Outlook might take a while or even crash. And the handling and analysis of logs should be simplified.

Subscription pricing is based on a monthly fee per user. The minimum number of licences purchased is twenty-five. If you choose for a longer subscription period, your monthly per-user cost drops. The available plans vary from monthly instalments to spread out payments over three years. 

5. SpamSieve โ€” Powerful Anti Spam Software

Generic tools like Mail on Macs have subpar spam filters. You'll need to rely on the system-provided identifier for junk items if using another email service.

However, SpamSieve is a superior option if you need a spam filter service. Features that set it apart from the competition include compatibility with Apple computers, identifying spam with AI, and inclusion and exclusion lists.

Why use it…

SpamSieve has been built from the ground up to take use of the macOS built-in e-mail system and work with other macOS clients. As a plug-in, this utility requires little effort to set up. Over time, the system compiles a whitelist of approved sites and a blacklist of blocked sites based on your typical browsing habits.

Blacklisting and whitelisting are part of this spam filtering system, and machine learning is used to enhance spam detection in your inbox over time. In addition to creating a personalized block list, the interface's appearance, including font size, color scheme, and more, is also modifiable. In addition to filtering spam, SpamSieve lets you write scripts to manage your inbox based on criteria like the sender or subject line.

Since SpamSieve is a plug-in, you may use it without leaving your email client to access its features. In addition to Apple Mail (, it is compatible with Entourage, Airmail, Mailsmith, MailMate, PowerMail, Postbox 5, and Outlook on Macs.

When should it be used?

This app is ideal for companies who only use Macs in the office since it can only be used on a Mac. It is a scalable solution that is simple to grow with a company of any size thanks to the price model, which allows you to purchase a licence for as few as one Mac or as many as you need. Wholesale pricing is available to large corporations.

SpamSieve uses your default email program, machine learning to fine-tune spam detection, and provides options for personalization through scripts. This consists of both whitelisting and blacklisting.

A yearly subscription for a single user costs $30 (£22.65), while a two-user subscription (the Family plan) costs $48 (£36.24). The cost of a site-wide strategy is determined after consultation. You may try out SpamSieve risk-free for 30 days.

6. Comodo Dome Antispam โ€” Affordable Anti Spam Software Tool for Business

This is a commercial anti-spam solution. To protect your mailbox from hackers, use Comodo Dome Antispam to scan and filter incoming emails. 

Comodo Dome Antispam's Valkyrie file verdict platform performs real-time analysis of files while downloading from the server inbox (MySQL databases). You may view and work with files without worrying about getting the newest virus.

The top features of this filter include being hosted locally, in a private cloud, or through a software as a service provider. Also: attachment sandboxing and spam is filtered before reaching the mail server.

Why use it…

Comodo Dome Antispam is competitive with all of these other solutions since it can be used either as a hosted SaaS solution or as downloading software. Attachment scanning, phishing protection, spam filtering, link blocking, and malware detection are all features offered by the program.

Filtering your emails may limit the spam and unwanted communications you receive. To protect you from being knocked offline, malicious emails are filtered out before they reach your inbox. Archive and quarantined messages may be viewed using the administration panel.

When should it be used?

You may save money, depending on your business needs: Comodo Dome Antispam has a large potential user base because of its flexible deployment options. Existing clients of Comodo will be especially interested in the anti-spam system, although the company offers a full menu of highly recognized cybersecurity technologies.

In real time, it scans downloaded files for malware before they ever reach your mailbox. Emails may be filtered for keywords, senders, and even file sizes using sophisticated software. This solution may be used locally or in the cloud. 

However, the user interface looks and feels like it was released in the 1990s. Incorrect settings might cause email delays.

All in all, Shared Server, Hosted Cloud, and On-Premises are the three locations where you may set up Comodo Dome Antispam. You will need to get in touch with the business for a price list. Comodo Dome Antispam is highly recommended if you need an anti-spam solution, and you may try it risk-free for 30 days.

7. MX Guarddog โ€” Top Anti Spam Software Tool

MX Guarddog is a spam filter that uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to guard your inbox.

MX Guarddog protects against a wide variety of threats, including phishing, malware, distributed denial of service attacks, and viruses across the cloud. The content of any messages that were quarantined after being banned may be seen in a quarantine report.

Top features include that it prevents viruses and spam, it’s cloud-based software as a service, and is compatible with ARM systems.

Why use it…

As a proxy, MX Guarddog accepts your email, checks for spam, and forwards only the clean ones on to you. Malware, spam, phishing, and distributed denial of service assaults are all stopped. When your own mail server goes down, the system may save your emails and send them when the server comes back up, making it a useful continuity tool.

Emails that seem to be legitimate are sent directly to your mail server. For your convenience, MX Guarddog synchronises email addresses from Windows Active Directory, LDAP, and cPanel. If your server goes down, your messages will be safely saved until you can access them again.

When should it be used?

Because of its low price and per-email-address pricing structure, MX Guarddog is within reach of enterprises of all sizes.

Reasons to use include its top UI compared to competing products, it’s able to quickly and efficiently delete quarantined false positives, and is good for Windows-based email systems since it can sync and connect with LDAP and Active Directory services. It defends against malicious websites and viruses included in files.

However, the user interface looks and feels like it was released in the 1990s. And incorrect settings might cause email delays. Also, it’s priced on a per-email basis, which makes planning costs difficult.

All in all, when it comes to cost-effective spam prevention, MX Guarddog is hard to beat. The software is offered as a monthly subscription service, with prices beginning at $0.25 (£0.20) per email address. User and domain aliases are provided at no additional cost. There is a free trial period of one month to try out the service.

8. SPAMfighter โ€” Established Anti Spam Software Tools

SPAMfighter is a filter that may be used with Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, and Outlook.

In addition to English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, and many more, SPAMfighter's filtering is also effective against spam written in many other languages.

While monitoring your email databases, when an email is reported as suspicious, the program will add the sender to a blacklist and prevent any further messages from that address from reaching your inbox.

Standout features include that it is compatible with all popular email programs. There is a free version! And it keeps a homegrown ban list.

Why use it…

A paradigm of collective intelligence is at the heart of the SPAMfighter system. When a user labels an incoming email as spam, the sender's email address and IP address are recorded. A source is added to the global blacklist if enough users report it as malicious.

The UI is intuitive, and real-time data on banned communications may be seen. In addition, you may access Spam Abuse Reporting with the press of a button. Keeping track of all the different attempts made to access your account is much easier if you have a central location for this data.

When should it be used?

The free SPAMfighter software is highly recommended for home users. It may seem like too much of a gamble for companies to rely on a large number of consumers reporting a spam email campaign. However, with over 8 million members, the system should be able to filter out most spam initiatives.

You’ll find that it is multilingual and suitable for usage across the world. Email metrics like throughput, spam detection rate, and unsuccessful spam attempts are all viewable in real time. You may report any spam that does get through to help the system improve its spam detection capabilities.

However, the UI is dated and difficult to use.

All in all, the SPAMfighter Exchange Module is a plug-in designed specifically for Microsoft Exchange Server, whereas SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is a Windows-based application and SPAM fighter Hosted Mail Gateway is a software-as-a-service alternative. A free 30-day trial is available for any of the company plans.

9. ORF Fusion โ€” Trusted Spam Blocker

ORF Fusion is a spam filtering application developed for corporate settings, integrating with safety measures like  two-factor authentication.

The application filters out the junk mail so that only the good stuff reaches your inbox. ORF Fusion's ability to perform 23-layered testing on incoming mail is a selling factor. These checks combine blacklist and whitelist procedures to filter out spam without harming legitimate messages.

You’ll find an ad blocking tool that is compatible with email hosting platforms. Management of spam may be regulated by an administrator. And there’s the use of “blacklists” and “whitelists”.

Why use it…

ORF Fusion is a program that may be installed on a Windows computer. It was built using Exchange Server and the Internet Information Services Simple Mail Transfer Protocol in mind. The program first blocks unwanted IP addresses, then whitelists them over time. A number of different scans and checks are connected to the ratio of allowed to prohibited email addresses.

In order to avoid having emails from people you know and trust flagged as spam, you may construct your own whitelists. The user may also decide what to do with emails that have been identified as spam. You may choose to reject the transmission by bouncing the email, retain the email, or forward it to another inbox.

When should it be used?

To get the most out of the ORF Fusion suite, you will need to run your company on Windows Server and have your email handled by Exchange Server. Annual pricing starts at $10 per user for a minimum of 10 email addresses that can be managed by the program.

It’s highly sophisticated; purpose-built for corporate email systems. It provides extensive blacklisting information including IP/IP range, country, and DNS. And before arriving in the inbox, email was filtered by 23 separate systems. Overall, it’s extremely customizable

However, there’s a steeper learning curve compared to competing products as it’s developed for experts rather than laypeople.Incorrect setting may cause email delays and false positives.

All in all, when it comes to information security without impeding business communication, ORF Fusion is the clear winner thanks to its low false-positive rate. ORF Fusion is compatible with the IIS SMTP Service and Microsoft Exchange. The first 10 customers may get the product annually for $55 (£43.75).

ORF Fusion has a 42-day free trial and a 90-day money-back guarantee for purchasers.

10. Zerospam โ€” Solid Spam Software Blocker for Proxy Filtering

Cloud-based Zerospam works using proxy filtering with privacy still as a focus.

All incoming messages are intercepted and analysed before the secure ones are sent to your email server. All suspect emails are stored in quarantine until they can be reviewed and authorized by a human.

It’s a platform in the cloud that makes use of machine learning with internet search terms.

So why do we suggest it?

Zerospam claims that it can stop 99.9% of all spam. An aggressive policy may be to blame. Eventually nonetheless, the admin will relax the detection standards. It is possible that some of the emails the network has prohibited are legitimate, and when you verify and approve each, the system refines its blocking equation to make more informed decisions next time.

The program can readily recognize connections to questionable sites and prevent Trojans from opening in attachments. However, it is far more difficult to recognize spamming and phishing spam efforts. In order to improve its spam filtering capabilities, Zerospam employs a machine learning technique.

In the initial few weeks of implementation, the Zerospam policy will need involvement from the administrator. This may take some time. However, this is the only method for a corporation to ensure that its spam filter accurately learns to handle the unique characteristics of its inbound email traffic.

Who should use this?

Zerospam's low cost makes it a good fit for companies of all sizes. By redirecting all incoming email, it frees up valuable server space and prevents malware from entering your network. This is a great alternative for companies that employ remote workers from their own homes in a “virtual office”.

Keeping old emails is possible and it has adjustable price points. However, large-scale installations have to be quoted individually.

All in all, the Euro is the unit of currency used by Zerospam, an Italian corporation. Monthly protection for up to a thousand mailboxes is available for 10 Euros ($11/£8.70), or 5 Euros ($5.40/£4.30) for each box. For an additional 20 Euros ($20/£18) monthly, you may upgrade to the Premium plan, which includes email archives for a thousand mailboxes.

Zerospam technology is available for a free month-long trial.

11. SOTI MobiControl โ€” Alternative Spam Blocker Software

When comparing features, SOTI MobiControl holds its own against the competition and even excels in some, including remote control.

Its new UI is a big step forward, but there are several essential features that still need the old version.

Why use it…

Note that the Android version now has support for remote control. Discover extensive capabilities for managing devices based on profiles and policies. However, in order to set up profiles, a more archaic user interface is required. And both Azure AD and SAML 2.0 for a more primitive user experience.

When should I use it?

Particularly for remote uses. Quite a few changes have been made, including a more contemporary and device-centric design for the Administration Console (starting at $4 per device each month). They have also included a new macro capability in addition to their already superior remote control features. Unlike the other products in our roundup, this one can be controlled via a remote.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, SOTI MobiControl now supports the management of remote printers and Windows CE devices, catering to a far wider variety of niche markets. With this version, they have improved support for Linux-based devices of all shapes and sizes, from PCs to oddball IoT nodes.

In light of Microsoft's efforts to phase down support for its widely used Windows CE device endpoint platform, this is good news, since Linux-based alternatives have grown more commonplace in IoT setups in recent years. 

All in all, the SOTI MobiControl is competitive with the other options here and stands out thanks to its remote control capabilities. The fact that it worked on every device we used in testing, even the elusive Windows 10, cemented its position as the superior MDM solution.

Include a good password manager.

12. Bitdefender Antivirus โ€” Trusted Spam Blocker

Bitdefender has shown itself to be the best antivirus and spam filtering software without charging exorbitant monthly fees.

Why use it…

To begin with, you get a great deal more than just spam protection. Bitdefender's extensive list of features is really remarkable. Safepay online banking security is included in all Bitdefender products, even the base-level Antivirus Plus. Safepay is basically a secure browser that provides comprehensive protection.

Bitdefender's UI is sleek and well-balanced, making it easy to use whether you are new to antivirus software or a seasoned pro. The firm also provides more comprehensive packages, such as Bitdefender Internet Security, which includes the aforementioned features in addition to capabilities to speed up your computer and locate your lost or stolen mobile devices.

When should I use it?

If you have several devices (or a family to cover), or just want the most bang for your buck, the Bitdefender Total Security package is your best bet. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from using the industry-leading antivirus software of 2024.

Best Anti Spam Software Tools (UK) โ€” Buying Guide

Let’s explore how to use and choose the best Anti Spam Software Tools for your small or large business! 

How Do Anti Spam Software Tools Work? 

In the last 15 years or so, spam, or excessive and unwelcome email messages, has decreased significantly. Before anti-spam software became widely available, our inboxes would quickly get inundated with spam and it would be harder to keep our domains private due to things like phishing. Now the spam flood is being slowed. For that, I am grateful to spam filters.

Take a peek at the inner workings of a well-organised anti-spam initiative.

1. They work with your ISP

The first line of defence against spam for a typical home computer like yours is an ISP like Cox Cable, AT&T, etc. In order to stop spam from reaching your inbox, they use cutting-edge software on their email servers.

Most email service providers also include anti-spam software. However, it is not as strong as you would want since it is not their main business (connecting you is). That is why you should do everything you can to safeguard yourself on your own.

Personal anti-spam software is useful in this case; it integrates seamlessly with your existing email client (be it Gmail, Outlook, or another application). Emails with what it deems to be malicious attachments or links are marked as spam instead of being sent to the inbox putting it away for further examination at a later time.

2. Content is filtered

Content filtering is a method that has been around for quite some time; it refers to the process by which anti-spam software analyses not just the text inside an email but also its subject line and body.

A dentist appointment reminder or a chance to win a vacation to Hawaii may be the subject line. (Take a guess at which one may be spam.) The content is filtered by checking the headline against a large internal database of keywords and phrases often used by spammers, such as:

  • Free
  • Win Money
  • Millionaire
  • The Viagra Method
  • Discounted Rolexes

Emails containing “spam” keywords or phrases are filtered out by content filters. To get through filters, spammers may sometimes change the spelling of words or use other methods to get their messages through.

3. Probability filters based on the Bayes theorem

The anti-spam industry has long since adopted the Bayesian spam filter, a much more complicated and advanced method of identifying spam. It is grounded on probability theory and statistics and is named after an English statistician from the 1700s. Thomas Bayes.

The Bayesian filter analyses an email and determines the likelihood that it is spam by assigning a “spamicity” score; if the score is over a given threshold, the email and any words inside it are marked as spam.

Even greater is to come. The Bayesian spam filter gradually develops its own database by learning the phrases that email recipients identify as spam and those that they do not.

FAQs โ€” Best Spam Blocker Tools

Is it crucial to check outgoing email before sending? โ˜๏ธ

There are two main benefits to checking outgoing email. The first is to stop your domain's email addresses from being used to send spam. Because of the huge amount of spam, every email sent from your domain name will be marked as spam, making this a reputation management concern. The second goal is to safeguard information.

Do spammers know whether an email has been opened or not? โ˜๏ธ

Some email clients will alert you when your message has been opened. While some services, like Gmail, only permit read receipt notifications between email addresses inside its domain, others, like Outlook, allow the receiver to reject the transmission of email opening confirmation.

Including a tracking pixel in the email itself is a more usual technique of notification. The pixel loads from its home server when the email is opened, recording the time and date that the email was accessed. Recipients may avoid this alert by disabling the automatic loading of graphics in emails.

Can I put my faith in anti-spam software providers to keep my private messages safe? โ˜๏ธ

In most cases, anti-spam software acts as a filter. They will not invade your privacy since they do not keep copies of your emails on their servers. Make sure no third party, such as a proxy server, can see your private correspondence by encrypting it from beginning to finish.


Anti-spam software vendors come in many shapes and sizes, making it tough to choose the right one. Tools like N-able Mail Assure and SpamTitan are safe bets if you are on the fence. Whitelisting and blacklisting are two simple methods to regulate the incoming messages.