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Locating your ideal Minecraft server host site may be a challenge. There are a number of unique factors involved, and it’s occasionally unclear where the real distinctions lie.

Add in all the “special terms” you’ll hear, it can easily get complicated (the amount of RAM for optimal performance, as an example). Hosting Data’s carried out that assessment today, sparing you money and time.

Best Minecraft Host UK
Servers/Multiplayer Worlds Build Communities ๐Ÿ๏ธ

As a veteran or experienced player, upon hearing the very first notes of the gameโ€™s intro, youโ€™ll likely feel fond tingles along the backs of your biceps.

Thereโ€™ll be a world of newfound mystique, adventure and intrigue for those whoโ€™ve landed themselves into the world of Minecraft for the very first time. That said, most Minecraft players think the game is actually better when played with a team as opposed to alone.

Web servers make it possible for players to participate in creating quests, exploring the deepest gorges, and questioning whether Herobrine is actually someone they will run into.

The reality is, that quite opposite to endermen, web servers are not all made alike and the need to weigh-up the specs of each host can be discouraging... What you want is just to get cracking! โ›๏ธ

7 Best Minecraft Server Hosts

minecraft worldThat problem is why Hosting Data’s carried out the research for you, distilling the facts into a blended brew of the leading web servers, all in an effortless checklist.

Learn how to host a Minecraft server and DM your buddies as you’ll soon be on a brand-new adventure using the best-in-the-best of Minecraft servers.

Want power? If you already have a strong community and need more power, see our best dedicated host hit-list.

1. Hostingerยฃ8.95/mo99.99%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
2. Apex Hostingยฃ6.03/mo99.99%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
3. ScalaCubeยฃ2.05/mo99.99%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
4. BisectHostingยฃ2.39/mo99.97%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
5. MCProHostingยฃ7.20/mo99.99%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
6. MelonCubeยฃ2.41/mo99.96%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
7. ServerMinerยฃ5.97/mo99.97%โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

Right, now for the 7 finest Minecraft server host site reviews:

1. Hostinger: Best Overall Choice

Secure Low Latency Minecraft Servers (ยฃ8.95/Month) โšก
Key Specifications:
  • 30-day Money-back Warranty
  • Immediate Set Up
  • DDoS Security
  • Free MySQL
  • Multicraft Dashboard
  • PCI-DDS with Dual-CPU
  • Automatic Offline Back-ups
  • Select Closer Server for Lowest Latency
  • Full Support
  • Must Log in for Live Chat Support
  • No Traditional cPanel (but Easier Version)

Hostinger is a simple, safe and secure host: For £8.95/month, you’ll get 2GB RAM and total root access. Along with a Virtual Private Server (VPS: see the best VPS host review), you’ll get your server going the moment you sign up with payment.

Backups & Security ๐Ÿ“ฆ

They make use of Multicraft's console, which enables you to make carbon copies of the server just with a couple of clicks, as well as to restore in a matter of seconds.

Easily grab all of the typical functionalities like changing passwords, and also load mod packs and plugins straight from your dashboard.

Lowest Possible Latency ๐ŸŽฟ

To achieve the lowest possible latency, consider choosing the server site (one of Hostinger's 5 worldwide) closest to you.

Hostinger's support is along for the ride right away, handling any technical issues you might have (oftentimes taking care of it for you).

Furthermore, their site supplies tutorials to make sure you can get started quickly. They'll take you through the process 24/7 any day of the week, if you've never made a server or need aid.

2. Apex Hosting: Best for Advanced Features

Get Your Minecraft Server Host Set Up in Five Minutes (ยฃ6.03/Month) โฒ๏ธ
Key Specifications:
  • Java/Bedrock Servers
  • DDoS Prevention
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Tickets
  • Mod/Plugin Assistance (All)
  • Quality Hardware With Low Latency
  • FTP/MySQL Full Access
  • Over 200 1-click-Mod Pack Loaders
  • Premade Minigames
  • Dedicated IP Not Included
  • Pricey Recurring Prices

All plans come with a free subdomain and automated back-ups. Apex hosting starts from £6.03 / first month (£8.04 after). You’ll get 2GB of RAM and total root access.

Low Learning Curve for Newbies โคต๏ธ

Peak Hosting is user-friendly with safe web servers on which to host Minecraft worlds. You'll be in action within 5 minutes of purchasing your server plan.

This company utilizes Multicraft's interface, which they've changed to make it even simpler to handle files, deal with settings, switch server versions, and so on (the control panel is intuitive: even if you have no previous experience, it’s a small learning curve to customizations, with a plugin manager to find new mods).

Uber-Experienced Support Team ๐Ÿค™

One of most experienced MC teams around. That’s why they have more than 100,000 customers.

Find 24/7 live chats and tutorials. Choose one of Apex Hosting's 15 (it’ll be 16 in quick measure) international host sites for the smallest latency possible. 13 hosting plans range from 1GB to 16GB with infinite player slots and unrestricted storage space.

3. ScalaCube: Best Premium Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Server Host of-Choice for the โ€˜Pocket Editionโ€™ (ยฃ2.05/Month) ๐ŸงŠ
Key Specifications:
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Free MySQL
  • Several Hosting Servers
  • BungeeCord Assistance
  • Plugin/Mod/Mod pack Assistance
  • Personalized PHAR/JAR
  • Personalized Launcher
  • Online Forum Comes With Site
  • No-Cost for Domain
  • FTP a Little Slow (but Still Handy)
  • Presales Support Not Great

This could easily have been in second-place. For £4.10/month (after £2.05 for the very first month), grab 768MB of RAM and complete root access.

ScalaCube is actually a Minecraft Pocket Edition website host. Minecraft PE itself is the mobile version of the desktop Minecraft, though it is actually right usable now via non-mobile, also via Bedrock.

Getting started is quick and is one-click. The moment you obtain a server, you may choose between PocketMine or Nukkit to power the server. ScalaCube's interface lets you establish endless hosting servers (plans run from 10 to 600 slots: depends on the plugins and mods you've chosen) on a VPS server.

Support & Server Specs โš™๏ธ

Their team provides a solid array of set up guides and training video streams. You can hop onto the live chat or grab a support ticket at any time of the day/week. Backups are automatic.

ScalaCube's interface uses custom forger servers where you can make a unique Minecraft launcher. Likewise, modify the server/mods listing for every server. Your launcher smoothly connects new players to your server (installs their files).

The 9 plans range from 768MB to 32GB RAM. Talk to the ScalaCube support team as your reputation grows; they’ll give you advice on the right plan. Find servers with ultra-low latency in 4 worldwide sites.

4. BisectHosting

Choose Premium or Budget Minecraft Server Host Plan (ยฃ2.39/Month) ๐Ÿ’•
Key Specifications:
  • Quick Set Up
  • Complete FTP Access
  • Free MySQL
  • Infinite SSD Storage Space
  • Free DDOS Prevention
  • 24/7 Live Assistance
  • Custom JAR Assistance
  • Multicraft Interface
  • Free Sub-Domain
  • Occasional Downtime
  • Dedicated IP Only Offered in Premium

For £2.39/ month (Java) and £2.39/ month (Bedrock), grab 1,024MB of RAM with total root access. Choose to host Java (original) or even Bedrock (for mobile) along with a fast set up process. The moment you pay, your server will await you.

Solid Infrastructure & Great Customer Experience ๐Ÿ“ž

Their support team is more than competent at teaching you the basics of sustaining your Minecraft world: mods, hosting, plugins, so on.

Find 15 server sites around the world, along with 8 dedicated to Premium plans. Switch between Budget and Premium as and when needed: from 1GB for 12 players to 32GB for over 160 players (backup recovery requires a small charge on Budget).

5. MCProHosting

Cheapest High-Performance Minecraft Serve Host (ยฃ7.20/Month) ๐Ÿ’ธ
Key Specifications:
  • 24/7 Support
  • Custom Service
  • Plugin/Mod Assistance
  • 20 Sites Worldwide
  • Total File Accessibility
  • Free Web/FTP Access
  • Cancel Instantly
  • Unlimited RAM/Storage
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Live Chat Not 24/7
  • Tad Expensive

This solution comes with free DDoS prevention, free MySQ and a customized console. All plans support both Java and Bedrock Edition. Starts at 1.5GB of RAM, with total root access.

They’re making improvements to the already customized Multicraft control panel so you can manage your server via an internet browser, plus much more. They’re presently beta-testing the ‘OneControlCenter’.

Any issues, grab assistance, from mod packs to plug installs and updates, and relocation servers. Backs ups are daily for no added fee (recovery access too).

20 Site Locations & Unlimited Plans ๐ŸŒ

Find 20 worldwide, with low reduced latency and nearly no downtime. Plans range from £7.20/month for ‘Steve’ at 1.5GB RAM, 25 players, to £36.02 for ‘Herobrine’, which is unlimited.

Grab a full refund if inside of a week of purchase (other than on Dedicated).

6. MelonCube

Features Galore MineCraft Server Host (ยฃ2.41/Month) ๐ŸŽซ
Key Specifications:
  • 480Gbps DDoS Prevention
  • Limitless Slots & SSD Storage
  • Multicraft 2.0
  • 1Gbps Connection
  • Total FTP Accessibility
  • S. and EU Support & Sites
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Really Quick Connections
  • Fully Scalable
  • Only 4 Server Locations
  • Not the Most Premium (but Cheap)

Grab MySQL for free with a 1-Click plugin installer, completely scalable set up and Java 8 support. You’ll find Bukkit, Spigot, as well as mod packs and tailored Jar functions. You’ll even get multi-user assistance (daily backups are one notable feature you must pay for).

This starts at £2.41/month with just over 1GB of RAM and complete root access.

Three Servers (US, Canada, France) With 3-Day Refund ๐Ÿ’ณ

Starting at 1GB RAM on the Zombie plan, up to 48GB RAM with for limitless slots/storage. You have 3 days to request full reimbursement (Dedicated/VPS servers, domains, and add-ons not included).

7. ServerMiner

Best Minecraft Server Host with Unlimited Worlds (ยฃ5.97/Month) ๐Ÿ‘ฝ
Key Specifications:
  • Free MySQL
  • One-Click Version & Plugin Installs
  • Trackers for Player
  • SMPicnic
  • 50GB Storage Space
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Instant Set Up
  • Over 50,000 1-Click Mods
  • Limitless World Size
  • Storage Not Per Pack (Per Server Basis)
  • Downgrading/Canceling Requires Support

ServerMiner costs £5.97/ month, starting at 1,536MB RAM and total root access.

ServerMiner gives you an immediate set up; get hosting right after purchasing your plan. They use the SMPicnic control board, which includes a one-click plugin & version installer, a world chart, player graphing, plus more.

Unlimited Worlds ๐Ÿ”ญ

Let your imagination go to town. Find over 50,000 one-click mods as well as plugins. Upload others. Change mods at any time without world deletions: choose a different mod pack for each and every world.

There are 8 server sites around the world, starting at 1.5GB RAM for 15 players and up to 10GB RAM for 100.

Buying Guide ๐Ÿ’ณ

First, to find the ideal Minecraft server host site for your Minecraft worlds, know your needs.

Many addons and features are fairly commonplace (for paid servers), like DDoS security, low latency, MySQL, strong uptimes (close to 100%), etc.


Have You Heard? Builders made this immense Minecraft library island containing banned articles (that were censored in their country of origin) in only 3 months, to fight worldwide censorship

We’ll list out essential features an effective server should have. (Some will depend on your requirements such as using Java or Bedrock, so a good sense of what you want first helps...)

RAM ๐ŸŽ›๏ธ

Random Access Memory is what your server requires to manage the software running your game. More RAM = more flexibility with your server: host more players, install more plugs and mods, and create larger worlds. Lower RAM leads to more lag.

Support With Mod Packs/Plugin ๐Ÿ“Ÿ

Plugins and mods bolster your Minecraft world. Each does different things and they need special separate frameworks.

Find a server that manages both (it won’t be running at the same time, however the server should be able to transition between the two smoothly).

Mods use Forge, allowing you to install new in-game items and characters. They’re either installed on your computer or the server. All players will need to have the same mods in order to use your server.

Plugins, however, operate on CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper. These always have to be mounted on your server. Plugins boost the server’s content (or edits it). Any of the players on your server can access them.

Server Locations ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

Hosting ServerThe more the server sites, the better. There is less possibility of lag (reduced latency), and this gives you extra choices if you believe your server is operating suboptimally and you intend to switch over.

Generally, the server nearest you geographically will be the most ideal. An excellent server host will also provide speed tests on its site.

Check out your server’s performance. Some servers reveal the most ideal server based on your location.

Always decide on a server that enables you to alter your server location without file deletions or great time delays. Find ones that are automated (one-click, then the transfer takes place), others require a ticket.

Some servers make demand payment for certain locations, therefore be mindful of such charges.

Uptime โ†•๏ธ

Uptime pertains to the condition of the server (offline or up and running). Server hosts generally give an SLA (service level agreement) that assures a minimal uptime. When the server is inaccessible or offline, we call this ‘downtime’.

Providers don’t include routine maintenance in this uptime figure. A trustworthy server will notify you ahead of time when upkeep is due. Emergency upkeep is additionally left out of downtime figures and pertains to circumstances where the server needs to promptly fix security breaches.

The best server host sites will show their SLA on their site. If the downtime is actually an outcome of something that isn't included in the SLA, they'll provide free credit. Prior to deciding on a Minecraft server, have a look to see how well they stick to their claims.

DDoS Prevention Measures ๐Ÿ’‚๐Ÿฝ

In this context, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) is the calculated overuse of a server's reserves. They’re not the most common cybercrime but very serious.

The perpetrator works to separate the site's genuine users from these resources. Cybercriminals drain a site, creating blockages and obstructing valid customers trying to access the servers.

You need to select a website server host with a sturdy DDoS security system. Browse the net for any posts that suggest your selected site has suffered an attack in the past. Any successful attacks in the past boosts the likelihood it will happen again.

Automated Backups ๐Ÿ“‚

Automated back-ups automatically operate without you needing to carry them out. The server site should not require any special request in order to run its automatic backups (a manual option should also be available for on-demand backups).

Be sure you check out the fine print on server hosting sites. A number of them enforce upper-limits (on the number of backups that can be kept), thus automated backups will still need manual installs, otherwise you'll take the chance of overwriting old ones with new ones.

Recovering from a backup should also be simple. Even better if you can do this without needing to talk to the server hosting site support team. Also note: the best web hosts give backups with your hosting plan, while others bill for it.

Ultra-Low Latency/Ping ๐Ÿ“

Latency aka ‘ping’ is the time needed for data packets you send out from your pc to get to the server.

The data pieces must leave your pc, get to the server, be validated by the server, then come back to you/any other players. Ultra low latency suggests that data occurs instantaneously (or virtually so, completing its circuit too fast to notice or affect game plays).

Your server’s geo-location can affect latency. Choosing a server located on the other side of the world can produce lags. Before selecting a server location, perform speed tests (ideally, your server hosting site offers these) to determine which server operates fastest for you.

Allowed Slots (Players) Number ๐ŸŽฒ

When assessing your server hosting site, take time looking at the numbers of players/slots you may have: that number equals how many players can play together at once.

A server hosting site MAY provide limitless player slots, yet if you have not bought a plan with adequate RAM, you will not actually be capable of hosting them all.

Previous to deciding on the amount of player slots, make sure you know the number of players you'll host (how many will participate at once). If you have a community of 10 players, for example, yet only 5 player slots, no more than 5 may participate together.

You’re not fixed to one number: all hosting sites offer downgradeable as well as upgradeable plans. So it’s no biggie if you’ve bought a plan with subpar specs (RAM or slots).

Two main reasons to run your own Minecraft server:

Ruler of Your Own World ๐Ÿ”ฑ

minecraft-hostingWhen you control a Minecraft server, it's your dominion. You forge the world, decide on rules and design, who can and can’t play, and custom items.

Even your friends must play to your rules. Your world is a space where certain values and sensibilities are instilled. You also decide on plugins/mods. Those who don’t like it can play elsewhere.

Make a Community ๐Ÿ’ฌ

When you operate a Minecraft server, you determine who joins. Over the months and even years, you can establish a community that people fondly return to over and over again.

If people like it, they’ll invite others, spreading the news of your server through the grapevines: you may end up as a very well-known social server. As the owner, you can curate the sorts of people allowed to play.

An essential benefit to managing your personal server is that you can decide on whether to make a small private community or a goliath one. You choose exactly how large you prefer your server to be (running a podcast? See the best podcast hosting list).

From starting with a circle of good friends welcoming each other, to complete strangers finding out about your world - you decide who is permitted in. Through this VIP access, you could develop a huge Minecraft server following.

FAQs ๐Ÿ“š

What is the Top Free Minecraft Server Host Site? ๐Ÿ†“

Free Minecraft HostingSo you're new to Minecraft server hosting, and you want to start out by hosting a couple of your friends?

In this case, a free Minecraft server may be your best option.

By having only a small number of players, you won’t require a large amount of resources or RAM.

We actually recommend this option for people who are brand new to this. Start out with people who know you and will be forgiving of some of the limitations.

Really, you’re probably just there to shoot the breeze with them anyway. Meanwhile, everyone will understand the reduced RAM, which will limit how many players you can have at once.

There will also be no plugins or mods, or restricted access. Typically, you also have a slower access to customer support, which means less hands on deck to hand deal with any technical issues.

Aternos is probably your best free host when it comes to Minecraft. It was actually created for the sole purpose of giving free server hosting to Minecraft players. With this provider, you’ll get between 8 to 20 players slots, with full customizations.

Crucially, there is DDoS protection. They even throw in free automated backups, 24hr customer support, and plug-in/mod pack compatibility.

What is the Best Amount of RAM for a Minecraft server? โžฟ

To figure out just how much RAM you need to have, you need to know the number of players you anticipate will use your server at once, as well as the number of mods and plugins you'll be actually making use of.

As a rule of thumb, expect 50MB to be the standard requirement per player, mod and plug-in (separately). Example, if you are going to have ten players and ten plugins and ten mods, you will need at minimum 1.5GB of RAM.

What Does it Cost to Host a Modded Minecraft Server? ๐Ÿค–

To run a modded Minecraft server, you will need to have enough RAM accessible. Many server hosting sites do not list out their pricing plans according to the number of mods that can be hosted.

In that instance, you will need to figure out how many mods you have, and then make calculations based on this (50MB per player, mod and/or plug. Add it up).

How Can I Make a Minecraft server? ๐Ÿฆพ

So let's say that you do not want to rent out a Minecraft server, and you prefer to create one. In that case, some technical know-how and equipment is necessary.

Your computer system is going to need at least:

  • โœ… DDoS Prevention (to keep your players protected against cybercriminals and hackers)
  • โœ… 8Ghz CPU (a duo-core processor is recommended as a minimum, and a high-performance CPU)
  • โœ… 6GB RAM (the minimum advised for running the game and server simultaneously)
  • โœ… 10MB/s Upload Speeds (you can test this out online for free. Servers with high pings/lags are unpopular)

Keep in mind โญ: Minecraft may work on one core processor, but if you’re also managing a server, you'll need a dual-core.

Now that you have required specs, you have to decide on the Minecraft version you want and then download it to the server computer. We advise starting off with Vanilla if you are a beginner but this blocks extensions.

Spigot and Bukkit are also not bad for newbies, you just need a little bit of technical know-how. These do allow plugin extensions.

The final step is to get logged in and add your server. This will require you to know your computer's IP address. Add it to the multiplayer screen, and then manage your server’s settings to enable you to add players.