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If you've ever been one to search for free movie streaming sites, you know how infuriating it can be.

You could easily spend an hour just looking for a free streaming site that works... and that doesn't spam your computer with non-stop ads.

Let's face it, free movies these days aren't free of hassle.

While most so-called free streaming sites are too dysfunctional to use, you can still find some hidden gems. However, this is only half the battle. A common occurrence is that when you find a decent site, it gets taken down a few weeks later.

This is what happened with a world-favourite for free movies: Putlocker. Due to legal action taken by the UK High Court, the site is now inaccessible. This change has caused outrage amongst fans and a hasty search for other options.

To help fill the void, we've put together the ten best Putlocker alternatives, all free of charge.

A quick note before we start: why Consider a VPN?

The best way to stay secure when you're streaming content is with a VPN. Virtual private networks improve your online safety by providing you and your computer with a safe way to access the internet.

VPNs create tunnels where you can access the internet while your IP address and other potentially sensitive information are hidden.

That way, you stay anonymous when you check out free sites with hidden trackers. 

Table of Contents:

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives

Service ProviderRating
1. 123Movies★★★★★Visit here
2. SolarMovie★★★★★Visit here
3. GoStream★★★★★Visit here
4. RainierLand★★★★★Visit here
5. FMovies★★★★★Visit here
6. Popcornflix★★★★Visit here
7. MegaShare★★★★Visit here
8. AZMovies★★★★Visit here
9. YesMovies★★★★Visit here
10. Series TV★★★★Visit here

1. 123Movies

The Number One ✌️

Key Specifications:

  • Well-organized - the interface of the app is simple and easy to use, making it easy to search for the movies and tv shows you want to find.
  • Good quality content - 123Movies offers a wide range of quality content, allowing you to watch movies in HD and 4K for an improved experience.
  • Regularly updated - the app has a good range of content compared to other free streaming sites, meaning that you can enjoy the most up-to-date seasons of your favourite shows and the most recent movies.
  • Free - 123Movies is free to download and use, and this makes it one of the most popular Putlocker alternatives.


  • VPN-Friendly - 123Movies can be used with a VPN, which makes it easier to stream online movies from other regions, and helps to protect your privacy and data by offering a private connection to stream movies.
  • Fast - Many users report that 123Movies is amongst the fastest of all Putlocker alternative websites, meaning that you will not have to wait for hours to download a new episode or watch a movie.


  • Annoying ads - the free nature of the app means that you will have to put up with ads when watching movies online, and this can quickly get frustrating.
  • Uses third-party sites - 123Movies does not actually host movies itself in the same way as a traditional streaming service; instead, it redirects users to third-party sites which offer a link streaming online to the free movie. This means the quality can vary, and there are no guarantees that your chosen movies or TV shows will be available.

123Movies Review

Anyone who has been around searching for free streaming websites to watch movies and TV shows has likely heard of 123Movies. Due to similar anti-piracy laws that caused Putlocker to be blocked, the original 123Movies was taken down in 2018. However, since then, the site has reappeared under the alternate URL.

Extensive Library of Movies and TV Shows

123Movies is well-recognized all around the globe, which is no surprise given its features. The best feature of 123Movies is the expansive library of movies and tv shows.

Selection of Movies - 123Movies

You can browse movies and tv shows by genre, including biographies and documentaries in addition to your classic dramas, adventure, and comedy movies.

Easy To Use Format

Beyond the library, 123Movies is easy to use and well-organized, particularly when compared to other Putlocker alternatives You can search movies by name or featured actor, browse alphabetically, by release year, or by popularity. For these reasons, 123Movies sits amongst the best Putlocker alternatives on the list and arguably the most well-known.

2. Solar Movie

Key Specifications:

  • Many Browsing Filters - Solar Movie makes it easy to find the shows and movies that you are looking for thanks to easy-to-use browsing filters, and these also make it easier to discover something new; simply adjust the filters to your preferences, and you will be presented with a host of new options to choose from.
  • Well-Designed - the user interface is clean, neat, and very easy to navigate, making it easier to find what you want without having to navigate multiple menus or screens.
  • Fast and Reliable - Solar Movie has a reputation amongst users for linking to reliable sources to watch movies online and works quickly and without lagging or freezing to minimize disruption and frustration - perfect if you are bing watching a series, or looking for a quick movie to enjoy.


  • Very wide range - one of the main advantages of Solar Movie is its extensive library; the site has a rich collection available for free streaming, with free TV shows going back several decades, as well as the latest movies, offering plenty of choice for users.
  • It Doesn't Require an Account - unlike some Putlocker alternatives, Solar Movie does not require any private details or the creation of an account, and this can be useful if you are looking to stay anonymous.


  • Often runs into technical issues - many users report that Solar Movie tends to be down or offline more often than some of the best Putlocker alternatives, and this can be frustrating.

Solar Movie Review

Solar Movie is a bit more of a low-key movie streaming site. However, what it lacks in recognition, it makes up for in quality.

Good Range of Movies and TV Shows

Solar Movie has a broad range of movies and tv series from across the globe, and this includes episodes of series dating back several years, making it easy to find something to watch.

Selection of Movies on SolarMovie


As an added bonus, the site provides a great user experience by offering an easy-to-use search bar and several filters for browsing, as well as providing subtitles for almost 100 languages - you can even brush up on your Valyrian.

SolarMovies Search

IMDb Ratings

It also has a handy tool to view movie results based on the IMDb rating, so you can cut down time spent selecting and get straight into some great entertainment.

SolarMovies - Top IMDB Rating

Another attractive feature for many users is that it allows you to request content you'd like added to the site, which means they can tailor their content to their users. However, this particular feature does require you to have an account.

Overall, Solar Movie is an excellent option for free online movies and shows, and one of our top Putlocker alternative websites. As well as offering a host of old favourites, it can also help you to find exciting new entertainment through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

3. GoStream

Key Specifications

  • Minimalist design - the overall interface of the site is very smooth, clear, and easy to navigate, with no noisy ads or excess of text. This can make it super easy to find the material you want, and is a real advantage according to many users.
  • Works with VPNs - GoStream is also compatible with VPNs, and this means that you can enjoy a wider variety of movies online, including those that may not typically be available in your region.
  • Links to quality movies - as with other free movie sites, GoStream works as a third party, connecting users to external sites. These are typically of a high quality, and this is a reliable app for hunting down your favourite shows and movies.


  • Not overloaded with ads - one key advantage to GoStream is a distinct lack of ads compared to other Putlocker alternative sites. This means that users can enjoy movies and search the site without constant pop-ups or waiting for ads to play.
  • Library is clear and easy to navigate - there is not much on the homepage, making it easy to zoom in and select the movie or show you want without issue - this includes the ability to head to the latest movies added to the site, and this can be a major time saver for users seeking something new.


  • Limited range - some users have reported that the variety of movies offered by GoStream are lacking compared to other free websites, meaning that a new favourite may not be accessible.

GoStream Review

GoStream is like many of the other alternatives on the list. It's a streaming site with plenty of good content and browsing filters.

Minimalist, Clean Website

The website offers an attractive design, arguably better than most others on the list, and its landing page includes a search bar and a link to its homepage—something it does better than most.

Selection of Movies - GoStream

The homepage of GoStream is where you can mindlessly browse the newest releases of movies and tv series. If you're looking for a solid streaming website with an attractive site design without being over the top, GoMovies is the perfect choice for you.

4. RainierLand

Key Specifications:

  • Great video quality - the majority of content on the site is in HD or 4K, and this means that users can enjoy their favourite media without having to compromise on quality.
  • Easy to search - the RainierLand homepage is easy to use and search, and offers clear filters for movies and tv shows. This makes it easier to find what you need, and allows users to narrow down their options more effectively and quickly.
  • Newest titles - RainierLand often shows the latest in TV and movies, and this includes movies that may still be showing in the cinema, allowing movie fans to enjoy their favourite flicks before they hit traditional streaming services.


  • Supports various platforms - RainierLand can be enjoyed on both mobile devices and PCs or laptops, ensuring that users can access their content no matter where they are watching from.
  • The cinema section includes all the best movies - compared to some Putlocker alternatives, RainierLand has a host of the newest movies, making it a great spot for real movie buffs.


  • Lots of ads - this is an app that suffers from "ad fatigue" - it is hard to click anywhere on the page without being confronted by ads and pop-ups, which makes the site tricky to use.
Selection of movies - Rainerland

RainierLand Review

RainierLand is one of the best Putlocker alternatives, and has plenty to offer movie fans.

Great Quality

One key benefit is that you can watch free movies and tv shows with excellent image quality. You can find both in 720p and 1080p, ensuring that your viewing experience isn't let down by poor quality.

Easy To Find Content

RainerLand provides a homepage where content is filtered by feature and release date. On top of being a quality streaming website, it supports various platforms; you can also download applications on Android, iOS, Apple TV, FireTV, Windows, macOS, and more. 

Rainerland Movies Suggestions

5. FMovies

Key Specifications:

  • Very large library with a range of genres - one of the key things to distinguish FMovies from other free sites is the range of movies available; this is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of genres, offering more choice than many other streaming sites.
  • Streams even new movies - if you are looking to access and stream movies before their official release, FMovies is the place to head to.
  • Regular updates - the site is updated with new content and links regularly, meaning that there is always something to watch.


  • Good range of movies - FMovies offers plenty of variety when it comes to genres and types of movies available, and this helps set it apart from other streaming websites. No matter your favourite type of movie, the chances are high that it will be included.
  • No ads - unlike some other free sites, FMovies is free from ads, making for a more pleasant user experience.


  • Limited resolution options - you may not be able to stream your favourite movies in the highest resolution, which can be frustrating for new releases.
  • Minimal interface - the homepage has no images or suggestions and doesn't offer inspiration when choosing, which can make it hard if you are searching for something new to watch.

FMovies Review

FMovies has long been a popular Putlocker alternative, and it has plenty to offer movie fans.

Good Variety

One of the main advantages of the platform is the wide variety available to choose from, making this a top choice for fans of more obscure or niche genres.


The site does offer Top IMDB recommendations, which can make it easier to find new things to try, but the lack of images on the homepage can be a little uninspiring; the website design is simple and easy to navigate, but does the job effectively.

FMovies Search

FMovies may not have the flashiest design or the most extensive library of free movies, but it does offer a streamlined user experience with zero hassle.

6. Popcornflix

Key Specifications:

  • Many great movies, but no TV Shows - the specialty of this site is in its movie selection, which could be disappointing for TV fans.
  • All movies are classified well - it is easy to find the things you need thanks to easy categorization.


  • No sign-up is required - makes it easy to get started and get watching.
  • Great selection of independent films, making this a great platform for anyone looking for something new.


  • Commercial interruptions - there are a lot of ads, which can make the site frustrating to use.
  • May require a VPN to access certain material.

Popcornflix Review

Another long-time-standing website for streaming movies is Popcornflix.

Great Browsing Experience

This is one of the best Putlocker alternatives, as it offers a great browsing experience with plenty of content displayed on the home screen. You can find free movies and shows filtered by classics, adventure, limited releases, and more.

Limited Availability

It's important to note that Popcornflix isn't available everywhere. For that reason, you may need to use a VPN if you're out of their covered area. If you don't have a VPN already, check out NordVPN, one of the most popular available today. Having a VPN will also improve your overall internet security.

7. MegaShare

Key Specifications:

  • Vast library of HD Movies, ensuring that there is always something to watch.
  • No account needed - it is easy to simply find a movie and start streaming.
  • Clear, user-friendly interface.


  • Up-to-Date Titles to access the latest movies, sometimes before they are released.
  • HD Movies to ensure quality is not lost during streaming.


  • Ugly layout which can be tricky to navigate.

MegaShare Review

MegaShare is another world-favourite for free movie streaming sites. It provides users with an expansive library of movies and shows, and it's lauded as one of the most straightforward and reliable sites around.

Plenty of New Releases

MegaShare does well to keep up with new releases, so if you're having trouble finding a recently released movie, MegaShare is an excellent place to look.  

Easy To Search

On MegaShare, you can search for series and movies, find the latest releases, browse movies by most viewed each day, week, and month, and more... one of the most precise tools to watch movies online.

8. AZMovies

Key Specifications:

  • Provides a range of options for different types of movies.
  • Fast, reliable, and easy to use.


  • Large number of mirrors to ensure a good range of availability, even for hard-to-source movies.
  • All Movies are eell-classified and easy to find.


  • Homepage looks cheap, and can be uninspiring.

AZMovies Review

Although titled AZMovies, this streaming website offers everything you could wish for.

Great Range Available

You have a huge range of tv shows and movies available, and you can watch free movies that are newly released—users like AZMovies for the simple design, classification, and rating system.

Easy To Browse Based On Criteria

AZMovies allows you to browse content based on genre, feature, and even year of release. That way, if you're looking for classic 90s action movies, you know where to go.

9. YesMovies

Key Specifications:

  • Easy-To-Use Interface - it is easy to find your favourite movie, or try something new.
  • Many Titles - this is a great option if you like toe experience new movies, and want them all in one place.
  • Multiple Resolution choices - no need to worry about losing quality while streaming.


  • Usually the first to release new movies - great for movie fans.
  • Great for binging TV Shows.


  • Annoying Ads can make it tricky and unpleasant to use.

YesMovies Review

YesMovies is an easy-to-use website with some of the highest web traffic of all free movie-streaming websites worldwide.

Wide Range of Global Content

This is no surprise when you navigate the site and see all it offers. You can search for your favourite tv series or movie, browse content based on the country of release, and more.

Search On IMDb Rating

YesMovies also has the popular option of searching for movies based on their IMDb rating - making this streaming site one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

10. Series TV

Key Specifications:

  • Huge Range of TV Shows - great for discovering a new series.
  • Multiple Servers - speedier streaming and more options.
  • Easy-To-Use Interface - search for what you want withour stress


  • As the name suggests, best for streaming TV Shows.
  • More than one server, meaning plenty of choice.


  • Movies and series are often in low quality.

SeriesTV Review

SeriesTV is a great Putlocker alternative when looking for tv series. This is arguably the best online streaming website for tv shows, although it also has plenty of free movies to choose from.

Range of TV Shows

SeriesTV has almost everything you could want, including new favourite tv series and some old classics. What's more, most of the tv shows and movies in its library come in high quality.

Multiple Servers

All the content comes with more than one server option for streaming, too, making SeriesTV a great option for anyone.

Bottom Line

If you're tired of searching for the best Putlocker alternatives only to find websites that are broken, taken down, or full of advertisements, you're like the thousands (or millions) of others worldwide. The above ten websites are the best free online streaming websites currently available.

Kick back and enjoy.


Can I get a good VPN for free?

While there are a number of options for free VPN's, which can make streaming movies and TV shows from other countries more accessible the best options come from paid VPNs, which will allow you greater security and a wider range of options.

Are Putlocker Alternatives Legal?

The legal positions of many of these sites can be questionable and will depend largely on where in the world you are watching and streaming - always check with your local guidelines for clarification.

Are Movie Streaming Services Safe To Use?

As we mentioned, many of these services are linked to third-party websites, rather than offering the movies and tv shows themselves. This means that there can be a risk of viruses and other cybersecurity issues, so always proceed with caution.