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With the war for the Petrodollar over, as Iran and Saudi Arabia settle differences, seeing the US as reserve currency inevitably changing in real-time, the world is moving at lightspeed.

It’s like Wiley-Coyete slammed into a sudden end, as per Tom Luongo’s rendition in his breaking-news post on the matter… The suspense has given way to a change in world leadership, currency values, and where money holds the most water.

This guide is for those looking for ways that do, indeed, still hold value. Here are some ways to invest 100k that could continue to work into 2024, 25, 26, etc.

How To Invest 100k

Why are Euro, GBP & USD Currencies Growing Unstable?

I’ve talked fairly often in the past about how the industrial power of Europe and the US are being hollowed out in real-time.

That hollowing is being accelerated with a NATO/EU//UK/US war against what is increasingly becoming the Rest of the World. 

What began as BRICS nations is now led by China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Each is a major industrial power: China for manufacturing, the Saudis for oil, and Russia for energy.

All of this, and the growing crazy policies towards farms, food, and locking people in their homes in 2020, have squeezed an already weakening central banking control, linked to the value of petrol, into a Collective West bloc versus the Emerging Markets bloc.

Beating Inflation 💣 

We all smell blood in the ocean, as per your news feed:

  • Prepare for food shortages! 
  • The stock market will crash! 
  • Bitcoin has tanked!

1. Real-Estate – Evergreen 100k Investment

If you’re looking for a traditional stream, people will always need a place to rest their heads.

The demand for housing in the UK is being met by a very inadequate supply of rental properties. As a result, people's lifestyle preferences might be very different, even within the same city.

They're not as basic and inexpensive for many reasons. As more people are looking to rent in smaller communities around the UK, rents have increased. There are also great places abroad, like Dubai. 

Real-Estate Investment

Passive Returns… 😴

Profits from renting a home tend to be rather high.

If you're looking to make money in real estate investment, you can't overlook rental income. Revenue from rent is a proxy for a property's profitability.

Also, it has a tight relationship with the rent that you pay every month. Simply divide yearly rent by the value of the property.

The highest rental will, however, make it an excellent long-term as set for those wishing to invest in UK real estate. In the United Kingdom, the real estate market wins out because there aren’t enough homes to go around. 

Awesome Tax Breaks 🥓

Bring home more bacon.

The game isn’t making money, it’s making and keeping it… Although it's true that property taxes may be a pain for certain investors, there are tax benefits to owning investment property.

Investing in real estate might result in tax benefits. In addition, many of the expenses that come with purchasing and maintaining the properties may be written off.

TAKE NOTE: If you own a business, this can give you immense tax breaks, leaving you with more of your earnings. There’s a reason why Blackrock is buying up estate in droves.

2. Gold + Other Precious Metals 100k Investments

Gold's worth and historical significance have been acknowledged by societies for thousands of years, earning it widespread respect

In 650 B.C., gold-plated coins began to circulate, and around a century later, during the reign of King Croesus of Lydia, the first pure gold coins were made.

Gold has been held by humans for many ages for a variety of reasons.

Gold Investment

Gold's continued worth may be attributed to the fact that it has been given value by societies and, later, economies. Given its status as a fallback form of money in times of monetary crisis, gold is always worth something as a hedge against economic uncertainty.

Strong Track Record

Gold's value has not fluctuated as that of other assets such as paper money, coins, and so on. It’s seen as a method for families to protect their riches and pass on to future generations. 

People all across the world have recognised the special qualities of this metal since ancient times.

Gold's resistance to corrosion and its malleability as a result of being able to be melted over a regular flame make it ideal for coinage. 

The Pound’s/Dollar's Weaknesses

Even though the U.S. dollar is one of the world's most significant reserve currencies, gold prices tend to rise when the dollar's value declines relative to other currencies, as it did from 1998 to 2008.

But, from 1998 to 2008, the price of gold approximately quadrupled.

Hedging ☑️

Historically, gold has been a great way to protect your purchasing power against inflation since its value tends to climb with inflation.

Gold prices have soared and stock markets have crashed during periods of rising inflation during the previous 50 years.

Since gold is often priced in fiat currency units, it tends to climb along with everything else when the value of fiat money declines due to inflation. Gold has a reputation as a safe haven asset.

3. Domains Investments – The Power of URLs

Domains/URLs can grow into powerful passive income streams. For example, Visitors view these pages (visits are called ‘traffic’). The website makes money by helping them to get solutions or information they need.

You can also invest in sites that are already popular.

Attracts Successful Customers ⭐


There are some niches that succeed in making money no matter the economy.

This is particularly true if it is based on markets that span across the Emerging and Developed blocks.

Many of these are in the tech niche. There will always be successful people who need online assistance to build their business; whether it’s the best web hosts or top trading apps. 

Rising Star

When you invest in strong, high-authority domains, you end up with streams of traffic that might not be affected by changes in currency values, or if the stock market takes a tumble.

Turning domains into lasting assets is an important skill website owners need to develop. Even big companies like eToro understand the power of gaining online attention.

Top digital PR agencies know how to do this 🖱️ 🌴.

4. Crypto Investments – Emerging Markets Will Back Crypto

Users in wealthy nations, whose governments are generally benign and trustworthy, have less pressing need for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin removes the need for trust, and when trust is not an obstacle, traditional financial systems are enough.

That is to say, a person in the United States or Europe may have some interest in cryptocurrency as a pastime or for educational purposes, but any application beyond that is likely to be too much.

Crypto Investment

Helps Developing Countries

Yet those in other areas of the globe who are suspicious of their governments and banks have a pressing need for cryptocurrency.

If hyperinflation is ravaging a country like Venezuela, its citizens may be tempted to invest their paychecks in Bitcoin as a means of protecting their purchasing power.

In the face of a failing currency and the inability to obtain foreign fiat currencies, decentralised monetary systems provide the only viable alternative.

Nigeria Example 🌍

Those without access to traditional banking institutions are also likely to be interested in cryptocurrency ownership (2 billion individuals worldwide do not have a bank account).

Nigeria, a nation in Africa, is an excellent illustration of the fact that Bitcoin is more than just a speculative asset and that there are real-world use cases in which cryptocurrencies may replace banks.

In 2020, Nigerians exchanged £50 million worth of cryptocurrency per month, as reported by peer-to-peer trading platform Paxful.

Beginner’s guide to crypto 📀

5. ETFs Investments – Often Stable Long-Term

Investors seeking an alternative to mutual funds have flocked to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) since their inception in 1993.

These instruments, which are a collection of assets that aim to replicate the performance of an index while incurring lower management costs and providing more transparent intraday pricing, might be useful for both institutional and retail investors.

ETF Investment

Many Perks

To get exposure to many equity markets, sectors, or investment strategies via a single ETF.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are investment vehicles that may follow the performance of a basket of equities or even aim to replicate the performance of the stock markets of a nation or set of countries.

Similar to Stocks

The ETF may provide diversity for its owner, yet it trades with the ease of a stock.

With specificity:

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may be bought on margin and shorted.

The value of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) fluctuates during the trading day. In contrast, the net asset value is used to determine the price of an open-ended mutual fund every day.

Like with stocks, you may use futures and options trading on ETFs to mitigate your exposure to potential market fluctuations.

Easy to Use ☑️

Passively managed ETFs, in contrast to actively managed mutual funds, often have substantially lower cost ratios.

The fee ratio of a mutual fund rises because of what? Management fees, shareholder accounting costs at the fund level, marketing costs, director compensation, and sales commissions are all examples of expenditures.

Most exchange-traded funds automatically reinvest their dividends.

6. Index Funds Investments – Stable Like ETFs

An index, as defined by Investopedia, is a standardised methodology to measure the collective value of a collection of assets.

Indices are used to evaluate the whole market by tracking the value of a basket of securities that are meant to perform similarly to a certain market segment.

Index Funds Investment

The S&P 500 index is a popular example since it measures the performance of 500 of the top publicly traded companies in the United States in terms of market capitalization on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Diversification 🌲

Payouts to shareholders are a common feature of ETFs. Based on the ETF, they might be distributed on a monthly, semiannual, or annual basis.

Index funds are a safer way to invest in the stock market than picking individual stocks. Instead of having all of your money riding on the success of a single firm, as is the case with a single stock, the performance of several companies is diversified in an index fund.

A high positive return may be achieved on average by investing in only a few really successful enterprises.

Long Profits 🥰

“Invest in an index fund and keep it for the next two decades.” That's the piece of advice you're most likely to hear when considering an index fund investment, and it's not without merit.

The S&P 500 is an excellent index since it includes 500 of the most important corporations in the United States. If you invest in such an index, you may share in the massive earnings of the world's most successful companies.

7. Bitcoin ATMs (Valuable Automated Affiliate Program) 🏧

Very New & Valuable Market, Don’t Be Afraid ☢️

TAKE NOTE: You need to use an automated affiliate program from the UK, in a country that uses Bitcoin ATMs. Currently, they are not in use here, but don’t let that stop you from diversifying your investments abroad, including emerging market (EM) countries like Dubai 🏝️.

Here’s how it works: Money is automatically converted from fiat money to cryptocurrency and back again using BTMs. Customers find BTMs to be quite useful, ESPECIALLY when there is more inflation.

I despise exchanges because they put others in control of your money after it has been deposited into a cryptocurrency trading platform. I have seen people lose tens of thousands of dollars in the FTX exchange collapse.

Bitcoin ATM

This is why I am certain that BTMs are your consumers' best and safest choice when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.

No Banks!

Which is why people flock to bitcoin ATMs:

  • 💨 Younger people
  • 💨 Elderly people who don’t understand exchanges
  • 💨 People with diverse income streams who need to convert on-the-fly

Those who do not have bank accounts may still use BTMs to make deposits and withdrawals. BTMs are designed for those who like to transact using hard currency.

With BTMs, customers can make daily transactions of up to £50,000 without having to wait online for hours. They provide instantaneous international money transfers. The convenience is incredible!

In What Ways Do You Profit from BTMs?

Customers may buy cryptocurrency from these ATMs and its affiliates at shops.

The cryptocurrency, which is the commodity you'll be selling via your machine, is purchased by the program through an internet exchange, at its own expense and risk (BTM).

They then mark up the cost of the cryptocurrency we acquired and resell it to your customer at a profit. The markup on the Coin for your consumers will be between 15 and 20%.

Generally speaking, your profit margin on the sale of cryptocurrency will be something in the neighbourhood of 15%, or £150 for each £1,000 spent on cryptocurrency.

£15,000 Revenue in 6 Months Average

The majority of our machines require 6 months to reach normal operation after installation and generate £15,000 per month in cryptocurrency sales, according to our training and the experience of our linked partners.

With the provided data, the BTM would generate £2,500 in monthly revenue.

Get Started… 🏧 ☑️

Conclusion 🏁

We hope this guide has been helpful. Money is changing quickly with some things staying the same. Overall, you need to do your homework and know what you’re getting into.