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Nearly 73% of B2B marketing organisations surveyed were able to use webinars to generate leads in 2020, according to Global Webinar Statistics - Source.

While you’ll find a survey for everything—and although the data can be suspect at times—it’s unquestionable that, with the latest webinar tools, you can more easily get together for fixed-schedule online business events.

By offering a simple video conferencing solution, the finest webinar software will help in staying connected with audiences.

In contrast to regular conferencing, webinar software is generally used to administer online events like conferences, workshops, presentations, and seminars in order to simultaneously reach a large number of participants.

While it is feasible to accomplish this using YouTube, webinar software and portals offer a more participatory experience by allowing for polls and more engaged user comments. In this guide, we explore the best webinar software for the UK marketplace, based on our research.

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Best Webinar Software 🖥️: The Selection

Our results below compared how each webinar software provider performed in terms of setup, UI, total guests permitted, and price schemes. In addition, we compared the software's dependability and browser functioning, among other things.

I want to give you some warnings about certain signs you should watch out for while choosing the finest webinar software for your company. If you come across a webinar tool that entails:

  • Inadequate or sluggish support 
  • Confusing add-ons and downloads
  • Tech glitches with the audio and video 💀🔥
  • Dashboards that seem too complex

Simply said, the hassle of handling these problems is not worth it. You deserve more, as do your guests. Planning and coordination are necessary to handle vast numbers of remote guests, and various participation management techniques are used by webinar systems.

Service ProviderRating
1. Demio★★★★★Visit here
2. Livestorm★★★★★Visit here
3. WebinarJam★★★★★Visit here
4. ClickMeeting★★★★Visit here
5. Zoho Meeting★★★★Visit here
6. Zoom★★★★Visit here
7. GoToWebinar★★★★★Visit here

1. Demio — Outstanding Webinar Software

Demio's purported mission is to assist you in using webinars to boost your product's visibility and promote sales.

Based on the plan you choose, this provider lets you hold one, five, or an unlimited number of simultaneous webinars so you may get paid more for your effort.

Run live and recurrent meetings on the introduction tier, and with the premium plans, add automatic, hybrid, and on-demand sessions.

Although Demio enables screen sharing, you won't often utilise it due to the company's excellent pre-uploading (pre-recorded) features.

Demio is a necessity if you require webinars for sales and marketing reasons since it has huge CTAs, unrestricted recording storing, practise runs, sales and marketing connectors, and 24/7 customer support with an average response time of four minutes.

User Experience

It’s a marketer’s tool. Considering the business introduction in this guide, Demio seemed like a good fit for the number-one slot. One user joyfully converted to Demio after trying every tool available because it's the most cutting-edge, flawless option.

Demio User Experience

Even if you’ve struggled for years with worse customer service and clumsy user interfaces with alternative webinar software. Once you’ve located Demio, you might not turn back.

The interface is cutting-edge and a delight to use, which benefits not just myself but also your clients and guests.

Nobody needs to install anything; all you have to do is click to access the webinar. The fact that it provides both live and pre-recorded webinars, however, is the biggest perk.

This is significant since I’ve come across one webinar user who previously needed two distinct webinar tools to accomplish that; today, they only need one.

People who are uneasy with complicated interfaces and a lot of options will love this tool. But at the other hand, busy business users and seasoned marketers will value its robust automation options.

For marketers, you’ll adore utilising their pop-up offers and CTA capabilities when you’re attempting to sell your goods and services via webinars.

Try Out Demio’s 14-Day Free Trial… 🌞

2. Livestorm — Best Webinar Software for Both Webinars and Meetings

They’re the supposed first-ever video marketing platform to handle conferences, webinars, and virtual events from start to end.

For this reason, you’ll often see the webinar company in the number-one position for webinar reviews.

With Livestorm, prepare in advance and have it uploaded, delivered in real-time—or a combination of the two.

Additionally, if you want to change things up a bit, you can co-host with another business. Buying 1 Livestorm license grants you access to both webinar and virtual meeting software without requiring you to buy either one individually.

That makes it perfect for both new virtual hosts and experienced hosts with changing demands. Even better, Livestorm accomplishes this without compromising the features' or functionality's level of excellence.

Although Livestorm is more expensive than some of the other alternatives on our list, you can try it out free for as long as you like. However, you'll only be able to host sessions that last 20 minutes and have a maximum of 30 participants.

Livestorm Pros and Cons 

The inability to capture discussions, polling, surveying, and other audience interactions using Livestorm is a drawback.

This is a minor complaint, though, as all subscription plans offer limitless recording storage. Livestorm supports connectivity with Zapier and your favourite payment processor if you wish to sell your webinars in the future.

Nonetheless, because of Livestorm's adaptability, businesses of various sizes utilise it for all of their webinar host and video conferencing requirements.

If you like, you may do brief meetings or webinars and divide up your audience into smaller groups for group discussion and collaboration. Or, to attract a larger audience, you can just live stream video on YouTube, Instagram, Meta, and Twitch.

The accessibility features of Livestorm are excellent as well. Automatic closed caption is included in the service, and the whole UI may be translated into 3 other languages. Additionally, you may translate the meeting room, automatic emails, and attendance icons into any one of 24 languages.

The statistics provided by Livestorm provide you with specific data about your session and attendance, including how visitors discovered you.

Livestorm offers software that is totally customizable to help your marketing initiatives. Use your logo and colours on every page, from the signup to the action buttons to the conference room and beyond, to provide visitors with a consistent brand encounter.

After the trial period, the price for 100 participants and 4hr webinar sessions starts at £72 per month paid annually, or £90 per month if that's more manageable for you.

Find out more about prices at Livestorm. ✔️

3. WebinarJam — Powerful Graphic Design Software for Budgets

With the help of WebinarJam's cloud-based streaming technology, you may easily reach a 5000-strong audience with one simple presentation.

Present alone or organise a roundtable of speakers to cooperate and share their expertise on screen—since they enable up to 6 presenters.

WebinarJam takes the fuss out of large-scale online meetings. It’s a reputable software company with a wide range of useful features. But you can do whatever kind of webinar you'll ever need if you merge it with its sibling program, EverWebinar.

Due to the fact that 3 of its premium plans include full access to EverWebinar, WebinarJam makes this relationship simple. WebinarJam lets you try out several types of webinars if you wish to, routinely use more than one type, or just aren't sure which to settle on.

Data Insights 📊

Well, we wouldn’t be Hosting Data unless we looked at this aspect, would we?

The analytic capabilities of WebinarJam go above and beyond the norm—suitable for an online business looking for every advantage in reaching audiences more effectively.

WebinarJam provides information on audience engagement level during the webinar, average time spent viewing, show-up rates, replay participants, and revenue per attendee, if appropriate.

That’s whether you're hosting a free instructional webinar or a paid recurrent event—the higher priced tiers have a panic button, however, the first two plan levels do not.

Finding the right security for online events might be difficult in today's increasingly interconnected society. This is where WebinarJam thrives, providing both individual and group passcodes to protect your webinars.

WebinarJam lets you use YouTube, Meta or WebinarJam Live if you need streaming.

Whatever kind of webinar you select, WebinarJam excels at scheduling, thereby enhancing its adaptability. By adjusting time zones to their location, users may reduce scheduling hiccups.

Choose whether to allow latecomers to join or prevent them from arriving. Just-in-time presentations, which appear for the user as live-simulated sessions shortly after registering, can be enabled or disabled.

WebinarJam Scheduling

After 30 days of use, WebinarJam gives a complete refund if you're not happy. Or, if you wait a few seconds while on the plans and price page of the website, a popup advertising a 14-day trial for a quid will appear.

After that, annual membership dues start at £33 monthly.

4. ClickMeeting — Top Webinar Software for Educational Presentations

ClickMeeting was designed with videoconferencing in mind from the start, and it works well for that function. However, it also provides a variety of functions specifically designed for hosting engagement-driven webinars.

Hosted webinars can include a customised pre-event interaction, such as a waiting area before the event begins wherein guests can get more info.

Hosted webinars can include a customised pre-event interaction, such as a waiting area before the event begins wherein guests can get more info.

Even if the material isn't live, surveys and polls can be used to track engagement and keep viewers interested. You are able to freely incorporate pieces of both live and recorded events.

ClickMeeting Event

A whiteboard 📚 can be used during the session or after for a Q&A session in live webinars. While the ability to monetize webinar material leveraging the system's interface with PayPal to manage cash safely is one feature of ClickMeeting that has raised its reputation.

For a 30-day period, ClickMeeting provides a free trial for up to 25 participants. The cheapest "Live" subscription comes with 6 hours of recording storage and 1GB of file storage, which is all you need for live meetings. The "Automatic" plan includes an automated Webinar cycle, 10 hours of recording storage, and 2GB of file storage.

For significant events or numerous meetings, the top-tier "Enterprise" plan offers a flexible and adaptable solution.


There are other heavyweight webinar and video conferencing applications than ClickMeeting. Both Zoom and Zoho Meeting are fierce rivals.

Packages for webinars with up to 25 participants at Zoho Meeting start at £12 monthly, making it somewhat less costly than ClickMeeting. This system provides many of the same in-meeting capabilities as ClickMeeting, but integrations beyond the Zoho suite are a little more challenging and there is no automatic scheduling.

Zoom is only a wise choice if you frequently organise large meetings because its plans start at £30 monthly for webinars with 100 participants. Meetings cannot be automated, however, live broadcasting is available on YouTube and Meta Live.

If your business relies on webinars to reach customers or keep in touch with staff, ClickMeeting has a lot to offer.

With the help of this videoconferencing, you can take advantage of a fruitful webinar by automating follow-ups and providing a number of features for engaging audiences during meetings. Additionally, the integrations greatly increase productivity.

The cost of this software is quite affordable given everything it delivers.

5. Zoho Meeting — Best Webinar Software for Instant Professional Sessions

With products for CRM, project planning, helpdesks, teamwork, and marketing, Zoho is a phenomenally successful company.

Why? Well, you only need a web browser to run a meeting with whoever you want internationally.

With products for CRM, project planning, helpdesks, teamwork, and marketing, Zoho is a phenomenally successful company.

Zoho Meeting, a piece of business software that most would assume is only a video chat tool, is robust. t goes much beyond that, with the ability to hold webinars being one of its biggest features.

When used in this fashion, Meeting provides a lot of the standard elements of a webinar, such as a complex registration system, email notifications and reminders, surveys and Q&As, phone dial-ins, numerous presenters, and post-webinar analysis.

When used in this fashion, Meeting provides a lot of the standard elements of a webinar, such as a complex registration system, email notifications and reminders, surveys and Q&As, phone dial-ins, numerous presenters, and post-webinar analysis.

Getting Started 

The only prerequisite for running sessions is a competent browser. It also employs extensions for Chrome and Firefox to schedule and launch webinars.

We anticipated excellent integrations because this is a Zoho product, and Meeting works in conjunction with both Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns for marketing. Through these links, webinars can generate sales leads that can then be handled by other Zoho applications.

6. Zoom — Ubiquitous Professional Webinar Tool

Zoom is like the old adversary that we occasionally adore and occasionally loathe but who is always around.

It’s certainly one of the greatest educational and instructional webinar solutions available, even if we don't advise utilising it for all of your webinar needs.

The majority of our webinar software options support 1-10 cameras per session. 49 cameras may be visible at once thanks to zoom.

This implies that you won't have to worry about camera restrictions if you're a teacher and your pupils are presenting presentations.

The most advanced alternatives on our list are Zoom's poll, questionnaire, and quiz features. Additionally, Zoom provides live chat help or a chat plugin around-the-clock, which is invaluable if you're a teacher having any sort of technical issues. You'll need to look around a little to determine which plan best meets your needs because Zoom's several options might be challenging to understand.

Zoom Call

What Makes Zoom Great 

The fact that almost everyone is familiar with how to use Zoom is one of its finest features. It's also a tried-and-true structure for eLearning, having taken millions of kids and thousands of instructors through virtual classrooms during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Zoom gets top marks for accessibility as well. Real-time closed captioning is possible with this software, and sign language interpreters are supported. Keyboard shortcuts and chat text may both be made larger or smaller by users. Even for people with visual problems, the Zoom UI is designed to be simple to view and operate.

Its higher price compared to other solutions on our list is one drawback. For meetings with 100 to 300 attendees, Zoom Meetings can be effective. In any other case, Zoom Webinars, which start at £65 paid monthly for 500 participants, are preferable.

Overall, a professional and highly supportive solution. With incredibly easy and convenient free versions. 

7. GoToWebinar — Review

GoToWebinar by LogMeIn was the preferred webinar option for a time. Today, it still offers competitive capabilities.

Pre-webinar procedures, real-time analytics, contact management, the sharing of smartphone notes, and audience interaction—are among the capabilities offered.

Sharing installable applications allows a webinar to utilise that software to get everyone set up to use it during the webinar, which is a really valuable feature.

The registration pages, emails, and online interface are just a few of the attendee-facing elements that may be renamed. However, this feature mostly applies to logos.

Does it Still Hold Up?

Even though some feel that the platform's management needs to be improved, many businesses prefer this product in spite of its flaws.

Others have also noted that if you use the web interface rather than the specific desktop programme, you could experience audio or visual difficulties.

One of the more expensive solutions, GoToWebinar's pricing is another potential roadblock. Starter, Pro, and Plus are the three entry-level categories, which cover 100, 500, and 1,000 people, respectively. Presentations must be recorded at the Pro level or higher.

Best Webinar Software 🌴 — Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular webinar tools used by marketers and professionals today. Now, let’s take a moment to discover more about this topic… 

Webinars Explained 📚

A webinar is an online live event intended to instruct or enlighten a remote audience on a certain subject.

More fully, a webinar is a live presentation that includes audio, video, and/or multimedia components. It's a well-liked approach for presenting knowledge across many sectors and professions, from B2B marketing meetings to classroom seminars.


Webinars can connect everybody at once, in one place, in an enterprise setting that supports staff, clients, and partners across many locations and time zones. Since they are virtual, they may grow effectively to thousands of concurrent participants, assisting corporations in lowering travel and venue expenses while increasing potential in areas like sales.

— Webinar versus online meeting:

The terms seem very similar, so it’s understandable why many people wonder what a webinar is and how it differs from a video call. A webinar's goal is often instructive or educational in a one-to-numerous form, comparable to video teleconferencing but distinct from it nonetheless.

While virtual meetings and webinars can be quite engaging, the term "video conferencing" typically refers to regular meetings, talks, or brainstorming sessions. The objective is in the name: meeting or conference.

Also, a webinar can a special event you could have registered for months in advance, whereas video conferencing is something you might participate with your co-workers several instances per day after a simple email notifying you with the details.

For those with large webinar goals, you’ll find that many of the top providers offer an Enterprise plan that can accommodate 5,000 guests.

Webinar Presentation Types ⭐

There are several sizes and shapes for webinar setups. A speaker can select from a wide range of webinar formats that are appropriate for several use cases. Here are some potential examples:

1. Discussion boards

Moderated panel discussions are effective in keeping audience interest while also providing them with pertinent data, particularly when the panellists have varying viewpoints on the same subjects. Additionally, they function well with interactive webinar elements like real-time polls to determine the responses of viewers.

2. Interviewing SMEs

A subject-matter expert interview may be helpful for a nurturing campaign since they can offer in-depth knowledge about a certain item, service, or sector. In order to improve interview topics, crowd polling can assist show where respondents are in their journeys.

3. Casting with many presenters

A webinar need not be a monologue by a single speaker. Presenters might alternate, each offering their own distinctive viewpoints and a variety of topics. This incredibly fascinating format may consist of one presenter going over the broad advantages of a product while the other delves into its technical specifics.

How to Run a Webinar… 💡

A dynamic slide deck is not enough to make a webinar presentation effective. There are a variety of strategies that may be employed to create a really interactive experience that raises audience engagement.

— Keep your webinar participants interested by:

  • Enabling multiple presenters and panellists to live stream.
  • Multimedia and rich material sharing on the screen.
  • Live Q&A to monitor and address audience questions as they come in.
  • Interactive polling to gauge interest and focus.
  • During the event, attendees and panellists could communicate or message one another in private or publicly.

— Additionally, among the best practices for webinars is the capacity to support:

  • Thousands of individuals attending audio-only or video-only sessions—the top webinar software provider offer 5,000 guests or more at the Enterprise level.
  • Multiple ways for participants to connect to the audio system, such as VoIP, international teleconference, or broadcast.
  • 1-click recording.
  • Automated registrant filtering and approval.
  • CRM incorporation.
  • Post-analysis data.
  • Data encryption that is secure.
  • Audience involvement on any platform or device.

You can 🚀 find out more here. 

Common Questions 📚 — Best Webinar Software

What Should I Do Once a Webinar is Over?

The live, interactive character of a webinar or— if it is recorded—the educational and simple-to-follow organisation of its contents, both contribute significantly to its value. It's also helpful as a component of a sustained nurturing and content marketing strategy.

So your job, post-webinar, is analyzing attendance figures, directing attendees to a post-webinar landing page, and integrating information into CRMs and marketing intelligence platforms are all made simple with an end-to-end solution like Webex Webinars. To assist clients at various stages of the sales funnel, a recording of the webinar session itself may also be pushed through a variety of media.

Due to their great adaptability, low expenses, and vast scalability, webinars have significant benefits over in-person meetings and conferences.

Should My Webinar Be Live?

Many webinars start as live events that happen just once, but they may also be recorded for subsequent consumption and dissemination.

As an example, a business may, as part of a deliberate content marketing strategy, link to the signup for a webinar recording in its blog posts, 📧 email marketing, and social media updates. In this sense, webinars serve as more than simply a useful informational resource for participants; they also provide a platform for businesses to consistently contact and convert consumers and make income. At registration, several businesses make money via webinars.

When Viewing a Webinar in the Audience, Does Your Face Come into View?

If you're in the crowd, your face will often be set to hide by default, and you'll probably also be muted. However, it doesn't harm to verify again at the beginning of the show. In many webinar forms, live query submissions take the role of live video to let members of the audience engaged. 

However, speaker videos will be activated and, in some circumstances, such as with Webex Webinars, may optionally overlay deck slides or slideshows.

How Do Hybrid Webinars Work?

Given that many firms all around the world are moving toward hybrid work models, it makes reasonable that events would likewise combine physical and virtual environments. Due to Webex's interaction with Socio, hybrid events can effectively and seamlessly appeal to both types of audiences.


A webinar is simple to see on a computer or smartphone. And you don't need much else if you want to conduct a webinar, but if you want to present well, consider getting a noise-cancelling headset or a high-tech camera.

Other than that, you have a broad selection of powerful and straightforward webinar tools to use, according to your circumstances and objectives. We hope this guide helped!