Bing and Edge powered by ChatGPT: “racing against time” to unseat Google

Analysts wonder whether Microsoft's intention to challenge Google's dominance may potentially signal the beginning of a new “browser race”. What does ChatGPT represent for companies and what does it signify?

  • According to industry observers, Microsoft's choice to include ChatGPT's technology into its browser-search engine combo presents a real opportunity to challenge Google's search engine hegemony.
  • According to Jason Wong, senior VP analyst at Gartner, who was speaking to IT Pro, integrating ChatGPT into Bing and Edge might prove to be “a potent combo”.
  • Microsoft expects that ChatGPT will improve the Bing search engine. How much time Microsoft has to acquire market dominance over Chrome and Google Search is still unclear, however.

Wond added that altering these figures overnight is really difficult. There are tons of habits to break in this area since “Google it” is a common phrase used by consumers.

According to StatCounter data, Google now owns a 65.4% market share, whereas Edge has a 4.46% share. According to statistics, Bing owns a 3.03% share of the search engine industry, while Google controls a dominant 92.9%.

Getting consumers of mobile devices to embrace Edge will be one of the major obstacles Microsoft must overcome. According to Wong, Chrome looks to have the market cornered on smartphone devices, which will account for a significant chunk of search inquiries in 2023.

Browser and search war expected, not ‘total AI war’

ChatGPT specifically challenges Google’s engine. Instead of a full-fledged “AI arms race”, Wong claims this may lead to a new “browser war” between the two businesses' generative AI tech, ChatGPT and Bard.

This raises the possibility that a new browser war is about to break out, according to Wong.

From a commercial standpoint, however, businesses are developing for the web. Although in the past individuals would question “Should they optimise for Internet Explorer or Chrome?”. they seldom do so now.

CEO Satya Nadella made an appearance with the announcement of Microsoft's ChatGPT integration in Bing and Edge this Tuesday, expressing confidence about his company's prospects of overtaking Google's long-dominant search engine.

Despite the leader's optimism on the subject, some have opined that Microsoft's desire to overtake Google in both of these areas may be a bridge too far given Google's far wider user base.

Bard will have a clear edge in terms of access to information, reach, and the sort of material it gives, according to Alec Boere, of AI at InfoSys Consulting Europe, who spoke with IT news outlets this week.

New Bard integrations to boost Bing’s performance

According to Nadella, Chrome is the pre-eminent browser. Ignore everywhere else, Google earns more money on Windows than all of Microsoft itself combined, says Nadella, so let's start there. 

Nadella believes Bing has great potential if it can increase its market share, whether for its search engine or browser.

Nadella emphasised the reality that Google is the leading player in this market by approaching the possibility of contending with Google with astute and calibrated expectations.

The incorporation of chatbot technology into Microsoft's Bing search engine, according to the company's launch statement on Tuesday, would allow it to provide better search, more thorough responses, a novel chat experience, and the capacity to produce content. This impacts every industry, whether for those searching for the best web hosts or the best M.O.T. services.

This comes after Google's AI-powered engine tool just debuted.

Google said on Monday that Bard would function similarly to ChatGPT, providing more sophisticated, conversational-style responses to user questions. Bard is built on LaMDA, which is Google's language model.

What ChatGPT adds to Edge and Bing…

According to Microsoft, integrating ChatGPT into the Edge browser has the potential to provide online users access to an “AI copilot”.


Bing's updates will provide consumers with an “enhanced version” of their accustomed search experience while also delivering more pertinent results for routine queries like stock prices, weather, and sports scores.

Additionally, a new sidebar that offers more thorough responses to search queries will be included. Bing evaluates online search results to identify and summarise the solution you're seeking for. For instance, without browsing through several results, you may obtain comprehensive instructions on how to replace eggs with another component in a cake you are preparing at the time.

Edge computing is receiving more attention, which increases the need for stronger uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

According to Microsoft, a newly launched chat feature on Bing would be conversational in style and designed to provide users additional context for more complicated queries.

What Does ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT's main objective is to provide natural-sounding answers to inputs. The main distinction is that precision is not the major focus of ChatGPT. It’s a nice by-product, but it's not the main focus. Professionals may use ChatGPT to write everything from blog posts to essays to code.

By this logic, one of the primary advantages of utilising ChatGPT to create text is that it increases your ability to experiment and develop new ideas for content and code. However, as per a Psychology Today article, it’s not necessarily accurate:

  • ChatGPT may spread false information without caring whether or not it is true.
  • Currently, ChatGPT can only disseminate data it has compiled from the wide range of sources to which it has access.
  • ChatGPT does not understand the veracity of its own findings.
  • We should not immediately accept as true any statements or arguments made in ChatGPT, since it is a more sophisticated kind of true-sounding engine.

What does GPT Chat stand for?

Chat GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

It’s OpenAI's prototype artificial intelligence chatbot. The model developed by OpenAI is able to simulate conversation by answering follow-up questions, admitting errors, disputing faulty premises, and rejecting inappropriate requests, the company claims.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), a kind of machine learning, was used to instruct it. Human AI trainers provided the model with simulated conversations between a user and an AI assistant throughout the training phase. In its current, publicly-tested form, the bot attempts to understand user inquiries and responds with detailed, conversational replies.

Is ChatGPT free?

ChatGPT is available at no cost during the study preview period. ChatGPT is related to InstructGPT, another model taught to respond to a prompt by carrying out the given instructions. The firm is eager to roll out ChatGPT and hear what people think so it can improve.

Who invented ChatGPT?

The chatbot that has tech titans fighting was created by OpenAI. ChatGPT, an AI chatbot built by AI firm OpenAI, is all the rage in classrooms, boardrooms, and on social media.

Who owns ChatGPT?

The company, which Elon Musk and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman established, generates money by licencing the technology to other businesses. This new technology, which is based on OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, follows a year of significant advancements in artificial intelligence.

Takeaway - Radically new “chat experience” in the future for search engines

The “chat experience” encourages you to focus your search until you get the whole answer you need by requesting additional information, clarification, and suggestions.

Two new features for Microsoft Edge, chat and compose, are intended to provide consumers a far more user-friendly surfing experience.

According to Microsoft, the new Edge Sidebar can provide summaries of long financial reports, and chat features can be used to make a comparison of the financials of rival firms, which will instantaneously make a comparison table.

By providing Edge a few starter instructions, you may also ask it to assist you in creating content, like a LinkedIn post. Next, you can ask for help updating the content’s voice, form, and volume.

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