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Did you know there are several ways to change your IP address? We'll go through six alternative ways to change your IP address in this blog article. One of these techniques should work for you, whether you're seeking to bypass website limits or preserve your privacy. Learn more by continuing to read!

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Why Change Your IP Address?

With more and more data being linked to our personal identities, it’s not unusual to come across people who wish to change their IP address in 2024, so that they can enjoy a private and rewarding life somewhere beautiful ๐ŸŒž. 

Here are reasons you might have to change your IP address:

  • Gaming Servers ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ: If you want to play video games, changing your IP address also changes your location, which would open up access to multiple gaming servers.
  • Censorship ๐ŸŒ: Altering your IP address will enable you to access various websites or services that are geographically blocked in the nation where you reside. 
  • Privacy ๐ŸŽฑ: You might also be employed by a business that routinely trades personal data with a number of clients. 
  • Safety โ›‘๏ธ: Or perhaps you just prefer to purchase online with an added measure of protection.

Hide IP Way 1 - VPNs

Using a VPN, or virtual private network, is the most professional and dependable option for altering your IP address. Although there are exceptions where it might struggle, such as with certain heavily-regulated public internet spaces such as local libraries.

Hide IP with VPN

In essence, a VPN is software that gives you access to a protected server. Your IP will change or be hidden after you've established a connection with this server, and all data being sent between you and the websites or apps you use will be encoded.

Because they are so handy and work with any website and app, VPNs are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to increase online privacy.

Do VPNs change my IP address?

Yes. So we know that every internet connection (like your broadband connection) is given a special collection of digits called an IP address, which is connected to data like geography, ISP, and other variables.

In order to seem as though you are connecting to the internet from a different location—the real location of the VPN server is provided rather than your real location—a virtual private network substitutes your real IP address. This is just one capability behind the popularity of VPNs. 

Whenever you need to safeguard your search history or conceal yourself from advertising trackers, this might be useful.

How can I alter my IP address using a VPN?

Simply launch your VPN application, choose the server location, and you're ready to alter your IP. You are now surfing with a new address! 

Check your IP address by using a browser, typing "What's my IP address," and then clicking on one of the results to double-check.

“Welcome to the real world, Neo.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Guides ๐Ÿ“™: 

Change IP Way 2 - Tor Browser

The Tor browser (or ‘the Onion Router’) is your next available choice if you need to alter your IP address. 

Tor functions very similarly to a VPN, with the exception that it is a browser and your information is transmitted across numerous nodes that encrypt it rather than being connected to a single server. 

Having that said, Tor has a reputation for being used for illicit purposes, so the fact that you're using it might raise suspicions in the eyes of law authorities or your ISP.

There's a strong possibility that you've never even heard of Tor, the specialised browser that connects you to a totally private network that includes a wide range of hidden sites in addition to the well-known Internet. I'll be honest with you: certain websites that you cannot visit using your default browser are accessible using Tor.

A large portion of it is harmful. Be wary!

Tor itself, on the other hand, is an entirely legitimate method of going online, disguising your IP address, getting past Internet filters, and visiting all the websites you choose to access.

Does Tor meet our expectations for safety and security? 

Perhaps not. The "hidden web" has a lot of secret areas, which might include a lot of dodgy personalities and spyware. To learn more, โ˜… visit the Tor website.

You may enjoy all the benefits of using the Internet normally with Tor, which is free and simple to set up. On Tor, you can often get set up and operating in less than 15 minutes. Visit the right now. When using Tor to browse, visit to find out your IP address.

Hide IP Way 3 - Proxies

The good thing is that using a proxy is an additional option you have for switching your IP address. Since they both provide similar functions, proxies and VPNs are frequently confused.

Proxies do not, however, have the flexibility that VPNs provide. A proxy basically connects to a server on your behalf using the server's IP address instead of your own. You may only use a proxy for one app or website at a time, this is its biggest disadvantage. Additionally, it does not offer the same amount of protection as VPNs for instance, when adding a layer of privacy for accessing your โ–ถ๏ธ business domain.

How to use a proxy to change IPs?

Buy a proxy service and then reroute your device by entering that new IP address manually in the network connections settings section.

Change IP Way 4 - Ask Your ISP

Many people are unaware of this, but one option is to contact your internet service provider to modify your IP address directly.

Due to the time-consuming nature of requesting your Internet service provider to change your IP address, many consumers are unaware that this is an option.

More crucially, your IP address will have been a dynamic IP type to begin with, meaning it varies periodically. (Your ISP is simply changing it sooner, at your request). In addition to this, you'll likely need to complete applications and pay additional costs in order to alter your IP address.

Changing Your IP Way 5 - Reset Modem

The tried-and-true approach. Disconnecting and replugging the modem is the final thing you may attempt to do if you are resolved to alter your IP address. This can come off as a rather silly approach. Nevertheless, as was already said, disconnecting the modem and then putting it back in can make your IP address shift if you have a dynamic IP.

Of course, having a dynamic IP address is a must for this to be successful. (If you have a static IP address, which signifies that it never changes, unplugging it won't cause it to adjust; you must actively alter it for it to do so.)

Change IP Way 6 - On Device Manually

Based on the type of OS your machine is running, the procedure for altering your IP address may vary slightly. As a result, we'll give instructions for both Windows and iOS.

How to Change Your IP on Windows 10

Considering that Windows 10 is now the ๐Ÿคฉ most widely used OS version created by Windows, we will explicitly provide steps for modifying your IP address on this platform.

On Windows 10, you must first get to your settings by selecting the Windows menu item in the lower-left corner of the screen. Select Network and Internet from the settings app's menu, then Network and Sharing Center.

"Change Adaptor Settings" can be found on this screen. Discern if it’s a cabled or wireless connection, right-click it and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Next, click the Properties icon after selecting the Internet Protocol Version 4 option. 

After that, you'll have to change the IP configuration option titled "Manual" rather than “Automatic”. You can now input a different IP. Prior to doing this, ensure you are familiar with your router's IP and subnet mask so you can input them again when the page refreshes.

How to Change Your IP on iOS

View your network settings on Macs or MacBooks by clicking the Wi-Fi emblem in the top bar of the screen or by going to your settings. Although the former approach is frequently simpler, you can also access your connection settings by using the Network option in your settings application.

You’re able to see and modify your current IP in this area, therefore you should take note of it for later. From here, choose TCP/IP by clicking on the Advanced tab in the window's bottom right corner. Choose “Manually” from the selection list in the Configure IPv4 section.

Your IPp will then shift to "," indicating that it has refreshed, and you must manually enter the new number. Keep in mind that you can't simply type any arbitrary set. Instead, look at the router address, which is displayed two rows down, and copy it exactly up to the third string of numbers.

For instance, in order to be assigned to the modem, your new IP address must begin with "222.111.00." If your router's address is "," for example. You can substitute any number from one to 55 for the final set of numbers.

Change Your IP Way 7 - ๐Ÿง Coffee Shop!

Free Wi-Fi is offered almost anywhere a lot of people are seated, for instance, in a crowded coffee shop. And free Wi-Fi Internet access comes with a fresh IP address. 

Yes, it will just be momentary, but you will utilise the router's IP the entire time you are there.

(Once more, check โ˜… to see your IP address.) If someone attempted to find you, they would discover that you were in the coffee shop that day, just like hundreds of others who were using hot spots.

Naturally, you might want to read up on hotspot safety and what you should and shouldn't do.

Nonetheless, your IP address will alter.

In all honesty, changing your IP address is made incredibly simple by using a hotspot. But you’ll need to cough up cash for regular top-ups of your favourite drink.

FAQs ๐Ÿ“š - 7 Ways to Change your IP Address

What is an IP Address?

IP stands for internet protocol. It’s an address. Actually, it’s a number that is associated with a specific network (internet-ready) device or mechanism (e.g. a URL domain) and is utilized for that instrument’s validation and geolocation (where it is located physically in the world).

All network device types have an IP. An address could be assigned to a site, an IP webcam, a tablet, a desktop PC, a smartphone, a computer server, and much more. Even products for kids that can go online have an IP.

Why are IP Addresses Important?

As described above, computer communication would not be possible without IPs. They do a lot of heavy lifting and simplify addresses that would otherwise make no sense to the user on the device interface. Despite the fact that the internet protocol function is very important for the online experience, there are circumstances in which a person would want to alter an IP.

What are the Types of IP?

IPs are either IPv4 or IPv6. The former uses 32-bit encryption protocols. The latter uses 128-bit addresses. As it stands today, all IPv4 addresses have already been allotted, so the latest standard is version six, which is the safest (although the difference is not extraordinary because version four has also seen updates over the years).