In July 2020, has been acquired by merging the two websites together. The previous owner of CS was no longer interested in maintaining the resource and we were glad to take over the responsibility.

In the future, our team will work on updating the existing resources and adding new related content.

Some changes have already been made:

  • All of the existing content has been rechecked and updated where needed
  • Outdated standards have been removed making place for new ones
  • A plethora of useful links to relevant resources have been included
  • Added latest 2020 Cloud Computing Standards from IEEE 2020 data

While browsing Cloud Standards 2.0 (as we like to call it), you might notice some outdated info that we failed to update. In that case, don't hesitate to contact the owner of Hosting Data, Alex Williams at alex (at) hostingdata (dot) co (dot) uk - or use our official contact form.