InMotion Hosting

Dedicated Servers at InMotion Hosting Being Updated to Boost Speed and Availability.

To better serve its customers, Inmotion Hosting has updated its server infrastructure by making the following changes:

  •  InMotion Hosting updated the hardware and software of its dedicated servers across the board to boost their performance for clients. 
  • A dedicated server plan named Aspire was introduced to accommodate clients with lower budgets, and an additional server (Aspire CC-3000) was introduced to provide top-tier performance capabilities at a greater cost. 
  • InMotion Hosting is always searching for ways to improve its services, therefore they have added more storage space and unmetered bandwidth to its already great plans for its dedicated clients. 
  • The increasing popularity of cloud computing has prompted InMotion Hosting to develop OpenMetal, its private cloud offering.

When Todd Robinson and Sunil Saxena started InMotion Hosting in 2001, they set out to provide reliable hosting focused on satisfying customers.

They wanted to emphasise the user experience, but they were in a competitive industry where few web hosts put any effort into building connections with their clients.

The founders of InMotion were able to take such a customer-focused approach since the firm was first funded entirely via internal resources. 

Market Leader’s Server Updates Better Serve Customer Needs

More than two decades after its founding, InMotion Hosting has maintained its position as a market leader because to its exceptional customer service. Improving the user experience is still at the company's heart, and the newest update shows that commitment. InMotion Hosting has updated its dedicated server options recently to better suit customer demands.

InMotion Hosting is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and experience, and as such, has recently upgraded its server architecture to provide customers with the latest enhancements and capabilities.

Around three years ago, we completed a refresh and reviewed the specifications of our dedicated servers. According to InMotion Hosting's Senior Manager of Sales and Affiliate Marketing Matt Bell, the industry hasn't evolved that much. But as memory and discs begin to drop in price, they renew offerings so that we can offer our clients improved performance at the same low cost.

Regarding InMotion Hosting, client satisfaction is priority number one, and this new version will help them achieve their performance targets at a cheaper cost. InMotion can keep providing top-tier hardware to its customers by investing in a dedicated server infrastructure upgrade.

All dedicated server packages have had their backup storage, SSD storage, and bandwidth increased by the hosting provider.

Hosting Made More Accessible and Affordable for Everyone

With under a third of businesses confident about getting credit, affordable web hosts are more important.

As its name implies, dedicated hosting is more reliable and speedy than shared options even among the best web hosts. However, its prohibitive cost has prevented consumers on tighter budgets from using its many advantages.

With cloud hosting, consumers may get the same features for a reduced monthly fee. A subset of hosting clients still need the privacy and control of a dedicated server, even if cloud hosting provides many advantages.

There is still a sizable clientele that need (or just prefer) a dedicated server where only they have access to the server's capabilities. To better compete in the cloud industry, InMotion figured they'd go with something on the cheaper end, according to Matt.

To meet the need for more reasonably priced dedicated server options, InMotion Hosting introduced the Aspire plan. This allows customers with more modest budgets to take advantage of the benefits of dedicated hosting without compromising on speed, security, or reliability.

The Aspire plan is around £70 per year. Matt assured us that the Aspire plan, despite its reduced cost, still offers the same level of service and connectivity as the more expensive dedicated plans offered by InMotion.

Hosted Dedicated Servers from InMotion, Including Aspire

The Aspire plan is an exclusive new offering with the same features as the more expensive plans but at a more reasonable price.

Matt is thrilled that they have a product for individuals who do not want a cloud or VPS but can't afford a dedicated server; referring to a previously unreachable consumer persona.

Matt said that the Aspire plan operates on freshly upgraded servers, making it a welcome addition for hosting consumers looking for a plan like this for a while. As its primary market, Aspire helps more entrepreneurs realise their dreams at a reduced cost.

To meet the needs of the widest possible audience, we're working to harmonise all of our offerings. They provide cPanel with all of their dedicated servers, also offering them without cPanel if that's what the client prefers, according to Matt.

Reliably Meeting Consumer Demands Through Constant Improvement

More than 570,000 clients in 175 different nations use InMotion Hosting. The company's exceptional reputation for service to customers is largely responsible for InMotion Hosting's meteoric rise to the top.

Founded on the principle that “the client is always right”, InMotion Hosting has always been, first and foremost, a service provider.

They are a firm that is owned and run by its employees. Everyone here is confident that our business is taking the necessary steps to better serve our customers. Matt emphasised that they have prioritised their clients above anything else.

Serving its customers well has always been priority number one at InMotion Hosting, including providing a reliable hosting platform with a first-rate user experience.

The Aspire plan and the CC-3000 plan are the company's most recent triumphs in client satisfaction. InMotion Hosting's CC-3000 package is the pinnacle of dedicated server hardware.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In dedicated server web hosting, the customer has exclusive access to the server.

Why would I need a dedicated server?

A dedicated server gives its user complete control over the server's hardware and operating system, letting them tailor it to their specific requirements in terms of processor speed, memory, storage capacity, and application software. Customers using shared hosting have to make do with whatever is currently installed on the server regarding plans and OSes.

What is the difference between a server and a dedicated server?

When it comes to the hardware and software that make up a shared cloud server, customisation possibilities are quite restricted. Clients usually cannot use whichever hardware or operating system they like since they are restricted to the service provider's offers. Instead, with a dedicated server, you have full administrative privileges.

Are dedicated servers better?

The performance of dedicated servers is superior.

You'll have exclusive use of the server. Because of this, your dedicated server will provide superior performance and application speeds compared to a cloud server. (All users on a cloud or shared server share the server's resources.)

You can still add privacy to your private server by adding features like domain privacy.

Dedicated servers hosted by InMotion

The dedicated servers offered by InMotion Hosting are powered by cutting-edge technology.

They've made significant strides in enhancing the quality of life for our patrons. Their consumers now have additional choices. In addition, at the beginning of the year, they will unveil their third data centre in Europe.

Due to the proximity of another InMotion Hosting brand currently located there, the InMotion team intends to launch the data centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Matt assured us that by the end of January, the shared line via that data centre will be accessible, and by the end of the first quarter, the additional server plans would be ready. Additional services for InMotion Hosting customers are being expanded.

Every single customer on a ‘dedi’ with them, regardless of how long they've owned the server (Matt estimates 12-15 years), will have access to unmetered bandwidth.

InMotion Hosting has started its cloud services initiative in response to the growing popularity of similar offerings in the commercial sector. Matt informed us they had worked on this cloud service for nearly four years.

This product is complete, but it will continue to evolve as new features are added. It has worldwide applicability for both archival purposes and data processing in large volumes.

Takeaway - Dedicated Hosting in Demand Despite Recession

According to Matt: as cloud services become more popular, responding to the changing hosting industry is essential. It's the way hosting is going to develop in the next decade. Smaller hosting will be rare. It won't go away entirely, but despite low optimism in the UK business sector, private and public clouds are rapidly becoming more competitive.

InMotion Hosting has developed a cloud solution called OpenMetal to meet the growing need for secure, private cloud environments. That means it will challenge services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This private cloud architecture is based on OpenStack and can be set up in 45 seconds or less.

InMotion Hosting's data centre expansion was partially sparked by the company's OpenMetal offering. To fulfil the speed and availability promises of OpenMetal services, InMotion Hosting will need access to worldwide data centres.

As InMotion Hosting develops new features, they will always be based on the company's primary goal of providing superior service to its clientele. When asked to summarise the newest update and how it fits the company's goal, InMotion Hosting's managing director Erik Soroka does a great job.

Erik added that customers can be certain that their data is safe and sound when they choose to host their websites and apps on our servers, whether they go with the Aspire, the CC 3000, or anything in between, thanks to the enhancements they've implemented. The greatest hosting service and support that their clients have come to expect from InMotion Hosting will remain unchanged.