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Finding web hosting that's reliable and affordable can be quite a challenge. First, you have to find a hosting provider that has the features and storage capacity needed for your site now and what it will be as it grows.

Then you have to balance overall cost for the lifetime of your subscription plus any upfront fees for website migration and the like.

It’s a lot to juggle. So when a hosting provider like eUKhost offers free website migration for any of its plans… well, you’ve got to check it out, right?

eUKhost is one of the more well-known hosting providers in the UK, particularly because all their servers are based in the country. This should mean lightning-fast response times for any UK visitors to your site. Let's take a look at this aspect and more as we dive deep into eUKhost’s services and costs.

Our Verdict ⚖️

Overall, eUKhost isn't a bad web hosting provider. However, it's not hard to find much better alternatives.

Whether it's price, performance, or extra features like security and integrations, there are far better alternatives to be found. 

Let's take a closer look at the details:

  • Quality 24/7 Support
  • Great Server Performance
  • Low Value for Money
  • Plans are Very Limited
  • Upselling on Bonus Features

eUKhost Pros and Cons

Daily Backups ✔️

eUKhost provides daily backups for all of its hosting services regardless of payment or tier. This is a nice benefit across the board and is important to protect your site from any data loss. The backups are handled via a third-party provider.

Unlimited Domains ✔️

eUKhost also allows you to pick up an unlimited number of domains, even with their cheapest and most basic plan.

Great Customer Service ✔️

Between several options like live chat or phone support and an extensive knowledge base, eUKhost has pretty good customer service that you’ll be able to rely on in a pinch or if you run into technical difficulties as you set up your site.

High Speed ✔️

Speed for visitors in the UK and US is quite competitive, rivaling the speeds of the best UK-based web hosts on the market. This is important since UK and US are where the majority of your traffic will likely originate from anyway.

Free Migration ✔️

Only some of the famed hosting providers allow for free migration; we’re glad eUKhost does as well.

Basic Plan is Limited ❌

While the basic plan does come with unlimited websites and unlimited domain purchases, it’s pretty limited in terms of features.

It also doesn’t have the best free antivirus software, or any for that matter. With merely 2 GB of storage space, it’s really only a good option for beginner sites.

Low Value for Money ❌

Having to pay for six months of service regardless of what hosting plans you choose, the value for money here isn’t as good as what other hosting providers can offer.

Security Costs Extra ❌

While some plans (like the Business options) come with security built into their subscription plans, the shared web hosting solutions and several other plans don’t have any security options aside from a basic spam filter.

That means you have to pay extra for an additional firewall and virus scanner, taking more money out of your wallet.

eUKhost Review (UK 🇬🇧)

Let’s boil down eUKhost’s major aspects to see what they bring to the table. First up is pricing, followed by performance, security, and bonus features.

eUKhost Pricing & Plans 💰

In total, eUKhost provides you with three shared web hosting plans named Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

While they all bear some similarities, the higher tiers of service mostly provide you with better storage solutions, which might be helpful if you need website support for lots of visitors each month. Features are limited across each option.

eUKhost: Basic Plan 👶

The basic plan costs £3.99/month. For this plan, you have three payment options:

  • ☑️ Semiannual, which is every 6 months
  • ☑️ Annual or every 12 months
  • ☑️ Biennial or every 24 months.

Curiously, the annual and biennial payment options don’t come with lower prices, which is what normally motivates people to sign up for a shared hosting service for longer terms.

As a result, there’s no downside to going with the shortest term plan if you haven’t used eUKhost before. The minimum price, therefore, is £19.98.

This might not seem like too much upfront, but many hosting providers allow you to try a month, either for free or by offering monthly payments with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. eUKhost doesn’t do this.

Paying for 12 months at a minimum gives you a free domain name with extensions like .net, .com, .org, and more. Popular UK domains like .eu are also available.

Shared web hosting plans are offered for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Each plan type provides you with things like 2 to 20 GB of UK disk space, unmetered bandwidth so your growth isn't restricted, and some MySQL databases.

eUKhost: Business Plan 💼

eUKhost also offers business web hosting for both Linux and Windows. These plans are priced at £16.66 each month and come with 5 GB of SSD storage and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth allowance.

This is another odd choice from eUKhost, as their shared web hosting options have better bandwidth allowances than their business-specific plans. You'd think that their business options would recognize the need for online business' unlimited growth.

These pricing points demonstrate the typical cost range for most hosting options offered by eUKhost. In general, pricing plans don’t go above £19.99 or so, with the exception of dedicated servers that are available for £69 per month excluding VAT.

But the real bottom line is that the included features with the majority of their plans – ranging from various amounts of SSD or HDD storage, domain names (but only if you pay for 12 months), and migration services – are nothing special compared to what other hosting providers in the UK can offer.

Furthermore, it’s only in their specialized plans where you’ll start to get really useful features. Some of these, like virus scanning, are starter benefits at other providers.

It’s a bit of a hard sell that you have to pay for several months of subscription upfront rather than trying out their service for a couple of months.

Ultimately, eUKhost’s pricing points aren’t quite worthwhile considering the generic services you end up getting, even if the asking prices aren’t too high in a vacuum.

WordPress Hosting ✍️

They also offer WordPress blog hosting plans. The return of unmetered bandwidth is more than welcome, but you also get hosting for unlimited blogs and email accounts plus 50 GB of disk space for £3.99 a month.

eukhost Wordpress Hosting

These plans are the best choice if you have WordPress sites you want to build over other site types, as they come with WordPress preinstalled and a WordPress toolkit.

Virtual Private Server 🤖

VPS hosting is also offered for Windows and Linux operating systems. Both of these basic options exclude VAT, though most of the plans (starting at £12.99/m) include free SSL certification and administrative tools.

eukhost VPS Hosting

They’re fully managed and come with your choice of either SSD or HDD storage.

Compared to some of the highest-quality UK VPS hosts, eUKhost does lack some features and is more suited for beginners.

Reseller Hosting 🏬

eUKhost provides reseller hosting powered by Plesk. This is for Windows only and they come with what you need to launch your own hosting plans for entrepreneurs or for your clients. Plans start at £12.99 a month.

eukhost Windows Reseller Hosting

These include features like unlimited mailboxes and a free domain reseller account.

Overall, if you want to professionally resell hosting, you're better off looking at some of the proven reseller hosting options that provide better value and performance.

Cloud Hosting Plans ☁️

Cloud hosting is another option, with three tiers:

  • ✅ VMware hosting plan with scalable options for storage and RAM
  • ✅ Hyper-V hosting plan with equally scalable resources and better redundancy
  • ✅ eNight Cloud hosting designed to avoid downtime.
eukhost Cloud Hosting

It’s ideal for Linux and Cluster OS and the cheapest tier, Hyperslice Cloud S1, is available for a monthly fee of £31.63.

Dedicated Hosting 🙏

Finally, eUKhost’s dedicated servers are built for businesses from the ground up and provide extra security and performance for high-traffic websites.

eukhost Dedicated Hosting

These are much pricier, starting at £69.32/m, but offer high-performance servers with the best hardware and 4-10 CPU threads depending on your payment plan. An additional optional hardware firewall is available for purchase.

While eUKhost doesn't make our list of the best dedicated hosts, it's certainly worth your attention as the premium service is not half-bad.

eUKhost Speed 💨

Overall server response speed can play a big role in customer experience and determine whether a hosting provider is the right choice for your site.

This is especially true for UK hosting providers, as many international online business owners will need speedy response times for their customers across the pond or elsewhere around the world.

eUKhost Worldwide Response Times 🗺️

Basic servers located in the UK (which you can often specialize depending on the plan chosen) have fairly reasonable response times of about 30 ms for UK visitors. Visitors from the US will expect response times around 100 ms or so.

Other locations are significantly higher, although the overall impact on a visitor's experience will depend on how busy your page is and what kind of data needs to be transmitted (i.e. simpler pages will always seem faster than ones with active media).

For instance, visitors from Japan can expect an average response time of around 233 ms, while people in Singapore will experience response times around 472 ms.

All in all, we’d rate speed pretty well. There are definitely some hosting providers that do a slightly better job in terms of speed, but it’s not by much.

There’s also the benefit if most of your traffic is going to come from the UK, who will experience response times of sub 40 ms in most cases.

eUKhost Uptime 👍

eUKhost boasts 99.95% uptime for all of its web hosting plans, but so does everyone else. So how do they really measure up?

In total, pretty decent. Uptime can vary server to server, and it’s often influenced by how much traffic you’re bringing in your site and what kind of plan you have.

This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for most web hosting providers, however.

The vast majority of plans and servers will enjoy more than 99.95% uptime without too many spikes or dips.

eUKhost Data Centers 🌐

That’s probably because the system is backed by twin data centers in Nottingham and Maidenhead. All in all, eUKhost uses over 1200 Web servers running on modern hardware from many well-known manufacturers like HP and Dell.

Interestingly, eUKhost has acknowledged that budget plans often experience about three hours of downtime per month.

They do offer to refund 5% of your monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime all the way up to 100%, but it rarely goes this far. It’s a gesture of goodwill, but we’d recommend going with a higher-priced option if you want real uptime guarantees.

We would like to point out that their Cloud hosting has excellent uptime. It’s very nearly 100%, making their Cloud options particularly viable if you want something rock steady for your internet business or site.

eUKhost Bonus Features ⭐

There are a few interesting bonus features that might make you consider eUKhost. Free daily backups are a part of every hosting plan offered.

You also get access to a free migration service if you already have your website up and running and are looking to switch hosts.

eukhost dashboard

This feature is sometimes free with other providers but sometimes incurs a cost; it’s one of the rare times that eUKhost is wallet-friendly.

eUKhost Security 🔒

Security is handled decently well at eUKhost, with a particular emphasis on continual data protection and data backup plans.

Most of the web hosting options you’ll be presented with backup schedules, either daily or weekly, and higher-priced plans come with more options like the ability to manually set your own backups.

Their shared hosting plans and several other services, however, don’t come with any additional security beyond a basic spam filter. This is a huge oversight in the era of digital cyber threats, which are multiplying exponentially every year.

eUKhost Security Manager

eukhost security managerYou’ll need to purchase a higher-quality MTvScan to protect against viruses and cross-scripting attacks with a monthly fee on top of your regular subscription.

This is a huge downside in our book, as many other web hosting providers give you at least a basic scanning function or antivirus package with your subscription.

As previously mentioned, you can purchase optional antivirus and protective measures like the Fortigate Firewall, which stops viruses from intruding in your system thanks to dedicated virus protective software.

Monitoring Packages 📱

Alternatively, you can pay extra for comprehensive monitoring packages that track most of the elements of your server and provide you with email or SMS notifications if a possible threat or problem is identified.

While we like this functionality – few other web hosting providers give you the ability to receive texts about your server security status – again, it’s a bummer that you have to pay extra for it with most plans.

Money-Back Guarantee ♻️

Finally, with all of our talk of pricing, we'd be remiss not to mention the 30-day moneyback guarantee.

This guarantee does allow you to get your money back if you are satisfied with your service, but there are occasions when 30 days simply isn’t enough to tell whether a hosting provider will be an adequate long-term solution.

Because you have to pay for six months at a minimum for the most basic service, there’s a good chance you might get halfway into your initial six-month term and realize you want to change but not be able to get your money back.

eUKhost FAQ

In total, eUKhost provides you with three shared web hosting plans named Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

While they all bear some similarities, the higher tiers of service mostly provide you with better storage solutions, which might be helpful if you need website support for lots of visitors each month. Features are limited across each option.

eUKhost: Basic Plan 👶

The basic plan costs £3.99/month. For this plan, you have three payment options:

  • ☑️ Semiannual, which is every 6 months
  • ☑️ Annual or every 12 months
  • ☑️ Biennial or every 24 months.

Curiously, the annual and biennial payment options don’t come with lower prices, which is what normally motivates people to sign up for a shared hosting service for longer terms.

As a result, there’s no downside to going with the shortest term plan if you haven’t used eUKhost before. The minimum price, therefore, is £19.98.

Where Are eUKhost’s Servers Located?

eUKhost’s servers are located in the UK, making them an ideal choice if the majority of your traffic will come from here.

They use over 1200 servers spread over three sites: one in Wakefield, which is close to its headquarters, as well as two in Maidenhead and Nottingham.

Is eUKhost Safe?

That depends on the hosting service you choose and what level. For instance, their shared hosting plans don’t come with any antivirus or defensive measures unless you subscribe to additional firewalls.

However, the optional antivirus shields are pretty good once you cough up some extra money. There haven’t been any notable security breaches with this company or reports of people finding their servers compromised while protected.

What Types of Hosting Does eUKhost Offer?

eUKhost offers shared web hosting plans across three levels. The basic option is sorely lacking compared to the cheaper offerings from many other hosting providers.

They also offer “business” web hosting that comes with spam, virus, and malware filtering out of the box. This is better for online businesses than their shared plans.

However, they don’t come with unmetered bandwidth for their cheapest option. Once again, you have to pay more.

Additionally eUKhost offers:

  • ✅ WordPress Blog Hosting
  • ✅ Dedicated Hosting
  • ✅ VPS Hosting
  • ✅ Cloud Hosting
  • ✅ Reseller Hosting
Does eUKhost Come With a Website Builder?

Yes. eUKhost comes with its own quality website builder, although you don’t get this as an included with any of your plans. You need to pay an extra £20 per year.

Given that other providers often throw in a free website builder for the basic shared hosting plans, this is a big disappointment.

Does eUKhost Come With a Free Domain?

You get a free domain name for any of the shared hosting plans so long as you sign up for a single year or two years.

Every plan does give you unlimited domain names for purchase, however.


All in all, eUKhost does have a few positives even with its relatively high price commitments. The shared hosting service does technically provide you with unlimited website growth potential, but it's held back by a low 2 GB storage bank.

Many of the plans also suffer from lack of security unless you pay even more money.

Ultimately, their basic shared hosting plan demonstrates the conundrum: eUKhost does have good elements, but you have to pay six-month in advance to get any of their plans and pay extra for basic features included with other providers’ plans.

In short, eUKhost could be great but isn’t, and it’s not going to be worth the asking price for most when compared to other providers.

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