Ways to increase instagram followers

10 Ways to increase your real followers on Instagram

1. Optimize your Instagram account

Optimize your instagram account
search-friendly IG username

2. Keep a consistent content calendar

consistent content calendar
consistent IG posting schedule

3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

schedule Instagram post in advance
advanced scheduling

4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content

Instagram partners brand advocates
work with larger instagram accounts

5. Avoid fake Instagram followers

avoid fake instagram followers
Lush cosmetics IG response rate

6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere

showcase your instagram everywhere
moma instagram
creative Instagram content

7. Post content followers want

post content followers want
content strategy confidence

8. Get the conversation started

get the conversation started
types of content
actions consumers take when following brands

9. Find hashtags that convert

find hashtags that convert
mmschocolate Ig post
focusing on instagram hashtag

1o. Make your Instagram followers happy

make your instagram followers happy