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Your Fire Stick can do much more than play material from the usual suspects like Netflix and Hulu thanks to the adaptability of Fire OS and the ability to install third-party apps.

Install VPN – Amazon Firestick

The fact that the Fire Stick is compatible with both free and premium options from all around the world is what makes it the best option for streaming videos on the cloud.

Streaming on-demand movies and connecting to other internet-connected services is a breeze with an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but excessive traffic may draw the ire of your internet service provider.

Read our tutorial on setting up a virtual private network on your Fire TV.

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Amazon Fire TV’s work with lots of streams

Many popular video streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, are built directly into Amazon Fire TV devices, providing users with a plethora of entertainment alternatives.

The Fire TV Stick also provides access to a respectable library of applications, such as the Amazon Silk web browser and Spotify, to improve your video streaming experience.

But, your ISP may see the data being sent and received through your Fire Stick, just like any other device you use online.

This is not the best scenario. Virtual private networks are highly recommended for anybody concerned with their personal information being compromised by their Internet Service Provider. In rare situations, virtual private networks may also unlock regionally restricted material; however, keep in mind that many video streaming providers are taking measures to block this particular workaround.

Why use a Virtual Private Network?

You probably don't if all you're doing is watching Netflix or re-runs on Hulu with your Fire Stick. Although there are very few instances in which turning on a VPN would be a bad idea, the extra layer of security it provides isn't strictly necessary to use your preferred services.

Even while we advocate disclosing as little personal information as possible to ISPs and other Internet businesses, not everyone will benefit from using a virtual private network.

If you've landed on this page, you probably are up to no good with the Amazon Appstore's typical fare and are looking for a little more from your Fire Stick.

From simple pirate programmes like Showbox and Terrarium TV to more complex ones like Kodi, which lets you totally reload your Fire Stick with a new UI and dozens of applications and add-ons, you may radically transform the way you watch movies. While these systems are simple to implement and operate, many individuals shy away from them because of their questionable legality.

Pirate content may leave you with consequences 🏴‍☠️ ☠️

Keep in mind that although thousands of individuals are able to get away with downloading and watching unlicensed material each day, not everyone is that lucky. If your ISP catches you downloading pirated content, you might lose your internet connection or face steep penalties from organisations like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Using a virtual private network is the safest option if you want to watch unlicensed material on your Fire Stick without fear of being detected.

The most popular virtual private networks weren't strictly created with piracy in mind, but they do assist hiding your online activity so you can watch the newest smash series without paying for cable or signing up for yet another streaming service.

Which Virtual Private Network should I use?

There is no lack of VPNs you can use with your Fire Stick, but if you aren't sure where to begin, we have some good news! As was noted up above, we have a whole post detailing our in-depth evaluation of many of the most highly regarded VPN streaming services now available. However, there are a couple we recommend very highly for the Fire Stick. Here's a brief rundown of all the cool stuff you can do with a Fire Stick!

With NordVPN, you can get a two-year contract for 55% off, plus an additional three months for just a few pounds a month.

Read why NordVPN is at our top list ⭐.

While Private Internet Access isn't as inexpensive as it once was, we still highly recommend it as a top VPN service. The monthly membership is no longer available at a low price, but the annual subscription is still around for cheap. With just one payment a year, it's a no-brainer to have VPN support, making it the most cost-effective choice on our list.

When it comes to VPN services, IPVanish stands out from the crowd because of the sheer number of servers it offers. It's one of the biggest VPN networks accessible right now, and connecting to one of its more than forty thousand servers can boost your online security and speed. It's also rather pricey, with yearly subscribers shelling out up to a hundred pounds, depending on what deal is running, or a tenner for a single month of subscription that automatically renews every month. Prepayment is recommended here as usual since it reduces the yearly costs.

ExpressVPN (full review) is one of our top picks and a fantastic all-around VPN service for anybody searching for something that isn't too complicated, but yet protects their data. The vast majority of connections to your VPN servers are created within a few minutes, and the programme is packed with features and security choices that assist to keep your information secure when surfing the web. Even if ExpressVPN doesn't develop anything new here, you'll find enough intriguing concepts to keep you interested and delighted with their VPN service.

These are by no means all of the VPN services compatible with the Fire Stick, but you should be able to find one that works for your needs among the recommendations for the best overall, best budget, and best premium VPN services. Remember that many VPNs allow for numerous connections, so you may safeguard not just your Fire Stick, but also your PC, tablet, and smartphone with the same subscription. 

Download any video and watch 📂

Those who want to watch pirated material on their Fire Sticks may also require a virtual private network. We want to make very clear that we do not encourage or condone the use of a virtual private network for the purpose of concealing illicit behaviour.

A virtual private network should, in principle, render such actions invisible using its encryption protocols. By using a virtual private network, you should not assume that you are protected from copyright laws since, like any technology, VPNs may fail or be exploited. If you are detected engaging in illegal activity while using a computer, you will be held legally accountable for your acts.

The procedure of installing a VPN on a Fire Stick might be complicated in certain circumstances, but don't worry; we'll walk you through it step by step. Just read this full instruction. Don't forget to leave a remark if you've run across any problems or would just want to share your own thoughts and insights. If you want to learn more about optimising your Fire TV Stick, check out our collection of helpful hints and guides.

How to set up a Fire TV Stick – Simple Steps 👞

The good news is that it's usually not hard to get a virtual private network set up on your Fire Stick device. Unlike Google's Chromecast, which necessitates setting up your VPN via your router so you can secure streaming sessions, the Fire Stick lets your VPN run in the background, and the app for most big VPN firms can actually be grabbed right from the Amazon Appstore.

This implies that the VPN may be set up to run automatically in the background without requiring you to go through a complex menu of choices. After installing a virtual private network app on your Fire Stick and signing in to your account with the provider, you can relax while watching media on your TV without worrying about compromising your privacy or security since your data is encrypted.

Each of our top picks—Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish—has a Fire Stick app on the Appstore, but they're not alone. Among the many trustworthy VPNs available.

Most Fire Stick owners should be able to protect their device thanks to the presence of applications for a number of lesser-known VPN services. You can get the app up and running on your Fire Stick with little effort by selecting one of the VPNs we've already mentioned. Protecting your online movie viewing is as simple as turning on your VPN in most applications and returning to the main menu.

Fire TV Stick VPN setup on the App Store 🛰️

A virtual private network may be installed on a Fire Stick using the device's native App store. Choose VPN using the Applications menu's Categories > Utilities section or the Search bar and enter the term. IPVanish, PureVPN, Ivacy, and VyprVPN are some of the best VPNs out there right now.

Just click the download button on the app's description page to have it installed on your device. The installation process shouldn't take more than a few minutes. To give IPVanish a try, I set up a Fire TV.

It's simple to install IPVanish on a Fire TV Stick. To begin, go to the top left of your screen and click the green connect icon after you have logged in. If you click here, you'll be connected to the quickest server in your area. There is also the option to manually choose a region, metropolis, and server. Users may alter the default network port, configure the VPN protocol, and define startup preferences in the settings.

A server in Stockholm, Sweden was easily accessible from my end. By watching Ken Burns's documentary The National Parks on Amazon Prime Video, I made sure that my Fire Stick was still able to access online material.

Fire TV Stick VPN setup using APK

Although though using the Applications section to set up a VPN is the most convenient option, not everyone uses one of the supported providers. To solve this problem, you may use applications packaged for Android, or APKs.

The Fire Stick, like the Amazon Fire Tablets, runs an Android variant, therefore it should be compatible with certain Android APKs. Yet not all Android apps will run well on a Fire TV Stick. To ensure the VPN installs properly and successfully encrypts your traffic, you need to do some testing on your own. 

Technical Section – Installing on other systems 💽

NordVPN’s Android App

It might be a hassle to track out the right APKs and download them. In a perfect world, a VPN provider like NordVPN would make its Android APK available directly on its download website.

Our recommended VPN service, NordVPN, requires some configuration steps before the actual installation of the software, which we detail below. In the fifth step below, replace the URL with the site address that provides the Android APK download link for your VPN of choice.

  1. Enable the Allow Applications from option by going to Settings > Device > Developer Options.
  2. Potentially Questionable Origins menu item.
  3. Use the search bar to look for Downloader.
  4. Put the Downloader in your computer.
  5. It's time to start the Downloader.
  6. You may access the app's download page by entering in your browser's address bar.
  7. Just click the.apk file download link.
  8. Start the installation programme and carry out the steps as directed.
  9. Disable the Allow Applications from option by going to Settings > Device > Developer Options.

Works well with NordVPN 📊

After setting up NordVPN on a test Fire TV Stick, I was able to log in without any problems. When setup is complete, go to the All Countries section and click on the country whose server you wish to use to forward traffic.

After completing a few pop-up prompts, the Fire TV Stick successfully connected to a server in Switzerland during testing. Dedicated IP, Double VPN, P2P, and Onion Over VPN are just a few of the specialised server options available to users.

In addition to accessing your account details, making certain fundamental configuration changes, and even sending an activity log to NordVPN's support staff, you have full control over your VPN experience. I tested it out and sure enough, NordVPN allowed me to access Amazon Prime Video without any problems.

Some VPNs, like Tunnel Bear, don't provide APK downloads on their site, so you'll have to go to a third-party resource like APK Mirror to acquire one.

Please be aware that APK Mirror likely harbours malware that pretends to be legitimate programme downloads; use the site at your own risk. Once again, finding an APK does not ensure that your VPN will function properly on the Fire Stick.

Protected VPN streaming with Kodi and Plex Media

While the Fire Stick only has roughly 4.5 GB of useable storage, popular media streaming apps like Kodi and Plex enable you access material. Both of these platforms allow users to include other media library sources, such as NAS and home servers.

A number of third-party Kodi and Plex Add-Ons and Plugins provide access to pirated media. There's no need to worry about us making assumptions about your browsing activities, but keep in mind that some people who use these add-ons could resort to using a virtual private network to mask their actions.

Get the Kodi Android APK

For Kodi to run on your Fire TV Stick, you'll need to get the Kodi Android APK from their site. It's quite similar to setting up a VPN app on an Android device.

  1. Allow Applications from Unknown Sources may be enabled by going to Settings > Device > Developer Options.
  2. It's time to start the Downloader.
  3. Enter into the app's address bar to get the download link.
  4. Just go to Settings > About > Platform > Android > ARMV7A. (32Bit).
  5. When prompted, complete the download and installation.
  6. Disable the ability to Install apps from unknown sources by going to Settings > Device > Developer Options.
  7. Plex may be found and downloaded from the Applications area with a simple search. If you'd rather use Kodi as your primary media player, you may add the Plex Add-On to it.
  8. Any device, not only a Fire TV Stick, may need special configuration to connect to a VPN. If you own a Chromebook, you may also be interested in reading our tutorial on setting up a VPN.

Conclusion 🏁

Setup for your Fire TV Stick couldn't be simpler. The Fire Stick, the charging cord, and the remote are the three essential components of a Fire TV setup.

Plug your Fire TV Stick into an available HDMI connection on your TV or monitor to get started. Plug the device's power adapter into an available outlet. Your system may need you to change the HDMI input on the TV to the appropriate setting. Check out Amazon's guidelines on how to reset the controller if the remote doesn't connect immediately with your Fire Stick.

If you want to go beyond the welcome screen, you'll need to link your Fire TV Stick to the Amazon account you already have, although you can always delete the account then create a new one. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is a crucial step in the setup process for any gadget that can access the internet.

The primary methods of navigating the Fire TV interface are the Home, Search, Movies, TV Shows, Your Videos, Apps, and Settings tabs along the top menu. I suggest checking for and installing any Fire TV updates before delving into any of these topics in depth. Try going into your device's settings and clicking on the “Check for System Update” option.

Installing the Fire TV app on your mobile device is a good idea if you want to spend a lot of typing or searching. As compared to manually picking each letter on the screen using the controller, this programme that allows you to operate and type from your mobile is a vast improvement. But, the controller is typically more dependable and faster for navigating.

I used a Fire TV Stick 2nd generation running the most recent version of Fire OS ( to double-check these setup procedures on my PC. The Fire TV Stick was successfully linked to Pa internal Wi-Fi network during testing (100Mbps download). My Nexus 5X, which is running Android 8.1, now has the Fire TV app (sadly it is not getting the upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie).

Overall, you have a lot of solutions for many setups.