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kid learningKids in the UK can’t legally work until they’re 13, and until they’re 16, they can’t work full-time. So, what are you supposed to do as a kid under 13 if you want to earn money? You can always try to help out at home with chores or do various tasks for neighbors.

However, that may not seem like the best use of your time, and you’d be right thinking that.

Today, technology has created so many opportunities for adults and children! If you’re a motivated young person in the modern world, you can easily find a side hustle to make money. Then, you don’t have to rely on your parents to lend you money whenever you need it—you’ll have your own money earned from hard work!

As a kid with access to the internet, the only thing stopping you from earning money is learning how to get started. Once you start to earn money online, it becomes easier every day.

If you’re a kid that wants to get started making money online, the following guide is meant for you. This guide will show you the best ways that you can make money without doing too much work.

Plus, there will be plenty of tips and pointers that will teach you what to stay away from and what to watch out for as anybody online—kids and adults—needs to be aware of internet safety and be mindful of their online privacy.

Table of Contents:

Why Making Money as a Kid is a Good for You

paying billsIf you’re like most kids, you don’t worry too much about how much your parents pay to feed you, buy you clothes, or pay for a vacation. However, if you’ve ever asked your parents for money for a new video game, pair of shoes, or food, and they’ve said no, it can be frustrating.

What you don’t know is that your parents work hard for their money, and they have to spend it carefully. Your parents can’t buy whatever they want whenever they want. Instead, your parents must make sure they have enough money to pay for your flat or house, your food, clothing, transportation, and many more things. After they’ve paid for these important things, they’ll want to save money for when they’re older because they won’t be able to work forever! 

Making Money Gives You Independence

independenceFirst, you can buy things that you want without relying on someone else which is an important step for kids growing up. When you begin making money, you can feel that you have more freedom as you’re not always asking your parents for permission for various things. 

Making Money Teaches You Important Life Skills

saving moneySomeday, you’ll be responsible for paying for all your bills. This includes your clothes, food, home, and much more. To pay for all of this, you’ll need to know how to spend your money wisely, and you’ll need to know how to save your money for these things.  

Once you start earning money, you can practice saving it. Maybe you have something in mind you want to buy, and for that reason, you want to make money. You won’t be able to buy a bike or a new pair of football boots after working for only a few hours. That means you need to save up.

To save, you should make a goal of how much money you want to have after one month of working. You can set a goal to have £60 saved up at the end of the month to pay for new football boots. To make sure you meet this goal, you will also need to make a budget. A budget is a guide that tells you how much money you can spend on something.

Your budget can include items like food, cinema tickets, and more. If you say that you want to only spend £10 on food and £20 on cinema tickets, that means you need to make £90 to pay for your football boots at the end of the month.

Skills like this can be hard to learn because when you earn money, you’re going to want to spend it instead of saving it. However, if you learn to make a budget and savings goals, you’re learning skills that are very important in life!

Ideas to Make Money Online Today

Start a Blog ✍🏻

personal blogAnybody can start a blog online. The best blogging platforms will provide plenty of tutorials to help you get started! As a kid making a blog, you have all the freedom in the world to choose what to write about. You can write about your local football club, new clothing styles, your favorite electronic devices, photography, and much more.

To start out blogging, make a site using a website builder, so you can learn how to make a beautiful website without paying any money!

Flip Products ⌚

clothesFlipping products is a fun way to earn money. However, to do this, you’ll need to have a little bit of money to start. To flip a product means to buy something and to sell it again at a higher price. However much you sell it for, minus how much you paid for it, is your profit—your total earnings.

If you want to flip products, there are several ways to get started finding products to sell. You can start selling clothes or old belongings of yours that you don’t use anymore. This is the best way to get started as you don’t have to buy anything before earning money.

Another way to find items to sell is to go around your neighborhood looking for yard sales. These places usually have cheap items that might be worth more online than at the yard sale. Similarly, you can visit thrift stores and flea markets to find cheap items.

Lastly, you can buy special release products such as shoes that will only be sold for a short amount of time. This may be more expensive, but you can also earn more money if you do it carefully!

Review Products ⭐

reviewIf you have ever shopped online, and read reviews, there’s a chance that someone got paid to leave a review. That’s right—you can leave reviews on products to make money! With websites like Slice the Pie and InboxDollars, you can make money by shopping, listening to music, watching videos, and then leaving reviews about your thoughts.

Another good thing about these websites is that they offer rewards on top of what you earn. Sometimes, when you sign up for an account, you get free money, and if you refer a friend who signs up, you also get a bonus.  

Do Online Surveys 📝

doing a survey on a monitorJust like reviewing products earns you money, if you do online surveys you can also easily make money. Many companies want to learn what their potential customers like and dislike about their company and its products.

That means they have to ask them and to get people to answer, they have to pay them!

When you take online surveys, all you need to do is answer some questions, and you’ll earn money. Each survey will pay a different amount, but if you spend an hour or two doing surveys you will earn easy money. Plus, websites like Swagbucks can pay you in cash or by giving you gift cards to your favorite sites like Amazon or AliExpress.

Make a YouTube Channel 📹

youtube alternativeYouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. There are over 2 billion people that use the video streaming service. With so many people watching YouTube videos, there can never be enough channels and content.

If you’re a kid who likes to be on the camera, starting a YouTube channel can be a great way to make money! On your channel, you can do and talk about anything. Ryan’s World, a YouTube channel that covers toys, science, music, and more, has over 30 million subscribers and more than 48 billion views.

On your channel, you can talk about toys, clothes, food, play pranks, and many other things. If you can get people to watch your channel and share it with their friends, you could become the next big kid YouTube star!

Make a Twitch Channel 🎮

twitch logoTwitch is a platform similar to YouTube except people stream instead of post already edited videos. People who stream on Twitch will play video games, make music, talk about something they like, make art, and many other things.

Twitch streamers earn money from their viewers and advertisements. When you stream, you can talk and interact with your viewers to make them have fun and come back for more. Plus, your viewers can donate money to your stream, so the more you interact with them and the more they like you, the more you can earn!  

Sell Digital Products 🏬 

Selling products or services onlineHave you ever made something online using a software program that you thought was cool? Chances are, someone else might think something you can make online is cool too which means that they would be willing to pay for it.

If you’re creative and you like to make things, you can create digital products online to sell! You can make anything like logos, digital books, videos, music, digital drawings or paintings, and so much more. You can sell digital products on websites like Shopify, Etsy, and Sellfy.

Sell Art 🎨

Similar to selling digital art and products, you can sell your physical art online too! If you go onto websites like Shopify and Etsy, you can see what kind of art is being sold now. You can find paintings, photographs, crafts, clothes, jewelry, and so much more.  

If you’re a kid who likes art and likes to make things with your hands, selling art online can be a great way to make money. To sell products online, you’ll need an eCommerce site. Check out these eCommerce platforms to see which one seems like the best fit for what you want to do.

Test Online Applications and Websites 🧪

test with gradeKids are good with technology, and many people want to use those skills! If you know how to navigate and find something easily on the internet and use websites and online applications well, you can make money from doing just that.

There are websites, like User Testing, that will pay you to test online applications and websites to make sure that they’re easy to use. All you need to do is sign up, answer some basic questions, and start taking tests. You can earn up to £3 for each 5-minute test that you take. Earning that much money in such a short amount of time makes this a great way for kids to earn easy money online.

Make Websites ⚙️

website designHave you ever taken a class about making websites? Or have you ever tried to make a website on your own? Making websites can be a great way to make money online! As a kid, you can start out making websites for fun using free website builders.

While it may take some time to be able to make a website someone wants to buy, you can get experience making them for friends, family, and other people you know

Once you get some practice, you can make better websites with platforms like Wix that you can then sell to someone. After people have seen your talent, they can ask you to make them a website, and they’ll pay you for your skills!

The Bottom Line

Kids have many opportunities to make money online today. Thanks to technology, and kids’ ability to use technology, earning money online is easier than ever. All you have to do is get started!

If you’re a kid who is going to be using the internet to look for money-making opportunities, make sure you’re being safe online. Read our Privacy Guide and consider using a VPN to stay safe.