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Interactive Investor is an online investment service that offers small investors the opportunity to invest in the equity market with minimal risk. 

It works by allowing users to invest a small amount of money into specific companies, which they can monitor at any time via the user’s account. 

Let’s see just how, in this Interactive Investor review.

Interactive Investor

The net result of using this platform is that you, as the investor, get a chance to invest in individual companies and therefore help them grow, so that you in return your money can do the same.

What Actually Is Investment?

Let’s go back to the basics:

If investing is confusing, you’re not alone. For instance, did you know that money doesn’t actually grow? In fact, money is attracted to the things that do in fact grow, such as families, food, and useful skills.

Even at the governmental level, there is confusion over what it means to invest. For example, the British economy misused its investments, causing a collapse of healthy families, lack of self-sustaining produce, and too much debt.


You need to not make the same mistake. While money doesn’t actually grow, it does follow energy. Wherever energy flows is your actual investment. So where is your energy going? Ask yourself this. 

We sometimes find ourselves in a spot where our situation doesn’t allow us to invest in things that are beyond paying for rent or trying to become a millionaire. 

Nevertheless, a finance app does not actually generate real wealth: money is just one investment and should be used to serve the things that are above it - eg. to raise the next generation, or to grow skills that contribute locally.

What is Interactive Investor? 📒

Before we spring forward in this Interactive Investor review, what exactly is this platform and app? Interactive Investor is an investment service that allows small investors to have a piece of the equity market just by putting money into specific stocks. 

The service that this company provides can be divided into two central offerings: 

  • Offering 1 is the Equity Market - This is where you will invest your money, and you can choose from a wide range of companies to invest in and exchanges, such as the stock market.
  • Offering 2 is the Investment Portfolio - Track your investments and see how your money is performing. 

This investment service allows you to invest a small amount of money into a wide range of companies, while also giving you access to real-time data and charts from the companies you’re investing in. This way you can see how your money is doing in real time and keep an eye on the stocks that you’re interested in.

How Does Interactive Investor Work? ℹ️

Interactive Investor works by allowing you to choose specific companies to invest in, which you can monitor via your account. Once you’ve made your selection, it will ask you to invest a small amount of your money

At any time, you can then log into your account and see how your investment is doing. You can also monitor live stock prices, track a stock’s historical prices, and get real-time data on a stock’s current price and trading volume.

You can also set up alerts so that you can stay on top of your investment without having to log in each time. On top of that, the service also allows you to follow the money-making journey of your chosen stocks, and track how your investment is doing in real time. 


Also see how your investment is performing against the rest of the market. The service has a wide range of tools to help you do all of this, including charts, data tables, and more.

Real-Time Data

The first Interactive Investor review feature is real-time data. You can see a stock’s price and trading volume right on the page, plus see historical data and forecasts to understand how the stock is performing…

In essence, you can see the money-making journey of your chosen stocks, and see exactly how your investment is doing in real time. The service has a wide range of tools to help you follow the money-making journey of your chosen stocks, including charts, data tables, and more.

Fractional Shares

Interactive Investor review feature number two is fractional shares for if you want to invest in smaller amounts of stocks. 

You can invest as little as £5, and you’ll still get the same full-featured experience. This means that you can invest in any share, even if you only have a small amount of money available to invest.


Fractional shares are useful for professional and small investors because they make it possible for them to start investing even if they don’t have much capital.

This is because fractional shares allow you to buy partial ownership of a single share. The price of each share you buy will be the same as other investors but the value per share will be different, depending on how much money you invested in each one.

Interactive Investor offers a wide variety of companies and sectors for users to choose from when investing with fractional shares. They include large companies such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft, as well as smaller companies with promising futures like Yandex and Facebook. 

Users can also select from various sectors when choosing their investment vehicles, including financials, technology and healthcare.

How to Buy Fractional Shares 🥧

The process is straightforward: all users need to do is pick one or more companies they would like to invest in, deposit money into their account and wait until their order has been filled completely or partially by other investors who are looking for profits too. 

Once your order has been filled completely or partially, your investment will be allocated into your portfolio automatically and you will start earning profits from dividends and capital appreciation every quarter or year (depending on the company). In order for this process to work smoothly however, you must be careful to choose the correct number of shares to purchase, especially if you are investing in a company with a small market cap. 

For example, if you were to buy Apple shares by only purchasing 0.1% of a share, cutting down your investment to one-tenth the cost of a full share of the enormous company.

Interactive Investor Review - Pros & Cons

We’re at the stage of this Interactive Investor review where it’s time to peer into the main pros and cons of using this platform.

First, we’ll summarise it into bullet-points, and then explore some of these specifically:


  • Fractional share trading
  • No account or transaction fees
  • Competitive spreads on each trade
  • Access to research tools provided by Morningstar including live news updates


  • Financial markets are dangerous - they are best used just to hold extra value against inflation

Spotlight Benefit 1 - News Feed

In addition to this, Interactive Investor provides its users with a number of other useful services and features. 

For example, the website has a news feed where users can stay up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world of business and finance at any time of day or night.

In addition to this, the website also allows users to keep track of their portfolios at all times by using their portfolio tracker which can be accessed from any computer or mobile device so that investors can ensure they are making regular profit and loss updates on all their investments as often as possible.

News Feed

Spotlight Benefit 2 - Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracker feature is particularly useful for investors who are using Interactive Investor because it allows them to keep track of their investments at all times without having to log into their account as frequently as they would otherwise have had to do if they were not using the service. 

This feature is also interesting because it allows investors to make changes to their portfolios more quickly and easily than they would otherwise have been able to do if they were not using Interactive Investor. 

For example, if an investor wanted to purchase stock in one particular company but had already invested in another company that day then he or she would simply need to click on the stock symbol associated with the company he or she wanted to purchase stock from and then click on ‘buy.’

This is necessary in order for the trade request form associated with that company’s stock symbol, which contains information about how many shares are being requested, how much money is being invested, etc., to appear. You then fill in the form and click ‘confirm order’ in order to place the trade.

Viewing Your Holdings

The portfolio tracker allows investors to view their portfolio as a whole by using a variety of different charts and graphs available on Interactive Investor. 

For example, investors can view their portfolio by using a pie chart that shows how much of their portfolio is invested in certain sectors or industries.


They can also view via a table that lists all of their investments with the value of each investment listed along with its percentage stake within the investor’s total portfolio.

This feature is handy for investors who want to keep track of how much money they have invested in each particular company or sector because it allows them to do so simply by looking at the table instead of having to add up numbers for every company and sector individually if they were not using Interactive Investor.

Spotlight Benefit 3 - Investment Allocation

Another example of how Interactive Investor makes it easy for users to keep track of how much money they have invested in each particular company or industry is through its ‘investment allocation’ tool.

It allows users to allocate percentages from 0% (for example, an investor could allocate 90% of his or her portfolio towards stocks and 10% towards bonds) or 100% (for example, an investor could allocate 100% toward bonds) towards specific sectors or industries without having to make any changes manually. This feature is particularly useful for investors who want to invest in a specific industry or sector but do not know how much to invest.

Other Spotlight Benefits - Research & Analysis

The other two main benefits of Interactive Investor are its ‘market analysis’ and ‘research’ tools, which make it easy for users to view the latest information about individual companies or industries without having to go through a separate website. 

Investors simply need to click on either the ‘research’ or ‘market analysis’ button for any given company or industry, and they will be directed to that company or industry’s page, where they can view all of the latest information about that company.


Users can also access these tools by clicking on the ‘research’ and ‘market analysis’ tabs at the top of any page; this is particularly useful because it allows users to view all of their research results in one place instead of having to search through several other websites before finding what they are looking for. 

Interactive Investor has also partnered with Morningstar and Thomson Reuters, which are both leading financial research companies, so investors can easily find out more information about individual companies by clicking on their names when they appear in the market analysis section.

This is an interesting feature because it allows investors to access all of their research results in one place without having to go through a separate website.


What Are Financial Charts? 📊

A key benefit of Interactive Investor is its ability for users to look at individual company charts; investors simply need to click on any given company listed under the sector/industry that they are interested in and they will be able to see a graph of that company’s performance over the past year. 

This is pretty convenient because it allows users to see how the market is performing overall, as well as how individual companies are performing on a personal level. Interactive Investor also allows investors to customise their charts; they can change the duration of their graphs (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months), as well as change which timeframe they view (weekly or monthly).

What is ‘Intraday’ Purchasing? 🌞

Interactive Investor offers an exciting feature that allows users to trade on an intraday basis with fractional shares. This means that users can buy and sell investments within a single day as opposed to waiting for the end of each month or quarter which is standard practice for most companies when dealing with fractional shares. 

The intraday trading feature is particularly useful for investors with very little time because it allows them to complete their trades quickly and without taking much out of their busy schedules.

Final Words: Should you use Interactive Investor?

Our short answer is ‘It depends’. 

If you’re interested in trying out a new investment service and want to keep things simple, Interactive Investor is a good option. The platform offers an extremely wide variety of tools for investors because it has partnered with Morningstar and Thomson Reuters.

Overall, much of the world is at the end of its debt cycle. Building ‘credit’ and investing into things that grow means going deeper than money (as money is faltering) - which means looking towards growing families, resilience, self-sufficiency, and valuable skills that serve communities.