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Kinsta stands out from other hosting providers in our review archives.

Firstly, they focus on virtual-power performance through the WordPress CMS. Also, every plan uses the Google Cloud Platform to host your site.

There are also many advantages, as compared to shared hosting:

  • ✅ higher security
  • ✅ far-superior performance
  • ✅ greater scalability & plan alterability

Finally, everything they do is optimized for WP, while remaining user-friendly. This is a provider for high-performers.

Is Kinsta For Me?

  • ✅ “I’m an eCommerce business”
  • ✅ “My traffic demands are substantial”
  • ✅ “I need better performance out of a complicated theme”


If any of these are true, you need a rocket-powered boost - in order to stay ahead and serve your audience.

Kinsta uses a virtual server resource “pool” - all to you, exclusively. The pool is made up of many different servers.

Those servers may originate from many different geolocations - all speaking to each other wirelessly... We call this setup the “cloud.”

Since cloud hosting relies on servers in different geolocations, there is also a much higher reliability factor. Another way of describing this is better uptime.

Quickly turn your resources up or down. And - if you want to drop your server response time from 500 to 50 ms - the cloud can take care of that for you, like a falling comet.

Kinsta Review (UK 🇬🇧)

Make a Power-Play For Your Business ♟️

In this Kinsta UK review, we analyze all of the key metrics that make up a good web host.

For example, both speed and stability are crucial in your web host… There's no use in having a fast website if it's frequently down; eventually, visitors stop trying to visit.

  • Blazing Speeds
  • 99.9% Uptime Minimum
  • Outstanding Support
  • No Email Hosting

Kinsta Pros and Cons

Pricey, But Worth It In the Right Circumstances

Terrific Speed ✔️

We’ve written before about how fast page loading times correlates with audiences:

  • ✅ spending longer on your page
  • ✅ converting at a higher percentage
  • ✅ returning to your website at a much better ratio

(It's also an excellent metric for SEO.) Head over to the Speed section of this Kinsta UK review - to glean just how fast Kinsta is for people who have UK-based sites.

100% Uptime Since December 2018 ✔️

Honestly, it's very difficult to get this with shared hosting packages. But Kinsta offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee that is SLA-backed - as the best UK web host should do.

They understand how reliable their infrastructure is. If one server ever goes down - heck, if a whole server site goes down - they can still draw from other geolocations...

As a note, Kinsta continuously monitors and checks uptime every 60 Seconds.

Egg-Head Support Team ✔️

With - what must be - one of the most expensive web host support teams ever, each member is a senior WordPress developer.

Others are Linux hosting engineers... Kinsta has a very stringent hiring process, with less than 1% of applicants being accepted, didn’t you know?

Needless to say, the level of power in the technical support arsenal is unbeatable.

No Email Hosting ❌

Bit of a surprise: Kinsta does not offer email hosting, which is a very important step for pro businesses when managing a website.

This means you will have to find a separate email hosting service in order to have a professional address.

Top Tip: ⭐ Check out G Suite, which is no more than 4 pounds a month.

Kinsta Uptime 🟢

Rain, Sleet, or Snow ☃️

The best industrial systems can run for many years without having any downtime.

In 2005, Novell reported one of its servers running with 6 years of uptime. (Netcraft has the record, with a server running for 16 years, before failing due to a hard drive.)

The more serious the infrastructure required - such as in banking systems - the more a provider will put in place rugged infrastructures - to stand the test of time.

Over 2 Years With 100% Uptime 💯

Not only do they have 22 data centres across the globe, five are in Europe:

  • ✅ Netherlands
  • ✅ Frankfurt
  • ✅ Belgium
  • ✅ Hamina
  • ✅ London (wahey! 👋🏽)

kinsta servers

99.99% uptime.

That’s the Holy Grail of web hosting - aka “Five Nines Availability.”

Well, since December 2018, Kinsta still has surpassed that - with 100% uptime.

We’ve been doing this a while and the Kinsta UK review team does not believe this would be likely - for such a long period - with shared hosting setups.

People often assume downtime is as a result of some kind of hard drive or server malfunction. But, servers can close down for normal reasons:

  • ✅ installing new software & operating system updates
  • ✅ regularly scheduled maintenance operations

Cloud hosting bypasses all of this by having a non-localized pool of server resources.

Kinsta Speed 💨

Very Fast - Much Faster Than the London Tube 🚇

Other than security and stability, speed is the main selling point of cloud hosting.

Kinsta gives you the option for Amazon Route 53 premium DNS on every plan. This further decreases latency, with geolocation routing to optimize the connection stability and speed - constantly.

amazon route 53

There’s more.

With KeyCDN 🔑 - a very capable content network delivery system - the site is freed up.

Key CDN handles the delivery of static content types, including images, CSS, and JavaScript. This is independent of the visitor’s location.

Finally, they developed a WordPress-optimized system.

This is comprised of Nginx, HTTP/2, Maria DB, and PHP 7 - to furthermore increase the speed of your website.

Tests 💉

Our PingDom tests amount to 179.5 ms - on average.

kinsta server speed

If you have a look at London's average loading speed, yes you are seeing correctly...

A super speed of 10 milliseconds. 😶 (speechless)

This can't be guaranteed as a regular thing, but the website tested was London-based - so this is a very good sign of Kinsta’s capabilities.

Kinsta Pricing 💰

The Sky is Hopefully Not the Limit 🌈

Kinsta can’t low-ball their price in the same way as some other providers, due to their high-performance offerings.

Neither are they looking to dominate in the best free web host lane…

Other than a free Kinsta SSL and free unlimited bandwidth - on all plans - anticipate paying for quality. That being said, there are a lot of paid plans, so we will cover the most important details in each.

Available Plans

Each plan gives you what the one before has, with additional features:

  • 1 WordPress install
  • 25,000 visits
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Free Kinsta SSL & CDN
  • Custom Kinsta cPanel

  • Everything included with
    the Starter Kinsta Package
  • 2 WordPress installs
  • 50,000 visits
  • 20 GB disk space

  • 5 WordPress installs
  • 100,000 visits
  • 30 GB disk space
  • Recommended for eCommerce
    and membership websites

  • Everything featured in the
    Business 1 package
  • 10 WordPress installs
  • 250,000 visits
  • 40 GB disk space

  • 20 WordPress installs
  • 400,00 visits
  • 50 GB disk space

  • 40 WordPress installs
  • 600,000 visits
  • 60 GB disk space

  • 60 WordPress installs
  • 1 million visits
  • 100 GB disk space

  • 80 WordPress installs
  • 1.5 million visits
  • 150 GB disk space

  • 120 WordPress installs
  • 2 million visits
  • 200 GB disk space

  • 150 WordPress installs
  • 2.5 million visits
  • 250 GB disk space

Kinsta Review Top Tip #1 🌟

The Pro Plan gives you access to features that are recommended for eCommerce sites - or those with an online membership function.

You also get multisite support from that level up, as well as site cloning and more migrations.

Kinsta Review Top Tip #2 🌟

Finally, if you have a super-high number of visitors, the best dedicated hosting solutions offer you a whole server to yourself, though that may come with more technicalities.

Kinsta Support ☎️

Cool Blog, Up-To-Date, Though No Phone Support 📵

The support team is really quite fine, comprised of WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers. (Good luck finding a more qualified level of technical help in a web hosting company!)

The first rep you come in contact with, will have a deep understanding of the platforms concerned. As Kinsta is focused solely on WordPress, reps are well-attuned to the nitty-gritties. Not everything is all rosey however...

No Phone Support ☎️

There is no phone option. You have to use the Kinsta live chat, knowledge base, or an email ticket solution. Still, the good news: Those other mediums are available 24 hours, 365...

Let’s get into some cool features that are available... 👇

Kinsta Live Chat & Email 📟

Both can be found inside the intercom widget.

You will also find very quick responses to your queries. Your chat history is automatically stored in your account.

Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, which is why Kinsta has such a high independent customer review track-record.

They regularly update their blog.

Lastly, there is a cool knowledge base - called the Resources Centre. Quickly search for answers and browse articles, glossaries, and tips

Bonus Features ⭐

Prepare for the show below. Suits, bow-ties, and black dresses.

Here, we talk about features you should be aware of, whether due to limitations or exceptional capabilities.

Atop the theatre upper circle, let's begin with one feature of some controversy... 🎩

Killer Site Security 💂🏼‍♀️

They go above and beyond here.

You can rely on your web host to protect you a CMS, rather than installing additional plug-ins, and - if anything goes wrong - your website is easily restorable by using the backup function.

A few security measures Kinsta offers:

  • ✅ Daily backups
  • ✅ DDoS attack detection in the event of a compromise
  • ✅ Two-factor authentication for account logins
  • ✅ Automatic IP banning after 6 failed logins
  • ✅ A “hack-free guarantee” & expert, free fixes if this does actually happen
  • ✅ Automatic WP security patches
  • ✅ Live site monitoring every 60 seconds
  • ✅ Network-protective hardware firewalls with malicious code prevention

Slick Developer Tools ⚗️

This Kinsta review mentioned many times how intuitively accessible the platform is. Total beginners can find their way around, such as with the custom Kinsta cPanel.

From Kinsta’s intuitive dashboard to simple migration menus, Kinsta caters to all levels of experience… That also includes WordPress devs - in search of a reliable managed WP host.

If you happen to be a WordPress developer, you can get a lot out of the advanced features:

  • ☑️ Pre-installed WP-CLI (WordPress’s command line interface)
  • ☑️ Different PHP versions that are runnable between different sites
  • ☑️ The option for automatic backup restores in staging sites
  • ☑️ GIT with SSH access (available on Business 1 Plans or higher)
  • ☑️ Complex reverse proxy configuration support
  • ☑️ Flexible installs - with no lock in any single WordPress configuration
  • ☑️ Premium add-on access, including Cloudflare Railgun, Redis, and Elasticsearch

MyKinsta Demo 👶

Kinsta has recently introduced a completely free custom interface for website management called MyKinsta Demo. 

If you're not sure about purchasing a Kinsta subscription, MyKinsta Demo is a great way to find out exactly what you'll be paying for beforehand. The test environment will let you try out features like:

  • ☑️ Managing SSL certificates
  • ☑️ Creating a new website
  • ☑️ Handling website backups
  • ☑️ CDN integrations
  • ☑️ Keeping an eye on website performance
  • ☑️ Much much more

You can use MyKinsta Demo to compare Kinsta's user interface to that of cPanel, Plesk, and others. As we already mentioned, you got nothing to lose since signing up is completely free of charge.

No… Kinsta Webmail 📮

That's correct.

As you sit in front of your computer, you will find no email account… “How did this happen?” you ask the screen eyelessly.

“Well, Sir... Kinsta webmail is not listed as part of any plan."

Before the audience boo’s, to Kinsta’s credit they are so dedicated to being supreme at managed WordPress hosting, that they do not bother to the second-best at email hosting - or smaller fish amongst impressive reseller hosting sharks.

Kinsta FAQs

Shoring Up Your Burning Questions 🧯

Here, the Kinsta review team will shore up any questions that are on the trembling edge of being answered.

These questions pop up time-and-time again in relation to readers trying to decide whether or not to choose this comes company as their web host of choice.

Boil a cup of tea ☕, sit back and we will have you ready to push that red or green button.

Where Is Kinsta Located? 

Everywhere, Practically… 🌐

Let's run through a quick list:

✅ Oregon
✅ Los Angeles
✅ Iowa
✅ South Carolina
✅ North Virginia
✅ Montreal
✅ São Paulo
✅ Sydney
✅ Tokyo
✅ Taiwan

✅ Osaka
✅ Hong Kong
✅ Singapore
✅ Mumbai
✅ Zurich
✅ Frankfurt
✅ Hamina
✅ Belgium
✅ London
✅ Netherlands

Check, check, and check.

Wherever you are located, Kinsta is near you, as it runs on the Google Cloud platform multiregional deployment mode.

In layman's terms, this means that you can simply and immediately alternate the datacentre location of choice.

Having a datacentre that is your graphically closest to you where your visitors are, ensures the lowest latency and blazing-fast page loading speeds.

There are actually 21 datacentres that you can choose from. To do so, head to the “MyKinsta” dashboard, go to “sites,” and click “add site.” That simple.

Can Beginners Use Kinsta Properly?

More than a third of all websites today run on WordPress. So, this question involves WordPress.

Compared to even a quality website builder - maybe one that is drag-and-drop, like Wix - WordPress has a higher learning curve. But you can find lots of great, easy online tutorials.

Overall, Kinsta has also gone out of its way to make a friendly user interface design.

Migrations are a breeze, whether you are a beginner or not.

And, it has a custom Kinsta cPanel version of the “traditional” cPanel. The custom dashboard version is very intuitive by comparison:

kinsta dashboard

If you are unsure of where to begin, hop on over to the support and ask for expert pointers.

Is Kinsta Good for Small Businesses?

The Kinsta review team recommends this provider for small businesses that are:

  • ✅ Experiencing reliable traffic
  • ✅ That is moving steadily in the upward direction

kinsta server types

You need to count the beans.

Figure out how the numbers balance out. If you can comfortably afford Kinsta - and there is enough traffic - it could be worth experimenting with.

See how it affects your conversion rates over a few weeks. Conveniently, site migrations are very simple.

You can literally create an account in just seconds. The migration menu is organized, catering to everything - from total beginning to veteran developers. You also get one free site migration on annual Standard Plans, handled by their team of experts.

Top Tip 🌟

A great free VPS is another alternative - before looking at cloud hosting.

Conclusion 🍦

Serve Your Audience Faster… If They Drool

As a rule of thumb, Kinsta is probably not for people just starting out and trying to grow an audience.

It’s for those looking to offer a gourmet service to an already busy enterprise. So, unless you already have a good-sized audience, you probably do not need cloud hosting (yet).

Use them if you:

  • ✅ Already have a good, reliable monthly audience
  • ✅ Want a high-performing online business

The last situation - wherein the Kinsta UK review team recommends this company: If your website experiences sudden traffic spikes, e.g. from product launches/promotions.

In that case, Kinsta is an incredible WordPress host - no doubt. Simply put, think about your audience… Kinsta gives immense performance capabilities - for a great user experience, no matter the size.

Final Kinsta Review Top Tip 🌟

The best VPS hosts charge less than the cloud - on average. It may be a good inbetween, in terms of budget. Give that a try if you like…

Review over now, on you go!

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