We built a website—there had to have been a good reason. Our mission at Hosting Data is to help our fellow UK citizens build their online presence, whether that be an online business or a simple blog.

As someone who is given money in exchange for creating websites, I often had friends asking for help. I realised that rather than helping people one at a time, I could pass on all of my knowledge to anyone seeking help.

Our goal is to save you a lot of time and money. Utilise our prior experience for your gain.

Our Ethos

Everything we do is for the benefit of our readers.

How do we stick to that? With important guiding principles:

  1. Honest Information - We only review products and services that we have tested ourselves thoroughly.
  2. Informative Research - We create research that will inform our community through data-centric tests and tracking.
  3. Monetary Gain - We do not monetise parts of the website that would be intrusive or annoying. We monetise through honest and fair means as mentioned above.
  4. Community - Our readers are the most important part of all of this. Please join our community and offer feedback on any review or article.

How Hosting Data Stays Up and Running

We hate advertisements and we aren’t trying to sell you anything you don’t want or need. The way we make money is by earning a small commission any time someone signs up for any of the products or services we review on the website. We use this money to further our base of knowledge here on the website and to ensure our research can continue on.

Why Does Hosting Data Exist?

Hi, my name is Alex Williams and I have been the one talking at you for the last few paragraphs. I would like to touch on why Hosting Data was created as many people have told me they were quite interested in that sort of thing. 

I created Hosting Data because people needed help. To be fair, not a remarkable amount of people at first. I would classify it as notable if I had to classify it as anything. It all started with my mate Ricky. He wanted to create a website for his photography and I was more than happy to help. He just had no idea how websites worked.

Next came my Aunt, a friend of a friend, and my neighbor. They all had similar questions and they all knew I was someone who created websites. After walking 11 separate people through similar information, I decided to begin writing down everything I knew concerning websites. Everyone always wanted to know which hosting service was best so I focused on that more than anything else.

Rather than tell people face-to-face or over email, I decided to create this website. Now, the sky's the limit for what we can uncover and I thank you for using Hosting Data as a resource.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

We love Google as most people find us through the lovely search engine. We ensure to stay entirely compliant with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Everything you find on our website is 100% created by our team and everything is cited. When applicable, readers will understand which pages have affiliate links and exactly how our website is monetised.