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With the UK prime minister hacked, protecting your personal devices is no joke. 

And you have as much to protect. The world has become a vault filled with valuable crypto meme coins, online banking, and social media accounts. 

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NordPass helps you safeguard this in today’s internet. It makes life simpler, particularly when managing passwords securely. To begin with - there’s no more need to remember (or make) incredibly long passwords to meet any strength criteria.

You don’t even need to remember what device you normally use - NordPass works across desktop and mobile and even auto-adjusts passes for each account… We review this all.

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NordPass UK Overview ๐Ÿ”’

To begin with, what is NordPass? Even though the U.K. is currently pressing hard for no end-to-end encryption, this password manager legally encrypts your browser session so that it can securlyl load all of your online account passwords - even filling in for purchases automatically - and you only need to remember a single master password.

Outcome: This is a golden benchmark. NordPass saves time and peace of mind. Get a ton of additional extras, such as its web vault, that make your experience as easy as possible. Which is why we rank it the top password manager.

Here are a few of the benefits and drawbacks to choosing this tool to protect your devices using a single account registration.


  • Great browser extensions
  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Month-long money-back


  • Doesnโ€™t offer password Inheritance (for major assets)

NordPass DiscountUsing a 70% discount
PlatformsBlackBerry, Chrome, iOS, Mac, Android, Kindle, Linux, OS, Windows
Browser ExtensionsChrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, iOS, Android
Fingerprint LoginFingerprint Login
Highest EncryptionChaCha20 (unbreakable)
Key SpecsRandomly generate passwords, web vault, health reporting, breach monitor, hidden notes, money auto-fill
Teamwork FeaturesPassword sharing, track users, global configurations

NordPass Review

Some believe that password managers increase how vulnerable you are, because they function online and can be attacked - however, this is overall a radical viewpoint on how online risks work; many of us, for example, are fine with banking online.

One notable exception is crypto, because it has poor levels of regulation. If you lose your crypto because of being hacked personally, it’s probably lost forever… In this instance, a cold storage method for your coins is probably the best way of holding crypto securely.

The optimal combination is a password manager WITH a cold wallet for your coins! For example, two-factor authentication is a great defence against unauthorised login attempts - but using a strong password practice increases how well you are protected - let’s do a NordPass review for some of its best features:

NordPass Review of Randomly Generating Passwords

This is a key NordPass feature.

Use this through the browser of the NordPass desktop application - you just need to select your password length which can be as much as 60 characters (it’s by default, 12), use both capital and lowercase, and/or symbols, numbers, and obscure aspects (like O and 0). 

Passphrases can also be used, which are by default set at 4 words. Doesn’t matter, because you don’t need to actually type them when using these passwords, so you’re best off allowing the full limit of four words. After it generates - you can accept or generate again. 

Our final piece of advice is to choose 20+ characters, as these are harder to hack.

NordPass Review of its Web Vault ๐Ÿง

Another key NordPass review item is the Nordpass Web Vault, which is there to make things streamlined and obvious in terms of user experience.

This additional feature is there to make the password management process as simple as possible and more accessible.

Access it straight from your secure browser. Using this, you can dig into your account details including the central pass vault and have while you browse.

How it helps NordPass is letting you have all of the essential Nordpass features at your fingertips, and with strong security - but you won’t need to do installations of the complete full Web Vault application. Access via one Master Password.

Now you’re logged into the web vault session, your browser can also access your vault:

  • Securely look into your passes - without using apps.  
  • Have the autofill save time - you just need the browser plugin. 
  • You can easily retrieve credit card, pass, notes, and other key data - all waitin in your browser whenever - doesn’t matter if you’re using someone else’s device or a company device.

Web Vault

Keep in mind that the web vault isn’t accessible through mobile - which also means that if you want autofill/autosave capabilities, you’ll have to install the desktop app on your laptop or computer.

All-in-all, NordPass Web Vault really suits Chromebook users, because this easily synchronises across every device. But it also works well with every other platform, it’s a killer whenever you need immediate quick access to every password whatever computer you’re using.

For those using corporate networks that restrict extension, the Web Vault still works! This is one of its major advantages. You’re not stopped from accessing your passwords fast

NordPass Review of Health Reporting

Overall, this one is an immensely time-saving NordPass feature - an easy way to visualise this tool is like having a personal fitness coach on standby.

It’s unavoidable in the digital era to avoid having numerous accounts, just in order to get by. Each of these holds sensitive PII data. Using a password health reporting system means you have an auditor handling your passwords, codes, and passphrases - over accounts - searching out flaws, and suggesting ways to sharpen security.

Trying to keep tabs on our accounts is time-consuming and a challenge, including making sure you’re updated (eg. recycling passwords) would mean tons of confusion and impracticality.

Password Tools

Instead, you get simple flags that show you your Threat-level according to three scales:

  • Weak - Once your password gets flagged as poor, you know you’re at greater risk of being attacked - brute-force hackers can break through weak codes. But NordPass lengthens and obscures your characters to make it complicated.
  • Recycled - These passwords have been repeated or reused across several years for multiple accounts. NordPass is set to warn you of this - giving you damage-control to any compromised account, so it doesn’t extend to another.
  • Olden - Old passwords simply haven’t been updated in three months. It’s suggested that you make a new password, to keep ahead.

NordPass Review of Notes & Secure Credit Cards

This interesting feature functions like the notes app in your phone - you can make memos to yourself, and do things like subject lines with long prose. NordPass doesn’t let you attach or do links. But it’s a clever option to discreetly have key data without having it stored on your phone.

Meanwhile, Credit Cards let you integrate this payment ability to your app, in order to autofill during sessions with browsers. They don’t currently let you pre-populate payment addresses - so you’ll need to do that section yourself - but all the others are all handled for you, saving tons of compounded time (addresses, emails, phone numbers, so on).

It’s a slick feature - simply request the option, then choose the correct entry, for it to get filled from that menu.

NordPass Review of Prices

If you didn’t know, NordPass is the passionate offspring of panama-headquartered security and privacy firm, Nord Security - which is also the technology team responsible for VPN tool, NordVPN - and we were able to secure a lovely discount that varies at 50%-70% just for our loyal readers.

Keep in mind that that discount will vary according to the time you click the discount link, and this will affect what you are offered - but you’ll typically find strong deals.

Indeed, when this NordPass review was first written, the 2-year cost was around £2.00 GBP/month - so have a look. It’s a competitive price because you’re given all the discounted Premium features offered by NordPass - for a solid price:

  • Improved password management - hold, manage, and fast access to passwords wherever you are and whatever device via strong encryption.
  • Quit losing time - create, request, and auto-fill information. 
  • Find threats - health reports discover weak passwords or data breaches.
  • Zero-knowledge - enterprise level web vaults; NordPass itself can’t see your passwords, which is especially important with the British government is attacking this end-to-end technology.

NordPass Review of Business Offerings

NordPass makes available a business-tier aimed at those from SMBs, serving between 5 employees for small businesses, and up to 250 for large organisations. 

This level adds a deeper amount of compliance, user tracking, and audit features… Although passwords are a staple form of authentication for secure access to digital places, how much oversight ability you need will depend on how valuable your data in your system is, as well as your company’s level of risk aversion, and legal obligations.

One basic viewpoint into this: risk increases as the amount of users using a core network does - such as a healthcare database. As a password management tool, NordPass is designed to serve SMB business models all the way up to enterprises.

One survey from 2020 discovered that 55% of employees wrote passwords on sticky notes, while 44% recycled passes from different accounts for home and work, and 31% used their kid’s name or birthday for their password (Source: TechRepublic, Keeper Security).

With the above in mind, there are marked distinctions to offerings once you upgrade to the Business level. You can test out NordPass for free today, by booking a demo.

NordPass Review of How to Use

NordPass’ desktop application and web extension use a sleek colour design of a greyish white design, alongside a natural user layout with a left-hand menu. 

Features are grouped in the vault in these batches: Notes, Logging In, Personal Data, Credit Cards, Shared Items, Configurations, and Bin. Use the search filter in the upper section of the menu, to quickly find things. 

Not on your device screen? Choose to Lock the NordPass service with one click - found in the bottom area. Lock features can be changed, and you can upgrade and alter your master pass - or change your master password if you forget it - using this app.

Lastly, the All Items area reveals every vault item on a single screen, keep in mind descriptions for items aren’t instantly available in that area - hover over any one and you can see its details, make changes, and remove it. Head right into the item’s URL, too. This is all-in-all a simple way to find every single item.

Get Going on Mobile and Desktop

To grab the NordPass account, simply enter your email, then verify a code that NordPass sends you (also keep a reminder of your recovery code in case you lose your master password). The link requests that you make a password - after this, you can download the extension for your browser. (This is compatible with all of the popular browsers.)

Before you can begin - register using the extension and make another password, which becomes your master password โŒจ๏ธ.

What is your master password? This differs from account password (the initial password you made). Your account pass unlocks the password vault, whereas the master password is for logging into accounts. 

(This may seem tricky, but remind yourself that you’re ridding yourself of tons of passwords to only two - which means one password lets you log into NordPass, whereas the other pass is for actually entering into accounts.)

Make sure your master password is easy to remember, complex, and at least 8 characters - to limit the odds of it being hacked. If you have to reset everything, you’ll only need that recovery code sent to your email address.

NordPass Review of User Experience

Let’s take you through the process. First, NordPass instantly knows when you are using a login field during a browser session.

Nordpass Password Manager

It immediately shows you the password and username fields through its detections. If it finds a site that you have suitable credentials have already recorded inside NordPass’ web vault, an option generates - requesting if you want to log into this account. 

However, during your first login to your browser via the plugin, it will request for you to import that plugin’s saved passwords. You can also choose to embed using a CSV file. If you don’t have a password list, move on. 

Relating to Premium and Business, passwords saved get  end-to-end encrypted in sessions with the very robust xChaCha20, before any movement of data occurs to NordPass’ servers. Your main threat, considering this, is employing poor personally poort security practices at your place of work (for instance, another employee peeping over your shoulder as you write your password). Not even Nord Security is able to view your master password.

Breach Scans & Health Reporting

These two are relatively recent features - these NordPass security tools that round off this tool as a cyber defence and machine learning powered tool.

Personal Data Breach

To begin with - the data breach scanner, which came about a few years ago gives you the ability to know if your sensitive data was leaked.

The breach scanner was, before this, only offered to Business users - which makes sense; businesses are responsible for alerting their customers of breaches or they are liable for lawsuits and other legal consequences.

[Did you know, most M&A experts will devalue a firm - over a different firm - according to the strength of their cyber defence program? It’s good to hear - this ability is not available for Premium, too!]

Also - once just for Business tiers (but now for Premium too) users are able to instantly see how strong their assets are, grouped as 1. poor 2. recycled, or 3. old. NordPass’ password health offering was launched around the same date.

Using The NordPass Breach Scanner โš™

  1. Get logged into the app.
  2. Select Tools, in the left panel.
  3. Choose Breach Scan (only for NordPass Premium / Business).
  4. A window pops up… Select Scan Now and give it a moment. It takes a couple of minutes to find results.
  5. Now you’re given results of breaches your data was leaked in - select an entry, to discover how your data was breached, where, and what date.
  6. If you got leaked, patch any poor passwords!

How to Use NordPass Health Reporting

  1. An alert reveals whether a password is poor (easily cracked by brute force), recycled (over 1 account), or old (over 3 months). 
  2. Just select to make a new password, for each asset. 
  3. Select thoroughness (12 minimum characters advised) - and whether you wamt caps-on, lowercaps, symbols, numerals, and obscured characters. 
  4. Choose Generate! 
  5. If pleased, accept; each alert will now disappear.

NordPass Review - FAQs

What does NordPass cost? 

During our last investigation, the two-year plan cost about £2.00 GBP/month - which is a bargain for the offerings, but the level of discounts depends on when you click.

HostingData has a special discount link for its supporters, offering them about half-off up to 70% from the typical Premium price - so please check the link; you’ll be given the top-rated non-business capabilities - without paying more than the standard version (code still works).  

Get: 50-70% Discount on Premium Version.

How does password inheritance work?

Password inheritance helps bereaved parties to organise their important documents and account datra for deceased or incapacitated associates. 

This ability bypasses the need for a solicitor; oftentimes, for password managers or similar services that provide this capability, you are able to make a protocol that uses the app. Here is the usual creations process โญ:

  1. Input contact details - you may need to use the full name, phone details, and email addresses. 
  2. Choose your beneficiaries - you need at least one who you are okay to transfer your information to in the event of an emergency. 
  3. Assign - choose the information to pass on. 
  4. Give your selected beneficiary the activation data - which is key for them to begin the inheritance process. 
  5. Choose a blocking period - which means the amount of time that must pass before the data gets issued, once the inheritance process is active. You can also block the process after triggering it. 
  6. Activate inheritance process - your account is now ready for emergencies

How do password managers help businesses?
Business password managers are a simple and efficient way to improve your company’s cyber defence. Human errors are one of the biggest causes of breaches. A manager like NordPass works for all scales of business, SMB to enterprise.

Staff only need to recall one Master Password, which accesses their full pass vault. They can also share passwords with security with other staff and this is accessible on different devices, even offline. Which means gone are the days of forgetting passwords after trips away. 

How does zero-knowledge architecture work?

In essence, this makes it irrelevant if admin teams can see your logging in account activity - they will only have proof that you logged in successfully, but they can’t see your keys, which makes this end-to-end encrypted. 

This includes every item in your web vault: credit cards, secure notes, passes, and the Master Pass itself. Theoretically, if there is a massive server breach, your info will remain hidden. This is a key reason why password managers are so handy in the digital era.  

What Are Biometric Logins?

Biometric logins, also known as authentications, are security processes used to verify biological aspects of humans, to validate their identity. For example, biometric passports use fingerprints and retina scans to validate the identity of travellers during boarding.  

Some mobiles rely on fingerprinting biometrics; in some cases, even DNA is incorporated - if this genetic data matches-up with databases, the individual can get through.

Other examples include: ear-shaped based validation - and signatures, facial, and vocal.

NordPass Review Conclusion

There are key circumstances where using a solid random pass generator makes life a ton simpler, lowers cybersecurity threats, and allows you skip past the annoying situation of forgetting your passes - after a long trip away or when on someone else’s machine.

Nord Security, the same people responsible for NordVPN - who we rank as the best VPN ever made - also has a superb reputation for being transparent.

NordPass all-in-all handles every key need, including a great-value feature-heavy Premium offering. One exception - if data inheritance is vital, so that you are ready for an possible death or being incapacitated - but for the majority of us, that isn’t a deal-clincher. 

- Test out NordPass’ month-long money back guarantee -