As of April 2020, has joined forces with These two websites and the teams responsible for their creation will now work together.

The decision was made after two owners recognized that they have a common objective - helping people in the UK (and beyond) understand web hosting and all its intricacies, including NoSQL databases.

What is NOSQL?

NOSQL DEFINITION: Next Generation Database Management Systems mostly addressing some of the points: being non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable.

The original intention has been modern web-scale database management systems. The movement began early 2009 and is growing rapidly. Often more characteristics apply such as: schema-free, easy replication support, simple API, eventually consistent / BASE (not ACID), a huge amount of data and more. So the misleading term “nosql” (the community now translates it mostly with “not only sql”)

Moving Forward Together

With the help of our newest team members coming in from, Hosting Data will continue to publish NoSQL supporting guides and related content.

For starters, check out our big beginner NoSQL guide. Similarly, we have recently written a piece concerning the neglection of SQL backup issues.

The Hosting Data & NoSQL-Database Teams