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Opera VPNMany people have been switching to Opera to use as their go-to web browser. The Google, Firefox, and Safari competitor provides a similar service in browsing the internet while going one step up the other by offering a free VPN.

Virtual private networks are used all around the world today. Most of the VPN-using population uses these tools for security reasons and to get around geo-blocked content.

Virtual private networks provide a secure tunnel for your device to connect to the internet. This secure tunnel encrypts your information and hides it from outside parties that would otherwise be watching you. Furthermore, it hides your physical location by masking your IP address.

The problem with VPNs is sometimes they lose that secure connection, and you can’t connect to the internet. So, what happens if Opera VPN stops working?

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Guide to Troubleshooting Opera VPN

When using a VPN, it can be a challenge to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong. There are only a few things to check, and if you can’t get your VPN working again, you’ll need to contact customer service. However, be aware that not all VPNs have customer service to work with.

For that reason, we always recommend you pay for one of the best VPNs.

Check Your Wi-Fi 📡

WiFi-SignalBefore you can be sure that your problems stem from the Opera VPN, you need to check your Wi-Fi. With your Opera, VPN turned off, see if you can access the internet via your device. If you can’t try unplugging your router, waiting a minute, and plugging it back in. If your Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact your internet provider.

Turn it On and Off 🔄

The first thing to do—like with all tech products—is to restart it. This is the easiest and typically most common way to fix a VPN that isn’t working. Sometimes VPNs have trouble establishing a connection, and all they need is a chance to try again.  

Restart vpn

Your VPN will have a button that toggles between on and off. Click on it twice to turn it off and then back on. If your VPN still can’t connect, follow the other steps below.

Change Server Location 🌎

vpn locationThe Opera VPN will change server locations to find the optimal server which depends on your physical location. While Opera does what it can to find the best server, sometimes the optimal location isn't the best choice. This typically happens because the connection isn’t secure, or the server won’t accept the connection.

If your VPN isn’t working, and you’ve tried turning it on and off, you can try to change the server location. On your VPN, you'll have a list of available servers that you can connect to. Try a couple and see if your VPN works.

Check Your Browser 🧰

If you’ve made it this far and your VPN still isn’t working, the problem may stem from the browser instead of the VPN. First, you’ll need to check your Antivirus and Firewall software to see if the Opera browser is listed. If so, you can add the browser to the exception list.

If your security software is okay with Opera, check your browser for any extensions. Sometimes ad blockers and other browser extensions interfere with VPNs. If you’ve recently added an extension to your browser, try disabling it and seeing if your VPN will work. You can do this with all extensions that you have to see if that was the cause.

The final step is to update Opera. For one reason or another, if you haven’t updated your Opera browser, your VPN may have problems connecting. Go to the Opera menu, find “Update and Recovery” and click “Check for Update”. If there is an update available, simply select the “Update” button and let it download.

opera update

Can I Rely on Opera VPN?

vpn virtual private networkIf you’re using the Opera browser, it’s nice to have a free VPN provided to you. However, the Opera VPN doesn’t offer the same privacy that other VPNs offer. In fact, with Opera VPN, you are getting more of a proxy service than a virtual private network.

Each time you open a new tab on the browser, you’ll have to enable the VPN for that tab. It’s not like a standard VPN where you turn it on and it encrypts your whole computer.

The Opera VPN lacks many of the safety and privacy features that other options have. For example, it doesn’t hide your location as well as many of the best VPNs available today, nor does it have a kill switch to stop data transfer when you disconnect to the VPN.

If you’re already using the Opera browser and you’re not fussed about having a secure VPN, then the Opera VPN could be for you. It’s the same story as using a free VPN, you won’t have all the protection and peace of mind offered by the top VPNs, but it may help provide some encryption.

Opera VPN Alternative

vpn ou antivirusIf you’re looking for a VPN alternative that is safe and secure, the best available today is NordVPN. This VPN is the most popular today with a strong user base that continues to grow today. It offers reliability, speed, great customer support, and much more.

NordVPN has servers in over 80 locations meaning you can connect to a variety of places. It’s known for its great security features to keep your location hidden which allow you to torrent, escape Netflix’s geo-blocking, and more. Plus, you can add the Nord VPN to a windows device, macOS device, iPhone, Android phone, and Android TV apps.  

Altogether, the NordVPN should be anybody’s first choice who’s looking for a virtual private network that offers speed, security, and reliability.

The Bottom Line

The Opera VPN is a great feature that comes free for people who use the Opera browser. It’s quick and easy to use as you simply need to turn it on when you open a browser.

However, like all VPNs, the Opera VPN may falter at times. If this happens to you, you can follow the above steps to troubleshoot the issue.