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product testing UK badgeDo you want to get paid to review products at home? Well, you can get paid to test products for FREE! Big brands save money by paying people just like you to review their products not yet released to the market.

And, in return for your opinions, you get:

  • Cash
  • Merch
  • Gift Cards

More ways to make money online.

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Best Digital Product Testing Sites 🇬🇧

Our team has rounded up the best product testing panels and product testing jobs UK side: From playing games to earn cash, to makeup product testing jobs. We’ve assorted them in to two lists: Digital Product Testing Sites and Physical Product Testing Sites.

So, the digital product testing UK review first:

These 4 sites might not be solely for testing digital products, but they mostly are (web design, software, apps, UI…) Let’s get into things: Product testing at home UK:

#1 UserTesting

Staying active and Patient is Key 🔑

Key Features:

  • US and International
  • Diverse: Software, Cars, Electronics...
  • Paid via PayPal


  • Well trusted
  • Instant PayPal payments


  • Payment varies

How to Use UserTesting Properly? 📓

3 things:

  • ☑️ Be active
  • ☑️ Don’t worry about hiccups!
  • ☑️ Be patient (with qualifying too)

These guys have been around since 2007… An old and reliable product testing website who almost never misses a payment. Exactly 7 days after you do your test, you’ll be paid. This is great if you want a little something on the side.

*There may be glitches on the website which causes a failure to upload completed tests. Some users have had issues with getting through to customer services to resolve this sort of problem. So please expect a few hiccups along the way.

How to Apply?

Simply sign up by inputting your email and taking an initial sample test. If you’re eligible, you’ll get a second email with product testing opportunities.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

User testing one’s tests on a range of websites including CBS News, Ford Automobile, and Facebook. You need a PC, webcam and Internet connection in order to qualify as a product tester. You can be located anywhere in the world.

How to Test? 🛠️

As we said earlier, you get paid exactly one week after completing a test. There may be only one task in order to complete the test, or several dozen tasks.

The cool thing about UserTesting is you can choose to quit a test if you think it’s not worth your time: e.g. a test may only take you 5 minutes for £10, others may require you 66 tasks before paying the same amount of money.

What Is Required Of You?

Your job is to test websites for cash (product testing UK goods). Even though you’re not dealing with physical products it’s a fun experience, pays you well and on time. You’ll be given a range of websites to test that keeps you engaged. Whenever an opportunity opens up, you will be living in an email inviting you for the test.

Is There a Reward System?

So you’re prepared to put in time to get your profile waiting up to a level where you get offered better opportunities!? The more perseverance you have, the better the range of opportunities you have. For instance, interviews pay 10 times more than regular videos.

What Is the Compensation for Product Testing?

Compensation varies:

Some people have made £2000 over a few years. Others earn over £150 per month. We generally recommend signing up to more than one marketing research company. Unless you have built up a good reputation, you may not get a large amount of opportunities each week.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

Because this isn’t a physical product testing company, there's no need to wait for shipments. But you also won’t have a physical product to hold onto. If the compensation is payment, through which channel do you receive the funds?

One of the best product testing companies UK. The money goes straight to your PayPal for every review. Click here to sign up.

#2 Crowdville

Awesome App and Software Testing Options 📱

Key Features:

  • GREAT User Reviews
  • Italian-based Apps Tester
  • One of Only Few App Testers


  • SUPER convenient!
  • Just need smartphone


  • Only offers apps

How to Use Crowdville Properly? 📚

Okay, we have something new for you…

One of the best scores you’ll find for a product testing website

These guys are newly offering paid product testing UK side, although they’ve been around in Italy a long while now. They uniquely offer you the ability to test smartphone apps. If you love the latest and greatest in iPhone/Android apps, you should consider getting cash in return for it.

Try out new apps and services before anyone else from the comfort of your own bedroom, during a train commute, or wherever you and your smartphone happen to be located!

How to Apply?

They have an awesome website with a simple signup process. Sign up using this link and you will be contacted to participate in a testing mission.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

For product testing UK products/services, just have a smartphone. No wonder these guys come recommended by SavetheStudent! If you accept the T&C, you can get started instantly. Click this link to get set up.

How to Test? 🔧

Strapped for cash? In the middle of your degree - have hardly any time, and looking for a way to make money without using up internet data?

The cool thing about Crowdville is they give you a step-by-step manual on how to test apps. Everything from how to report bugs, fill surveys, take screenshots, and all the rest of it. Complete it all in your own time.

What Is Required Of You?

Very little. Do testing wherever, whenever you want, whether early morning or late night. Your contributions help the creation of digital products/services. Help using gadgets you already own.

Is There a Reward System?

Once again, these guys are new so it’s hard to say what they will offer the UK market. But you can check your stats, earnings and other data on your profile. Chances are if you are active and consistent, you’ll get more opportunities.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

Payments are made every month and you also get this:

  • ☑️ Learn new skills whenever you want (and get paid for it)
  • ☑️ Use premium services like MP3 player apps (and get paid for it)

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

You may be able to retain membership to a premium service for free. Either way, you will get the first look at products yet to come into the market.

Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?

Get prizes such as a £90 Amazon voucher.

#3 Hellopingpong

Reliable Paid Product Testing 💰

Key Features:

  • Need 20Mbps Connection
  • Do 1-on-1 Video Calls
  • Test Websites in Video Calls


  • £8 to £80 for each session
  • 125,000 users trust them


  • Only offers video calls

How to Use HelloPingPong Properly? 📗

A great option if you want very reliable (if eligible and invited) paid product testing (UK). 

Although this will be something like pocket money, you know EXACTLY how much you will receive for your time. The minimum is £12 for 30mins (video session).

How to Apply?

Simply register with a tester account and complete your profile. Click here to set yourself up. You have to sign up for an account and wait for a research invitation. Note: this could take a while, even a few weeks or months!

What Are the Requirements to Join?

You need a computer, laptop or Mac that has a microphone and WebCam. It should be able to handle video calls with a stable Internet connection and chrome browser - for product testing UK services. Any language is okay, but English could be useful!

How to Test? ⚙️

Once you’re invited, answer screening questions. Then you can schedule a session at the most convenient time. Make sure you’re free and that you arrive on time!

What Is Required Of You?

Most video sessions are 30mins. You may be doing screen sharing while testing a website and being on video.

Is There a Reward System?

Make sure to list out what skills or experience you have. Think for a while what these are. It may turn out that you get invited to especially high-paying interviews.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

Between £8 and £80 per one-on-one video session. One user, for instance, received £16 for a half-hour video call. That’s  £32 per hour.

Do you have a special occupation or skill? In some cases, you can receive £170 for one video call a session.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

No, as there is no physical/digital product.

If the Compensation Is Payment. Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?

Yes, via PayPal or Transferwise.

#4 Testbirds

Very Happy Testers 😊

Key Features:

  • Fun Tests
  • Earn Money in Your Spare Time
  • Hunt for Software Bugs to Improve Apps/Sites


  • Rated REALLY well by users
  • Fair payment scheme


  • Only Android 5 & up compatible

How to Use TestBirds Properly? 📕

Fortunately, these guys offer very straightforward and clear instructions with free product testing for the UK. You can make good money if you are willing to work for it and invest the time. In other words, be active and you get paid more.

Almost every independent review is very positive

How to Apply?

There is a sign up form which just needs basic details including your date of birth.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

You need a device that lets you be online, which is probably the one you’re using right now.

How to Do UK Product Testing? ⛏️

Testing varies. You may be speaking to a robot or an actual person. Or you may be doing an interview while testing out a website.

What Is Required Of You?

Turn up on time, make sure you have a device that lets you go online for product testing UK goods. They will assess what tests you are eligible for and give you detailed instructions. This may involve you doing a live video interview. You will generally be looking for bugs or defects.

Is There a Reward System?

Nothing stipulated. Be consistent and you likely have more invitations. You can choose when you want to do tests, whatever hour of the day.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

They use a fair payment structure, which means you’ll be paid around £15 for a regular usability test.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

No, as there is no issued product.

If the Compensation Is Payment, Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?

One of the top product testing companies UK. Get the money directly to your bank account (via IBAN/SWIFT) or PayPal. These guys have VERY satisfied employees: One of the best product testing jobs UK side.

Best Physical Product Testing Sites 🇬🇧

Eliminate the wait for shipments of physical goods.

Start reviewing products right away once you are verified as eligible: food, cosmetics, cars, gadgets, electronics, tools, make-up, household, baby, and pet products… Let’s investigate!

#1 Toluna Influencer Panel

Great Pay 💸

Key Features:

  • High-Paying Focus Groups
  • Work with Sony, L’Oreal, etc
  • Cash and Gift Card Payment


  • Rated well by users
  • Pay can be good


  • Long surveys at first

How to Use Toluna Properly? 📘

What we like about these guys is that they take the time to reply to independent reviews from actual users. Here is one such example:

Just a part of one long reply from the Toluna staff team

In other words, they seem to care about their users. They have a friendly helpdesk. Overall, very professional. And you can earn quite fast.

How to Apply?

Here is a link to sign up so that they can see if you are eligible.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

Over 16’s.

How to Do Product Testing (UK)? 🪛

Surveys may be a bit fussy and there may be long breaks between being given offers. You need to have patience! Sign up for other testing sites, don’t just rely on this one.

Product testing UK Review: What is required of you?

You’ll fill out surveys after testing products within a set period of time.

Is There a Reward System?

As you acquire more points, you can earn rewards such as cash cards.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

Up to £100 or more with focus groups who do for product testing (UK). Expect potentially low payments initially. The more active and consistent you are, the more special products you get invited to review.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

Yes, freebies.

If the Compensation Is Payment, Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?

Cash, cash cards, or vouchers.

#2 Pinecone Research

Invite Only ✉️

Key Features:

  • Super Secretive Freebies
  • Free Products to Test
  • Only for Over-18’s


  • #1 top rated product testing panel
  • Cash and gift card payments


  • Invitation only

How to Use Pinecone Research Properly? 📙

You pretty much need an invite for this. Because it's so secretive, it’s hard to say what the best strategy is.

How to Apply?

Invite only! But this is what you will see if you do get that link:

What Are the Requirements to Join?

Be over 18 and agree to the T&Cs. That includes not talking about any products that you get for free!

How to Do Product Testing (UK)? 🔨

Again, these guys are more secretive than the Freemasons.

What Is Required Of You?

Pretty much just the age limit and the invite. Sometimes you can join if you see the banner on certain websites.

Is There a Reward System?

Not much is known about this publicly. But you at the minimum will get paid for every survey that you complete.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

About 3 pounds per survey. Each survey seems to be about 20mins long.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

Sure! Just remember, no talking about any of the products you get for free.

If the Compensation Is Payment, Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?

Get prizes or cash via PayPal or to your bank account.

#3 Clicks Research

Long-Shot 🎯

Key Features:

  • Massive Selection
  • Includes Food Products e.g. Chocolate
  • Big Brands e.g. Body Shop and Boots


  • Rated highly by users
  • Cash out after earning £25


  • Only Android 5 & up compatible

How to Use Clicks Research Properly? 📖

This is a good option for people who don’t mind building up a good track record of points before cashing out. Once you’ve accumulated 2,500, you can exchange it for £25.

How to Apply?

When you first go onto the website (click this link) you will get a confirmation box asking for your location and what language you speak. From there, sign up and complete a profile and start for product testing UK goods once accepted.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

You’ll never be charged for any product. There are so many different types of products, chances are that you’re eligible for something - as long as you’re over 16.

How to Do Product Testing (UK)? 🧰

The website can be a little glitchy. But with perseverance you can accrue some decent points and goodies. The more you stay updated on your profile, the more invitations you will receive.

What Is Required Of You?

Completing surveys within a set time period.

Is There a Reward System?

Mostly cash and freebie products. Even if not selected at the end of the survey, you will still be paid points.

What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

Varies: 25-200 points per survey. 2,500 points earns you £25.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?


If the Compensation Is Payment, Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds?


#4 Alba Science

Free Product Testing 🆓

Key Features:

  • Cosmetic Products
  • Paid Clinical Trials
  • Products or In-Office Tests


  • High quality cosmetic freebies
  • Diverse cosmetic products


  • Generally only cosmetics

How to Use Alba Science Properly? 📒

Last but not least, if you like to get dolled-up or to pamper yourself, this market researcher gives you high quality products to test. If you want products alone, this is worth signing up for. Get free product testing (UK).

How to Apply?

Alba Science currently offers the option to attend their office in Edinburgh for paid clinical trials.

What Are the Requirements to Join?

When you sign up, they will analyse your profile to decide whether your demographic is eligible for what they have in screenings. For instance, at certain times they may be looking for people with various active skin conditions who can test our products designed specifically for that condition.

How to Do UK Product Testing? ⚒️

Either test their product at home or attend their offices for a clinical trial.

What Is Required Of You?

You will be using their products in order to substantiate certain claims (e.g. “visibly healthier skin in four hours”).

Is There a Reward System?


What Is the Compensation For Product Testing?

They are not currently registering at-home volunteers.

But if you are based near Edinburgh, you can get payment of between £20 and £500 for in-person clinical studies. You’ll do scientific for product testing of UK products.

Do You Keep the Item You Have Tested?

Yes, if you are an at-home tester.

If the Compensation Is Payment Through Which Channel Do You Receive the Funds

If you can get enrolled, this is among the best product testing companies UK. You get cash payment for clinical studies but home-users only get freebies.

What You Need to Know About Product Testing

What Is Product Testing? 🏬

Brands and companies succeed or fail depending on their products. If the product sucks, they’re not going to stay in business for long.

But how do they know if a product should be pushed or trashed?

Sure, they could test products themselves or ask a cohort of their staff.

But the opinions that matter the most are those of the customer, those who we’ll actually handover sure money in return for the products. Consumers and shoppers are the ones who ultimately determine the success or failure of businesses.

The cost to market a product is often enormous, so companies don’t want to spend a bunch of cash upfront on something that will flounder and sink with consumers. They want useful data early on in the developmental chain, as to whether the product will fly off the shelves. In the words of Lord Sugar, consumers want to “smell what sells”.

This is why big brands trip over their own feet trying to get opinions of consumers like YOU. Your perspective on products is profitable, which is why you can earn a living with jobs in product testing in the UK.

How Product Testing From Home Works 🏠

test iconLet’s take as an example, a lady who has earned cash, merchandise and gift cards for at least 11 years.

This mother of two teenage girls from Atlanta Georgia has been able to make a full-time income from it. Each month, she receives up to 5 products and samples to review each month. She gets to see new products yet to emerge in the market.

She tests them for free (other than her time) and can keep the product too! Test toys, food products, household products, baby products, adult products, electronics, clothes, websites, and much much more!

Companies want to know what consumers think about the latest products before they’re marketed and sent to stores. You, therefore, help to give brand insights that help the development of these products, saving companies time and money.

What Types of Product Tester Jobs Are There? 🎛️

There is an immense amount of variety of product testing jobs in the UK. Because of this, it’s pretty much up to you to decide what type of products entering the market that you want to pick from. Whatever is of the most interest to you.

Some popular examples:

Makeup Product Testing UK

Is this new spaghetti Bolognese recipe up to scratch…? Earn income and work out your taste buds by product testing UK drinks and food products.

Electronic Product Testing Jobs UK

For gadget buffs. Try out the latest laptops, audio equipment and smartphones, and so on.

Video Game Tester Jobs UK

‘Playthrough’ the next big games on the market. Spend time in a virtual world in virtual reality goggles while earning cash.

Health and beauty product tester jobs UK - Test out free perfumes, skincare products and shampoos, giving reviews for cash.

Test Websites

Companies often want to make sure websites have great user functionality. You will be looking for any bugs and providing an opinion on the general experience.

How to Apply for Product Testing Jobs 🧮

You’re looking for one that offers product testing at home in the UK (see our lists above: digital product testing and physical product testing).

#1 Sign Up With a Market Research Firm

Once you’re subscribed, the market research firm sends a screener email checking if you qualify for current openings.

#2 Screener Survey

After the screen a survey, you will be given a message saying whether you are eligible or not. For instance, if a brand wants people to test new games, if you don’t use their specific console then you won’t be eligible. But if you are, then you can start the product testing job.

#3 Address

This may only apply for physical product testing, as digital products do not need an address in order to be received by you.

#4 Testing and Feedback

You’ll be given a week or two to test the product out. Once that’s done, you get cash! YEAHH! Pretty straightforward right?

How Product Tests Help Companies Overall 🧪

It’s not just critical feedback big brands want, there are a whole host of other reasons for test marketing:

Word of Mouth

There’s a chance that the product could sell itself. Great products do that. Over time, even customers given the product for free will begin to rely on that product and prefer it over other options.

Boost at Launch

Have you ever seen companies offering free samples in supermarkets? This is a form of product testing the UK and other countries use. Before the full-scale launch, offering free versions can give brands a competitive edge over others.

Creating Urgency

When people have to quickly assess a product, forces them to make decisions.

Test Results

If customers who receive free products end up buying from the brand, this is a great sign that the product is something that really is in demand.


How Do I Become a Product Tester?

test with gradeRegister with a market research company. Know exactly what kind of products you want to apply for, make sure they are products that you are excited by (if you prefer digital products, click this link).

When you register, you will make a profile. Make sure that you fill a profile in a way that will make you attractive to the sorts of opportunities you want.

Do You Get Paid to Be a Product Tester?

Yes, per test, you can be paid a few pounds or a 100 pounds. It depends on what you are eligible for and how active you are. The more active you are, the more you will make. It’s that easy.

What Is Involved in Product Testing?

The truth of the matter is that the more time you put into it the more money you make?

Product testing can be a win-win: You select products that matter to you, and your feedback plays a part in its development.

The more time you put into it, the more money you make. Also you will receive more testing opportunities in your inbox the more active you are. Over time, you may get a chance to even join high-ticket focus groups, video studies and webcam studies, where you can earn more.

Are Product Testing Jobs Legit?

watch out for scamsYour right to think: “Easy come, easy go,” and “if it sounds too good to be true then it is.” Perhaps you are thinking these product testing companies are owned by tricksters looking to shyster out of your time without actually coughing up the money?

There’s no shortage of product testing scams. People offer high-ticket items like new smartphones. You receive an email promising a ‘free’ Huawei phone if you just join a product testing panel.

And, no surprise, you become concerned when they ask for £25 to join the panel. You send off the money via PayPal only to find that the smartphone never reaches you.

Generally, the scammers are easy to spot out. To help you along, we’ve curated a list of reputable sources that have a track record of being trustworthy. If you also get a chance, it’s also great to deal directly with brands rather than going through third parties.

Overall, while there are a few bad fish, there are plenty of real product testing jobs.


When doing product testing, you will be sharing your time and feedback in exchange for money. So expect to overcome some hiccups, be patient and organized. With consistency and determination, product testing is a way to earn and part-time or even full-time money.

We recommend signing up with more than one, to have the most invites during the month!

  • Best physical product testing site : Toluna
  • Best digital product testing site : UserTesting
  • Most convenient product testing site : Crowdville