We're always looking for excellent, interesting and informative content. So, if you think you’ve got something great to show, then keep reading ahead!

What's Hosting Data Looking For?

Your very own Hosting Data is all about providing you, the average reader, with great information for a variety of hosting needs.

In the modern world we live in, it’s easier than ever to get your very own little space on the internet. The problem is, there are sooo many different options and things you could potentially choose, that it can get overwhelming sometimes.

That’s what Hosting Data is all about; helping you swim through the muddy waters of online hosting services.

Most importantly, we want to present the information without intrusive advertising, or just bad research. Therefore, we rely on four principles to keep us both honest and useful; Honest Information, Informative Research, Monetary Gain, and Community.

Each pillar supporting our mission is important and even monetary gain is handled in such a way so that it doesn’t interfere with the reader’s knowledge gathering.

Hosting Data: Call to Arms

It’s important to present a diversity of information, and there’s no better source for that than a diverse team of writers.

If you have the experience to write intelligently about the subject, we’d be more than happy to check out your work. If we like it, we might even commission something!

Of course, there are some caveats to that.

lord kitchener your country needs you UK

First of all, most of our articles are long-form, and that usually means between 2,000-3,000 words, depending on the article and content. Secondly, we don’t publish any articles that have been previously published elsewhere, so please don’t pitch that. Finally, we do have our own internal guidelines in terms of best practices and writing integrity, so you’ll have to adhere to that when you write for Hosting Data.

  • Long-Form
  • No Plagiarism
  • Strict Guidelines

Aside from that, since all our articles are in English, we expect you to be quite proficient in the language. That means that you should have a handle on grammar, spelling, word flow and knowing when to use idioms and colloquialisms (usually only when you’re already familiar with them).

Of course, we will edit the article and make sure an optimal version of your write-up goes live, but if we're doing most of the work for you, then that’s not good.

  • Native or Billingual (English UK)
  • Perfect Grammar
  • Writing Experience

Similarly, we expect a reasonably good turnaround time, usually 4-5 business days.

Hosting Data Writing Examples

The below few articles will show you what we expect in terms of content and quality.

Who Gets the Byline?

That’s the great part, anything you write, you get credit for! 

If you decide to write for us, we’ll even set up a small little bio for you with a picture, which will be attached to any article you write. We’re also happy to include your social media accounts if you use them for your brand as a writer or company.

What You'll Need:
  • Your full name (or pen name) 🖊️
  • Your preferred profile image, at least 400x400 (no memes, please) 🤳
  • A short bio (optional) 📝
  • Links to your social media accounts (optional) 📱

So not only do you get paid to write about something you love, but you also get to build your portfolio.

The Stuff Hosting Data is Interested In 🤩

While Hosting Data does it’s best to cast a wide net, there’s still specific stuff we’re interested:

  • Hosting in General
  • eCom Platforms
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Website Builders
  • Domain Registrars
  • Helpful Server-Related Info

Topics to Avoid at All Cost🥱

Of course, there’s also stuff we really aren’t interested in or write about, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Games
  • Bikes
  • Jewelry
  • Muay Thai
  • Philosophy
  • Shirt-Folding Devices
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Cars
  • Conspiracy Theories

To be clear, all that stuff is interesting on its own, but when it comes to Hosting Data, not so much

Other Guidelines 🤓

Please be mindful of the following:

  • We won't even mention, let alone recommend, any of the products we haven't tested ourselves. Furthermore, you'll have to adhere with our testing process if you decide to review a product.
  • Pointing out shortcomings of service is fine, writing a completely negative and malicious review is not. If a service deserves the worst review in the world, it doesn't deserve to be mentioned on our website.
  • No content that is not completely original will be published. Covering popular topics that we haven't already touched on is acceptable. However, sending drafts containing work that isn't your is not.

How to Format 📰

  • Use digits instead of words when writing numbers
  • Oxford commas for the win
  • Spacings after commas will cause us (and everyone else) to question your sanity
  • Capitalize headings properly. When in doubt, ask Title Capitalizaton Tool
  • When writing percentages use the following format: 42%

Visual Media 🖼️

  • Use only royalty-free images or ones with a source link included
  • Screenshots should be hosted on Imgur
  • Aim for adding 1 image per 400 words
  • Stock photos make us sad
  • Wield (appropriate) humor as your weapon
  • Avoid images that could be considered offensive

Sources and Links 🔗

  • Include 4-6 links to content found on HostingData
  • Add external links to valuable sources that you used for research
  • Don't add links to spammy or unsafe websites

How to Submit or Pitch Your Work to Hosting Data

If you haven’t been scared off so far and would like to work with Hosting Data, then:

  1. Send an email to alex (at) hostingdata.co.uk
  2. Get in touch using our contact page

Ideally, first introduce yourself then talk about the topic you're interested in writing about. If you already have a draft ready, you can send it over and we can discuss the revisions needed for it to be published.

We're looking forward to your submissions and excited at the prospect of us working together.